Friday, February 21, 2003

For all those people who hate to be inside, I know exactly how you feel. Wasting much your time infront of a computer surfing the Internet for new software. The question is not that there isn't any good games out there, its how much time you look for that one game. I found a couple games today that I've downloaded. One game called Tetrix. A tetris clone type game. Pretty ordinary and nothing special about it. Then there's Kaggz 4.0. This is close to SmileTris on Linux. Match the colors and they'll fade right away. Music is included, but I am not bothered by it. I had no one to invite over, much like yesterday. I played a little Dungeon Siege. I managed to build a farm girl up to warrior statis in 3 days. Pretty average, anyone can do that. Then I tried out Never Winter Nights. It is way too much like Baldur's Gate. The game got good reviews on the Internet. I was trying to play NWN online but my ping was really low. Although I do like the idea that you right click on a person to attack him. That seems to work out pretty darn well. I post my feelings about the games I play in reviews. I may be a while before I know what I'm doing in NWNs. The look of it makes me unsure about were to start and all that. I wonder how many teens think the same I do?

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