Tuesday, February 04, 2003

Gamecube - Metroid Prime review

A.) Nintendo's highest priority game since Super Mario 64
B.) stunning detail we haven't seen since Resident Evil
C.) Classic Metroid game hidden on disc

The prequel to the orginal Metroid game on Gamecube. This game preceeds the distruction of Talius IV. Metroid Prime is how should I say a kick ass game -- because it is. So the game has plenty to look at -- yeah many Gamecube fantanics exspecially the editors at IGN and Videogames.com can come up with plenty to say about Samus's mission and the combat system in this game. The game is slightly different from other Gamecube shooters. Much different. It's a cool game. The automatic lock on system makes sense.

Combat System in detail. I like the weapon system on MP. First you get with it and lock on with the L-trigger then press A repeatly. That's cool because there's more. The C-PAD is never used in Metroid Prime other then selecting rooms on the three dimincional map. (Combat System 10/10)

Navagating huge complex worlds in Metroid Prime isn't as easy as shooting. You must be equipped with the right tools so that you'll eventually survive upcoming matches. I like this but you will spend a hours between each checkpoint. This is probably the single most important idea Retro Studios put in their first person shooter. If you can't save during the game the checkpoints must be close together, and for once, they are. (Layout- 09/10)

If I had one topic that made Metroid Prime a good game, that topic would be the lock-on system. Because of it I can easily point and shoot at the enemy. Why have difficulty trying to line the "crossfire" to the enemy's head. By that time he would have gotten 3 shoots off me. I love you Retro Studios for this lock-on system. It makes the game simple, I can concentrate on knowing where I'm going!

I have only started this title and one things for sure I'm not going to finish it today or this week. Its one of those titles where I'm going to have to spend 3 weeks to finish. I'm not pushing this time. I have a good feeling that I'm going to miss something. I don't know if that is the designers fault or my fault but I'm not afraid to die and try again. Quitting will only leave me wondering if I will finish this title and for other games I left unfinished -- fine. It's not going to happen this time around!

(posted November 22, 2002 10:38 PM)

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