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Top 10 UFO sightings since 2001

BENGALURU: Unidentified Flying Object or UFO is a widely discussed topic by people who are curious of unnatural sightings in the sky, which presumably could be an alien-driven vehicle from outer space – and if so, would be the biggest discovery by mankind.
Over the years, UFOs have been reported from different parts of the world, but mostly from the US and UK. UFOs garnered public interest through movies and serials during the latter half of the twentieth century and has become part of the popular culture. Basically, UFOs are part of the theory that claims the existence of extra-terrestrial life forms.  The first reported UFO was sighted in Roma during 214 BCE, popularly known as “ships in the sky”.
The frequency of UFO sightings increased during the final leg of the 20th and into the 21stcentury which is attributed to the advancements in technology that can record evidences of such sightings.
Here is the list of top 10 UFO sightings of the 21st century:
O’Hare International Airport UFO sighting (2006)O'Hare International Airport UFO sighting
United Airlines employees and pilots reportedly saw a flying saucer hovering over Chicago O’Hare Airport and shooting up vertically making a hole in the cloud. Though the airport authorities claimed that it was just a weather phenomenon, mystery surrounding hole in the cloud remains unexplained.
Kolkata UFO sighting (2007)
A fast movie bright UFO was spotted and filmed on handy-cam. The shape of the UFO kept changing time to time from a triangle and then to a rectangle and finally disappeared into a straight line. The UFO was observed by hundreds and was shown in TV News Channels.
The Dudley Dorito UFO (2007)
The Dudley Dorito sighting is one of the most famous UFO sightings. People saw a black triangle over the West Midlands conurbation of the United Kingdom in November 2007. The phenomenon repeated three times in 2007, 2008 and 2009 but still there is no scientific evidence of what exactly is hovering above West Midlands. The name was coined by the media after the eyewitness description which resembled a popular salty snack.
Stephenville, Texas UFO sightings (2008)
Stephenville has long been a place for UFO sightings and on this day people saw an object as big as of over 1 mile hovering over Bush Ranch in Crawford, Texas. Interestingly, the US Air Force identified the anomaly as fighter planes that went unreported due to a “communication problem”.
Wales UFO sightings (2008)
For the first time ever a police helicopter chased a UFO after it appeared suddenly, close enough for a mid-air collision. On the preceding days, hundreds of residents in Wales saw the UFO hovering in the sky.
Warren Air Force Base (2010)
In first of its kind incident, 50 nuclear missiles went off-line in Warren Air Force Base for almost an hour and according to three missile technicians, the anomaly happened during the same time when they spotted a UFO in the shape of a large cigar hovering above the missile field. Of course, the military downplayed the incident as a “hardware issue”.
Harbour Mille incident (2010)
Harbour Mille incident
In the night of January 25, 2010 people in Harbour Mille, Newfoundland and Labrador reportedly saw multiple UFOs in the sky. Earlier reports stated that it was due to a missile launch but the Prime Minister’s office denied any military activity on the particular day.
Vancouver UFO sighting (2011)Vancouver UFO sighting
Purple and red flash light started to appear in the sky on the evening of February 20, 2011 and a flying saucer with green and red light flew above the residential area of Vancouver at around 7:00 pm on the next day. According to eyewitness account, the saucer hovered above Vancouver for a few minutes making slight movements. None of the witnesses heard any sound from the UFO.
UFO near ISS (2015)
UFO near ISS
UFO near ISS
Many thousands saw a UFO hovering around International Space Station when two astronauts went out for doing maintenance work which was streamed live on NASA’s website. NASA was accused of cutting live ISS feed as the UFO hovered around so as to hide existence of alien life.
UFO sighting in Colorado (2015)
Two light sources reportedly hovered over Berthoud in Colorado which people first thought were helicopters but as the phenomenon continued, the lights started changing color. Some believe the lights could be public drones but it’s difficult to tell if this was a UFO or a drone.

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10 Strange And Plausible UFO Sightings

10 McMinnville Incident

In Oregon, in May of 1950, a farmer named Mr. Trent saw a UFO at his farm outside McMinnville. According to Mr. Trent, his wife Evelyn first spotted the object, a silvery, metallic disk. She was outside feeding her rabbits when it appeared in the early evening sky. She called out to her husband, who came outside and watched for a couple of minutes. He then went and got a camera, and took two pictures before the object sped off to the west.
The most striking thing lending credence to the story is the Trents’ behavior. They never made any money off the photographs, and actually had to be convinced to let them be published by a local reporter—apparently, they were afraid of getting into trouble with the government.
There are disagreements as to the veracity of the photos. The Condon Report, a 1967 study into UFO phenomena conducted by the University of Colorado, concluded that relative photographic densities of objects in the photos suggested that the subject was distant, meaning they were somewhat likely to be genuine. A much more recent examination concluded that the object’s geometry was consistent with a small model hanging from a wire. But that wire has never been spotted in either photo, and Evelyn and Paul Trent earnestly insisted, until their deaths in 1997 and 1998, respectively, that the photos were of an actual UFO.

9 Mariana Incident

In 1950, on the night of August 15, minor league baseball manager Nick Mariana became the first person to capture film footage of a UFO. It happened as he was inspecting the diamond before a game in Great Falls, Montana, which has since become a hotbed of UFO sightings, and is close to a US Air Force Base.
Mariana was able to capture two bright dots streaking across the sky on his 16mm movie camera, which he says he routinely kept in his car. After sending the film to be developed, he began to contact local newspapers—significant, as he had not yet seen the developed film and so would not have known if any fakery looked convincing. In October, he wrote a letter to the Air Force and was interviewed at Malstrom Air Force Base.
After examining the film, the Air Force concluded “possible aircraft” and dropped it. While two fighters were on record as having landed at Malstrom at around the time of the sighting, Mariana insisted that he saw those, too—in a different part of the sky. He also claimed that upon his film’s return, several frames that showed the spinning discs more clearly were missing—presumably cut by the Air Force. While the debate has never been resolved, the incident kicked off decades of over 100 sightings in Great Falls, and prompted the renaming of the minor league baseball team to the Voyagers.

8 Chicago O’Hare Incident

When several people state flatly that they observed a saucer-shaped aircraft hovering around before bolting into the sky at incredible speeds, it is tempting to assume that they don’t know much about aircraft. But when just such an incident occurred in Chicago in 2006, it was pretty difficult to make that case—it took place at O’Hare International Airport, and most of the people who saw it were United Airlines employees.
No airline officials, air traffic controllers, or radar records indicated anything out of the ordinary, though a United supervisor did call the tower to ask if any saucers were hovering nearby. The FAA has declined to investigate, which has proved irritating to those who insist that they witnessed the incident. Officials have tossed out the usual balloons, optical illusions, and weather phenomena as possible explanations.
As for the witnesses, they counter that none of those could explain the hole that the craft punched in the clouds while making its quick ascent, which lingered for several minutes. All witnesses agreed that the craft was dark gray, didn’t have any lights or markings, and maintained its position steadily before blasting off.

7 Edwards Air Force Base Sighting

One can’t blame the US Air Force for being sensitive about matters involving UFOs—in 1957, one supposedly landed at Edwards Air Force Base. If that sounds like an insane myth, keep in mind that it was allegedly caught on film and was reported by Gordon Cooper, a test pilot and astronaut in the United States’ first manned space program. He was at Edwards supervising the installation of a new precision-landing system at the time, and his account of the incident was pretty unambiguous.
“I had a camera crew filming the installation when they spotted a saucer. They filmed it as it flew overhead, then hovered, extended three legs as landing gear, and slowly came down to land on a dry lake bed. These guys were all pro cameramen, so the picture quality was very good. The camera crew managed to get within 20 or 30 yards of it, filming all the time. It was a classic saucer, shiny silver and smooth, about 30 feet across. It was pretty clear it was an alien craft. As they approached closer, it took off.”
The camera crew reported this incident to Cooper and turned over the film. Cooper says that he reported the incident to his superiors, and was told to develop the film and send it to Washington, which he did after watching it and finding it to be exactly as described. He says that, after that, the film vanished and didn’t come to light even when the Air Force began Project Blue Book. He suggested using it as evidence and was told it had been lost—not that it would have mattered much. According to Cooper, “Blue Book was strictly a cover-up anyway.”

6 Socorro Encounter

On April 24, 1964, several witnesses in different parts of Socorro, New Mexico, reported different sightings of the same event. Some saw a low-flying object in the sky, some heard loud sounds reminiscent of the takeoff and landing of a powerful craft. But one man swears he actually saw it land and that it could only have been an alien spacecraft. His name was Lonnie Zamora, and it was such an astonishing encounter that it distracted him from the high-speed chase he had been engaged in when he first caught sight of the craft—at the the time of the sighting, Mr. Zamora was an on-duty Socorro police officer.
What grabbed Officer Zamora’s attention was a gigantic cone of blue light rising thousands of feet into the air, which he took to be flames. Abandoning his pursuit, he went in the direction of what was presumably a crash or a miners’ shack explosion—and that was when his day got really intense. He spotted a vehicle in a gully, then two small humanoids glimpsed from the corner of his eye seemed to “jump” at his approach before disappearing. He parked the vehicle and got out, then heard a series of metallic clangs coming from the gully. The source was a huge, metallic oval object standing on girder-like legs. Immediately, a bluish flame shot out of the bottom of the vehicle, and it rose before taking off quickly and silently, vanishing into the distance as the officer got on his radio to report what he had just seen.
A fellow officer responding to his call also saw evidence of the incident—angular indentations where the “landing gear” had made contact and burned foliage from its takeoff—and several witnesses in the area reported either an egg-shaped craft or a blue flame in the sky, some immediately afterward and independently of Zamora’s report. Several who have interviewed the officer about the incident, including journalists and Air Force officials, have similar conclusions to draw, such as former Project Blue Book head Hector Quintanilla Jr. “There is no doubt that Lonnie Zamora saw an object which left quite an impression on him. There is also no question about Zamora’s reliability. He is a serious police officer and a man well-versed in recognizing airborne vehicles in his area. He is puzzled by what he saw, and frankly, so are we.”

5 The Westall UFO

On April 6, 1966, in Melbourne, Australia, witnesses say a silver, disc-shaped craft was spotted whizzing around, and that it then landed in a paddock near a high school and took off again. It would be a somewhat typical report of the type that is normally just a prank or misidentification of something else—except that this incident was observed by over 200 people in broad daylight, and no explanation has ever been offered.
Though eyewitness accounts vary, that is not unusual even in non-paranormal events when so many people are involved. What witnesses agreed on was that a large group of students were finishing their physical education class when several of them pointed out a silver or silvery-green craft about twice the size of a car, buzzing and hovering around a group of pine trees behind the school. After some time it landed among the pines. By that time, more students had come outside to see what was going on and some witnesses claim that private aircraft were approaching to investigate. In full view of this crowd, the craft rose from the trees, tilted at a 45-degree angle, flew into the sky at a rate of speed the private planes were unable to match, and vanished.
The nearest airport reported no private planes taking off in the area at that time, and neither did the military confirm any activity. Those who propose conventional explanations for this event are confounded by the fact that the object was in full view of hundreds of people for over 20 minutes, and was clearly not a plane or weather balloon—yet, no photographic or film evidence exists, and no pilot has ever claimed to have participated in the “chase.” The Westall incident remains one of Australia’s most debated unsolved UFO cases.

4 The Portage County Chase

According to Project Blue Book and the aforementioned Quintanilla, half a dozen or so police officers chased a communications satellite—and then, after losing sight of that, the planet Venus—into the Ohio wilderness and across the state line into Pennsylvania in the pre-dawn hours of April 17, 1966. When this official report was released, the police officers involved had a less-than-receptive response—in fact, they were infuriated by the insinuation that they could be that stupid. Especially considering this statement, signed by Deputy Sheriff Dale Spaur, one of the first to observe the object.
“We found an abandoned car on the berm on Rt. 224 between Atwater and Randolph. We left our car to routinely investigate this vehicle. Spaur noticed a light over the trees on the hill next to the berm, and called Neff’s attention to it. As we watched, the light came closer and a large, self-illuminated object was seen as its source. The object came directly overhead and hovered above us. Its light lit up the ground where we were standing, and our cruiser, P-13. It was too bright to look at without hurting the eyes.”
After they understandably retreated to their patrol car and called it in, at least five more officers assisted them in pursuing the object for over half an hour before finally losing sight of it. But it gets stranger still—shortly before Spaur and his partner’s encounter, Police Chief Gerald Buchert saw a saucer-like, illuminated object hovering near his yard at home and snapped a picture of it. While he kept the original photo, he was persuaded to send the negative to Quintanilla, who dismissed the image as a processing defect. The negative, of course, was never seen again.

3 Trans-En-Provence Incident

The French version of NASA documents UFO sightings a little more diligently than its American counterpart. The incident that took place at Trans-en-Provence in January 1981 has been called the most carefully documented sighting of all time. While the incident doesn’t seem spectacular at first glance, its simplicity leaves little room for interpretation.
Retired farmer Renato Nicolai was working in his garden when he heard a sudden whistling sound, accompanied by the appearance of something that he immediately took to be an experimental aircraft. In broad daylight, he watched as a saucer-shaped craft between five and six feet in diameter dropped out of the sky, stopping to hover for half a minute about two meters (six feet) off the ground. Then it rose into the sky, a plume of dust in its wake. Nicolai was about 30 meters (100 ft) away.
The French government’s study found evidence of compacting and heating of the soil near the landing site, depleted chlorophyll in plants around the site, and “black material” that was not oil or residue from combustion, but metallic in nature. A technical report stated, “It was not the aim of the author to identify the exact nature of the phenomenon observed on January 8, 1981 at Trans-en-Provence. But it can reasonably be concluded that something unusual did occur that might be consistent, for instance, with an electromagnetic source of stress.”

2 Warren Air Force Base

warren afb
Warren Air Force Base in Cheyenne, Wyoming, has been the site of a number of alleged UFO visitations since 1965, when red and green flashing lights reported by civilians in the area had local missile sites like Warren on high alert. That’s right—Warren’s UFO problem is part of a troubling larger trend of instances where nuclear missile armories are visited by unexplained objects, and it’s happened several times there.
In a famous 1976 incident reported by retired Minuteman missile launch officer Bruce Fenstermacher, a bright white object with flashing red and blue lights was seen to the North. Guards stationed at the base observed the object, a cigar-shaped craft a little under 20 meters (65 ft) long, moving near the missile silos. Military and police personnel frantically converged on the site, by which time the craft had disappeared. The craft kept switching positions, with the police experiencing car trouble every time they started to get close. Finally, more than two hours after the incident began, the craft departed at blinding speed, becoming a bright white speck on the horizon.
Though several witnesses agreed on this account, it was not included in any official report. None of the other other alleged sightings at the base have been either. As recently as 2010, a power failure to 50 intercontinental nuclear warheads at the base meant that over 10 percent of the US nuclear arsenal was offline for nearly an hour, prompting renewed speculation from UFO enthusiasts.

1 Piney Woods Incident

One December night in 1980, friends Betty Cash and Vickie Landrum, along with Vickie’s grandson, Colby, were driving along a lonely highway through the Piney Woods of Texas when they saw something none of them would ever forget. It was an encounter that left its mark on them all—mentally, emotionally, and physically.
The three came up on a water tower–sized, glowing, diamond-shaped object in the middle of the highway, blocking their way. Flames periodically shot from its underside, making it rise slightly before settling back down. It radiated intense light and heat. The two women, who exited the vehicle to examine the object—the seven-year-old boy wanted nothing to do with it—would later say that they had to use their coats to avoid being burned on the door handles when they re-entered their vehicle, and the plastic dashboard was soft enough to leave a handprint in. As they watched the UFO ascend, one to two dozen military-style helicopters buzzed overhead, surrounding it—a Dayton police officer also confirmed seeing helicopters of this type near the same area at the time. The women drove on, watching the craft and helicopters recede into the distance.
All three suffered bizarre symptoms reminiscent of radiation poisoning or chemical contamination for some time afterward—weakness, nausea, and the feeling of having been sunburned. Betty Cash’s symptoms were bad enough for her to be hospitalized, and as such the Cash-Landrum encounter is one of very few UFO incidents to result in litigation. Citing the presence of the helicopters, the family sued the US government for $20 million—and lost. The military denied deploying any helicopters to that area, or possessing a gigantic, diamond-shaped UFO, and the judge ruled in their favor.

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Nintendo NX now features Tegra X2 chip (almost as powerful as PS4)

the upcoming releases of both the Nintendo NX and the PlayStation Neo, there has been an interest in how the two will stack up against each other. And while each generation of the Sony PlayStation has been known as one of the most powerful consoles, the Nintendo NX is set to arrive with the dominant Tegra X2 Chip.

According to Segment Next, individuals working on the NX project have confirmed that the console will come powered by a Tegra chip. However, the publication claims that it will not be the X1 Chip, as previously thought. Instead, it will come with the more powerful Tegra X2 Chip, which will definitely set the Nintendo NX up on a powerful platform.

The X1 chip was first released in 2015 and was packed with four ARM Cortex A53 cores. In addition, it also had a Maxwell-based graphics processing unit. On the other hand, the Tegra X2 Chip will arrive with four ARM Cortex A57 cores and two Denver 2 cores. Further, it will make use of Pascal architecture for its GPU. With the chip in place, the Nintendo NX will have faster communication between its central components. That is, its CPU and its GPU.
The Tegra X2 Chip is also being called the Tegra Parker, or Tegra-next.

The Tegra X2 reportedly features a quad-core ARM Cortex-A57 cores, plus two additional, smaller cores as well.
But it’s on the graphics side where it’s really impressive: the Tegra X2 features a graphics chip built using Nvidia’s new Pascal architecture, which powers the recently released GTX 1080 and 1070 series of graphics cards.
The increased power will also bring along better battery life, since it’s optimized for mobile and is built on a 16nm process.
All in all, the new Tegra X2 is said to be almost as powerful as the Xbox One and PS4.

Release Dates
The Nintendo NX is expected to arrive in the market on March 2017, $250 - $350 price range. Meanwhile, the PlayStation Neo is expected to be launched on September 7 at an estimated price of $350.

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New Nintendo NX Patient needs second stick

As you can see in the initial images below, in its simplest form (mimicking the similar patent that emerged in the past week) it allows a bespoke control option to be added in a modular way on the top right of the device.

Some further images are interesting; the following indicate variations of more control options that can in theory be swapped in, included sets of three and four buttons.

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Why the Office Dress Code Is Slowly Dying

The passionate internet debate over '90s-era baggy shorts is just the latest example of why summertime has long been the bane of the office fashion police. Clothes get skimpier. Hot weather makes ties and jackets less appealing. The dreaded flip-flops threaten to emerge from the closet.
Some traditionally stuffy government offices, law firms, banks, and management consultancies are changing their dress codes, often to help recruit or retain workers in a highly competitive job market--though flip-flops remain a step or three too far. J. P. Morgan Chase is allowing most workers outside its investment bank to trade their suits for business-casual clothing. Last year, Walmart loosened its dress code to allow its associates to wear denim. Accenture and PwC both recently adopted "Dress for Your Day" policies that let employees use their best judgment when it comes to clothing.

"It depends on where you're going and what you're doing. If you're in front of a CEO, you wear a suit," says Anne Donovan, PwC's people innovation leader, adding that the change answers the work force's desire to wear more comfortable clothes. "We're competing in a market that's a war for talent. We're listening to people who say: 'This would make it better.'"
Accenture doesn't explicitly ban any specific clothes, but asks people to be mindful of factors like T-shirt slogans when dressing for work.
The formality of work clothes has been sliding downhill for years, with experts pointing to the rise of tech startup culture--awash in hoodies and fancy sneakers--as leading the way. Now, startup Betabrand designs yoga pants specifically for the office. A survey of more than 300 senior managers released in June by staffing firm OfficeTeam found that half said employees now wear less formal clothing than they did five years ago.

You can see the casualization of the workplace beginning a century ago but accelerating in recent years, with the emergency of fast fashion and new clothing choices. "It's been happening for the past 100 years with the emergence of a middle class and many social rules and social classes disappearing," says Francois Kress, chief executive officer of fashion label Carolina Herrera. "We have taken into account that people want more comfortable clothes."
Carolina Herrera now sees perhaps 30 percent of its ready-to-wear sales in daywear separates, versus 70 percent in occasion or eveningwear. A few years ago the balance would've been 10-90 percent, and in the near future it's likely to be 50-50, Kress says.
Increasing sales of activewear, which has been booming for the last three years, feed into the growing informality of work attire. Not only do people buy activewear for exercise, these same stretch fabrics are increasingly finding their way into everyday and work clothes. Customers want more versatile clothes that they can wear to work but keep on into the evening, whether for picking up kids after school or dinner out with friends.
As a result, even luxury brands are launching activewear lines, such as the collaboration between Stella McCartney and Adidas or the recently announced partnership between Givenchy and Nike. Or take Burberry's line of lightweight stretch suiting that's easily packable for work travel.
At Takeda Pharmaceuticals, many U.S. employees can be found in jeans on a daily basis. The company relaxed its dress code last August based on feedback in a regular survey.
"The new dress code was intended to provide an even more comfortable workplace where employees can do their best work, a high priority for Takeda," says spokesman Jim Schwartz, adding that the company respects individual expression in appearance and dress, as well as the variety of work. On days that employees are working with vendors or external partners, they're expected to dress more formally than if they're primarily working alone.

At law firm Hunton & Williams, partner Rori Malech sees an increasing variety of options for men, who often wear just dress pants and shirt, whereas women tend to be a bit dressier, in sleeveless dresses or elegant blouses.
"The most dressed down I will see is capri pants, but they're work capris with a dressy fabric--not Banana Republic," says Malech. "There's definitely a movement going more casual."
The New York City office tends to be more formal than the Richmond, Virginia office--where the firm was founded--with Washington, D.C. and Texas offices being even more casual and California the most laid back.

Malech appreciates the more versatile work options available from fashion lines like MM.LaFleur, with comfortable dresses, fitted pants, and separates, and even has donned Betabrand "dress yoga pants" when she knew she'd be working an 18-hour day in her office.
"Only if I'm going to be under a rock," she explains. "It's not the norm."
In winter, women might wear dressy boots with a cute skirt, and you could see the occasional loafer. If Malech puts on jeans for casual Friday, she's sure to dress up the outfit with a jacket, nice heels, and pearls.
"I would never not have a suit jacket, sweater, or wrap in my office," she says. "At a white shoe, Southern-founded firm, I don't think things have changed that much."
Indeed, the challenge of a more casual and open environment is to strike the balance between comfort and a professional look. "The benefits of a more regulated way of dressing at work is that it was easy to look a certain way. There were only a few options," Kress says. "It's much more challenging for people to dress more casually but also look good."
Even with all this change, companies of all stripes still draw the line at flip-flops. "Absolutely not," Malech says.
PwC specifically asked employees not to wear flip-flops--or shorts. "We said: 'Use your judgment, and always represent the brand,'" Donovan says.