Friday, March 16, 2001

Stupid trends in the 1990s


Cargo pants look great any decade, because it is standard military uniform for the public. It has wide usage in the Army. Bell Jeans are stupid

4. 2. Teal

An excuse not going green or blue.


3. Sitcoms with low IMDB scores

Shows like Home Improvement with tired plots and obvious and usually mediocre jokes. 90s network TV was full of schlock like Friends. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia never would have aired 15 years ago. Now there is battlestar Galatica, Wired, 24, South Park,

2. Tribal Tattoos

These things actually come from New Zealand natives or such. They are very popular due to their neutrality. The star and Eagle tattoos are supposed to be better.

1. Vanilla Ice

Stupid rap.