Thursday, February 13, 2003

Gamecube - James Bond - Agent Under Fire review


All franchises that included James Bond relied on him to bring game buyers to it. That’s exactly what Agent Under Fire had done. The games controls weren't so easy at first. I mastered these controls. But my friends have not. One highlight of the game is the multiplayer support which is like most FPS, fun for a while. But I'll get to that later. Agent Under Fire has a Single Player setup which isn't confusing, isn't really detailed, you this try to make it to the end of each stage. The first few stages in the game is easy to beat. You may play for a hour and get the first 4 completed out of the total 12. EA fixed many of the AI / camera errors in the PS2 game that made it not function. But due to Gamecube’s tremendous 64 bit cache, EA could easy run the game at a solid 30 frames and use the extra cache to modify some aspects that made Agent Under Fire unreasonably hard.

Multiplayer Mode

Agent Under fire is a First Person Shooter that comes with over 10 multiplayer maps. Not a bad combo. Worth your 40 bucks in my opinion because it is a first person shooter on gamecube. Most people I know like first person shooters. This game was made by EA Canada. It's not your Goldeneye. OK so it's not bad but it doesn't match up to any of the Goldeneye's personality. What Agent Under Fire doesn't have is very open maps. You can Camp and frag your friends in some of these levels without being seen (the bot knows where you are at all times, the only exception). But due to human's nature of not being perfect at kicking ass. We this say, this above decent. Agent Under Fire features a training mode with not to bad bot AI. It jumps, it shoots, it does damage. The multiplayer mode of Agent Under Fire has its moments but its nothing you would of seen in Goldeneye or Quake III Arena. (posted May 05, 2002)


Agent Under Fire is not worth the 49 dollars you pay for it. There are better games that are worth that cash. But it is good for a rental if you have friends over. If your looking for a good first person shooter, Retro Studios / Nintendo are coming out with Metroid Prime in July.

(posted April 27, 2002)

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