Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Milk drunkard

Milk drunk ~ past the Milk DWI limit While in high school, I asked a black student there why he couldn't drink milk and he called me racist. I just knew I could drink milk and everybody else I thought I knew could. That's the 40% left. The reasons why Africa has stunted growth in brain development and in height; whereby, they cannot catch up. It's not normal. Somewhat less than 40% of people in the world retain the ability to digest lactose after childhood. The numbers are often given as close to 0% of Native Americans, 5% of Asians, 25% of African and Caribbean peoples, 50% of Mediterranean peoples and 90% of northern Europeans. Sweden has one of the world's highest percentages of lactase tolerant people.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Bought Google Glass today

Bought some google glass today.  It cost me over $1000 dollars.  Google Glass comes with Android 4.4.

ntroductory price Explorer version: $1,500 USD
Consumer edition: "close to the average smartphone"[3]
Operating system Android[4] (4.4.2[5])
Power Lithium Polymer battery (2.1 Wh)[6]
CPU OMAP 4430 SoC, dual-core[6]
Memory 1GB RAM (682MB available to developers)
Storage 16 GB Flash total[6] (12 GB of usable memory)[7]
Display Prism projector, 640×360 pixels (equivalent of a 25 in/64 cm screen from 8 ft/2.4 m away[7])
Sound Bone conduction transducer[7]
Input Voice command through microphone,[7] accelerometer,[7] gyroscope,[7] magnetometer,[7] ambient light sensor, proximity sensor
Controller input Touchpad, MyGlass phone app
Camera Photos – 5 MP, videos – 720p[7]
Connectivity Wi-Fi 802.11b/g,[7] Bluetooth,[7] micro USB
Dimensions 22x21"
Weight 50g
Any Bluetooth-capable phone; MyGlass companion app requires Android 4.0.3 (Ice Cream Sandwich) or higher or any iOS 7.0 or higher [7]

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Tractor pulls scared all the people away

These farmers don't even use recent tractors in tractor pulls, they use tractors from the 1950s through 1970 especially for tractor pulls around here. (I was going to call them rednecks, but they don't have Confederate flags LOL :-p)   Farm tractors cost 90,000 to $140,000 the most outdated get to be in the tractor pull.  Otherwise, recent John Deere 7410 tractors from the 1990s in the corn fields. These recent John Deere and New Holland last 20 years minimum. Maybe all the millionaires own the John Deere 9RT tractors so the tractor fanbase died off. My tractor pull videos weren't popular, only 40 views on the mediocre talent around here.  There isn't anything that screams watch me at County fairs in this county.
 Nobody wants to add a John Deere tractor on Pinterest I mean.

The remaining fanbase is all about speculation of (old school) mid-20th century technology.

Stock side
4500 nono turbo
5500 non turbo
5700 stock truck
7000 non turbo
6200 stock truck
9500 non turbo
8000 Stock diesel truck
10,500 non turbo (super trophy class)
9500 turbo
11,500 Turbo
12,500 trubo (Super trophy Class)
14,000 Turbo

Hot side
5700 light hot farm
5200 econo mod
6200 limited light super stock
6200 improved stock truck
6000 light mods
5500 econo mod
6200 light hot farm
6200 light mod
6500 light super stock
6500 light open (Glenwood City only)
6200 Street Mod Truck
6500 limited mod
6200 pro stock truck
7500 open mod
7500 light open (Glenwood Only)
8000 open diesel trucks
9500 limited pro stock
10,500 pro farm
9300 super farm
11,000 improved stock
10,000 pro stock
11,000 pro farm
11,500 improved stock

Most advanced tractor in the county right now  Sad isn't it?

Barnes and Noble deserves going bankrupt

Barnes and Noble says that American companies bringing anime to Region 1 are imports and charge 300% over the online price for Sailor Moon.  Barnes and Noble is unbelievably retarded. I'll get a pre-paid credit card and do it myself and save 300%. The overhead for paper books is 50% added cost and there is a shit load of paper farms in this country. I used to watch this between the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Now Sailor Moon is more popular then Dragon Ball Z for some stupid reason.  Read University students watch it.
I bought this for $50, The bootleg version is is worth the fake regret it later discussions online. DVD with 2 MBit video have functioned for over a decade. Good thing I already have all the Sailor Moons except for Sailor Moon Crystal 2014 series.