Wednesday, October 09, 2019

Top 50 Death Metal Albums

  1. Altars Of Madness - Morbid Angel
  2. Human - Death
  3. Scream Bloody Gore - Death
  4. Seven Churches - Possessed
  5. Unquestionable Presence - Atheist
  6. Necroticism: Descanting The Insalubrious - Carcass
  7. Blessed Are The Sick - Morbid Angel
  8. Pierced From Within - Suffocation
  9. Left Hand Path - Entombed
10. Cause of Death - Obituary
11. Legion - Deicide
12. Mental Funeral - Autopsy
13. Like An Ever Flowing Stream - Dismember
14. Nespithe - Demilich
15. Heartwork - Carcass
16. Slaughter Of The Soul - At The Gates
17. Individual Thought Patterns - Death
18. Clandestine - Entombed
19. Focus - Cynic
20. World Downfall - Terrorizer
21. Deicide - Deicide
22. Slowly We Rot - Obituary
23. Covenant - Morbid Angel
24. The Bleeding - Cannibal Corpse
25. Morbid Visions - Sepultura
26. Leprosy - Death
27. Symphonies of Sickness - Carcass
28. Harmony Corruption - Napalm Death
29. None So Vile - Cryptopsy
30. Here In After - Immolation
31. Severed Survival - Autopsy
32. My Arms, Your Hearse - Opeth
33. Tomb of the Mutilated - Cannibal Corpse
34. Symbolic - Death
35. Tales from A Thousand Lakes - Amorphis
36. Consuming Impulse - Pestilence
37. The Gallery - Dark Tranquility
38. Effigy of the Forgotten - Suffocation
39. Piece of Time - Athiest
40. Horrified - Repulsion
41. Close To A World Below - Immolation
42. The End Complete - Obituary
43. Jester Race - In Flames
44. Annihilation of the Wicked - Nile
45. Slumber of Sullen Eyes - Demigod
46. Onward to Golgotha - Incantation
47. Dark Recollections - Carnage
48. Crimson - Edge of Sanity
49. Abducted - Hypocrisy
50. Obscura - Gorguts

Sunday, October 06, 2019

Andrew Yang: Bernie’s And Warren’s ‘Wealth Tax’ Would Be Disastrous

We all know that Democrats want to redistribute the ultra-wealthiest Americans’ money through mass taxation. It seems everybody on the left who is running for the presidency thinks a “wealth tax” is a good idea. But, there is only one candidate who explains why this tax would never work. Andrew Yang, political outsider, is against a wealth tax more because it would be impossible to enforce, not necessarily that it would kill industry.
Here is what CNBC’s John Harwood asked Andrew Yang:
The Republican economists I talked to who praise the efficiency of what you proposed contrasted it with the wealth tax that Sanders and Warren have talked about. They say it just won’t work, won’t raise the money, will trigger a lot of evasion. There are measurement problems. Do you think the wealth tax is a bad idea?
Here’s what Yang responded with:
I think the wealth tax is an idea, in spirit, that makes sense, given the wealth distribution. But in practice it would have massive implementation problems. There would be capital flight, wealthy people would renounce their citizenship. And the bigger problem isn’t even the money. It’s the annual inventorying of their assets. The truly wealthy in this country have zero interest in submitting to an annual audit of all of their assets. They barely know what all their assets are. And the last thing they’re going to do is report them every year and then pay a toll. So you would have massive compliance problems. And to me there are better ways to make this economy fair, though I understand the spirit of it and the intent of it. But I agree that it would be somewhere between problematic and a disaster in practice.
To be clear, the government taking people’s money to redistribute it amongst the masses is never a good idea “in spirit.” In fact, it is called socialism and it kills the human spirit. But, at least Yang is realistic enough to understand a “wealth tax” could never actually work out

This Whistleblower Complaint Sure Is Reading Like The Steele Dossier

House Intelligence Committee Ranking Member Devin Nunes (R-CA) on Wednesday told Fox News’ Martha MacCallum he believes the whistleblower complaint filed against President Donald Trump for a call made with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky “reads like the Steele dossier.”
“We learned about this three weeks ago on a late Friday night press release that was multiple pages long, about a paragraph long,” Nunes said about the whistleblower complaint.
Nunes comments come after it was learned that Schiff knew about the whistleblower’s complaint a month before it was brought to the Intelligence Committee.
“We got that, Republicans receive that, what on Earth is going on here. All of you in the press office, why is this being pumped up as big,” he said. “A few days later after a briefing, Schiff briefs us a little bit on this and claims he doesn’t know exactly what this is, but it must be really important.”
“Those are just two sets of facts that clearly he’s trying to pump up and promote this story. And that we find out that, yeah, because his staff knew about it ahead of time,” he said. “The thing not clear is when did they actually find out about it. We still don’t have a date, when did the whistleblower start talking to the Democrats of the Intelligence Committee? It would’ve been very easy to just tell us. He had multiple opportunities to tell.”
According to Nunes, there are similarities between how the dossier was written and how the whistleblower complaint was written.
“From reading the complaint, this person is a supposing intelligence officer. Intelligence officers are trained to not have only first-hand sources, but multiple first-hand sources that can corroborate the evidence. So this intelligence person knows this. That’s not what is in the complaint,” Nunes said. “It’s all hearsay. There’s no first-hand evidence. To me, this is somebody — I don’t even believe this whistleblower wrote this complaint because it’s written in a way that reads exactly like the Steele dossier, which, for your viewers, I think they know, the Steele was a Clinton bought and paid for.”
“The president says today Adam Schiff had a hand in writing that actual complaint. But is there any evidence to back that up?” MacCallum asked.
“No, but it looks like from at least the stories that were written earlier about this, okay, that are from known Russia hoax writers, journalists, then retweeted out by Democrats on the committee, that we learn the Democrats on the committee knew about it, so it has all the markings of the Russia hoax,” Nunes explained. “Certainly, don’t forget, the whole explanation how the regulations got changed a week before the whistleblower came in and actually didn’t get changed online until they were asked by the press, I think the IC IG — I suspect that he had to know something too.”
The dossier, which was put together by former British spy Christopher Steele and paid for by Hillary Clinton’s campaign, was unverified and used to obtain a FISA warrant. The dossier ultimately lead to spying on Donald Trump’s campaign for alleged collusion with Russia. Special Counsel Robert Mueller ultimately declared a collusion did not take place

Schiff Is ‘Basically the Jussie Smollett of Congress on Steroids’

Donald Trump Jr. went off on House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff Wednesday, comparing the California Democrat to Jussie Smollett.
“Adam Schiff has never been afraid of a microphone. He’s never met a camera he didn’t love. And frankly, he’s never met a camera he didn’t lie to. Adam Schiff is basically the Jussie Smollett of Congress on steroids. I’ve never seen anything so ridiculous,” Trump Jr. said on Fox News’s “Hannity.”
Last week, during his opening remarks at a House Intelligence hearing with acting Director of National Intelligence, Joseph Maguire, Schiff read a made-up summary of the Ukraine call’s transcript, claiming it was “part parody.”
Schiff also knew about the whistleblower complaint before it was made, according to a New York Times report, meaning he lied when he said “we did not speak directly to the whistleblower.” President Trump even accused him of helping write it, too.
Trump Jr. said if he did even a fraction of what Schiff has done, he’d be in jail.
“If I lied even a little bit … like Adam Schiff has lied to the American people, and in front of Congress the other day, they’d throw me in jail for perjury,” Trump Jr. said. “He’s done it over and over. … He’s probably the person that magically leaked my emails and edited them —which was the big CNN bombshell which made it seem like I got the WikiLeaks stuff the week before as opposed to a week after

Monday, September 30, 2019

Have you been paying attention to Foreign nations?

Have you been paying attention to what has been happening in South Africa, Argentina, Venezuela, Brazil, Turkey, Japan and China?  If you are like most Americans, you have not been.  Most Americans don’t seem to really care too much about what is happening in the rest of the world, but they should.  In major cities all over the globe right now, there is looting, violence, shortages of basic supplies, and runs on the banks.  We are not at a “global economic collapse” stage yet, but things are getting worse with each passing day.  For a while, I have felt that 2019 would turn out to be a major “turning point” for the global economy, and so far that is exactly what it is turning out to be.  The world is on the cusp of an economic collapse and a major stock market crash, and most global investors haven't strapped on their rain boots nor deployed their umbrellas for what is coming in 2020. As we note in this piece, the most vulnerable fall first, all eyes on emerging markets for the next domino to drop.  The following are 7 early warning signs that we are rapidly approaching a global economic collapse: #1 Panic In Emerging Markets: South African Stocks On Track For Worst 3Q Since 2011 #2 Argentina just suffered the 2nd-biggest crash since 1950 for any stock market — and the nation is again on the brink of a financial crisis #3 Venezuela hyperinflation hits 10 million percent #4 Brazil unemployment and poverty are getting worse #5 Turkey’s economy similar to before 2001 financial crash – ex-central bank governor #6 The growing debt of China could trigger a financial crisis #7 Japan’s Economy Falls to Lowest Since Early 2010 In light of everything above, is there anyone out there that still wants to claim that “everything is going to be okay” for the global economy?
Sadly, most people are not even aware of most of these things. A major global stock market crash and the next Great Depression e is rapidly approaching, and most people don’t even seem to notice the storm clouds that are gathering on the horizon.