Sunday, December 31, 2006

Suse 10.2 loaded

KDE 3.5.5 again

Gnome 2.6.0 again

replaced all my OpenSuse 10.2 Alpha 5 /w OpenSuse 10.2. Have yet to install nVidia driver on the Systemax Hellcat, because it's running a very new GPU. I am still having problems why sound and WiFi worked in Suse 10.0 and not in Suse 10.2? Mystery.

I still plan to use Windows XP until mid next year. There really isn't any point in running the glitchy WinVista until Service Pack 1. You may of guested it, but I am not using Suse at the moment of writing this. I wanted the pretty desktops so that's why I downloaded 7.27 GiB yesterday so i can be more like the Europeans (Suse is German) who hate Windows. European Union fined Microsoft once because Windows Media Player came with WMA/WMV encoders & decoders. It's unfair, but WMA and WMV are monopolies in a sence otherwise Blu-ray and HD-DVD wouldn't have VC-1 (WMV9 Pro) or WMA in portable mp3 players and car stereo decks.

Brian and David came over: Seemed like forever

Yesterday, must've been the best moment in two months (even more so than getting a job) because my cousins (both in Navy/Marine service) came over so we could play both Xbox 360 and PS3. It was a family reunion and my Uncle kept menacing about making him audio cds /w AD-PCM. I told him if I added it to FAT32 it won't work in most CD players due to nothing I had would keep AD-PCM as is.

While I had two younger cousins, 13 and 12 playing Call of Duty 2, and Need for Speed Most Wanted on the xbox 360. That was fun for them while I knew nothing. David and I played Ridge Racer 7 in another room. David says Japanese listen to a lot of trance so this is some of their music. He doesn't care about what the game I just let the music play. I haven't seen David since 2004 so it was that made me happy the whole day.

Resistance Fall of Man and Gears of War were really fun with playing Brian whom haven't seen for two years. He is 20 years old, and on leave from his San Fran marine boot camp. Brian is slightly better at games than I am and has better communication skills. I got to the part where Brian and I barely made it pass level 3: Spires. One of my problems is I only used a frag grenade once to take care of the stockers that I loose ½ my vitality. I made it easy so I could get the control right and so Brian could advance quicker.


There was a Christmas tree so everybody opened presents except me who was downstairs. Nobody really cares for me...I get a $10 Subway gift card and i gave both Brian and David $20. I spent too much on PS3 this month. I did get a partially paid Xbox 360 controller out of the whole thing so I came out ahead.

David promised he could come over Tuesday, and play Gears of war with me again. Otherwise we could go to McDonalds or he could get me a girlfriend. On a second thought, fuck girlfriends...they don't want some guy with bad communication skills around them. Someday maybe.


David beat me at Need for Speed Most Wanted in both racing Japanese cars in circuits and drag races. After I tried playing Gears of War with him then again with Brian. I also got beaten in RR7 because he could get his nitris gage full quicker doing better drift, and yet i won 2 races of of the four against him.

My systemax pc is deprived of Guild Wars lately. I've been occupied with Final Fantasy XII lately (around the part where i sneak into the palace – not very far). It's a very good game, but that much is widely known. It was on the bottom of IGN and Gamespot websites in the hottest games on the bottom. No surprise. It's the 2nd largest Japanese developer's flagship title.

Today, I decided to play Final Fantasy 12 and download more Shoutcast streams via Ripcast so my bandwidth this month is used up more. Since Wildblue rocketed Wildblue-1 (satellite) last month, connections have been a lot more reliable (except when you download 1.5 GB in one day like i have). David quoted, “it is faster than dial-up. What he doesn't know is dial up isn't suppose to's far more privative than DSL. We are the last known places in the world that has dial up.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Evo:Phase One stole controller idea from Nyko!

The forth console is a PC even though the PC is officially the forth competitor anyways. Ironic isn't it?

Here is what it looks like....

The controller really looks like the Nyko Airflow PC, one of the best analog controllers out for PC. I own this and use it for my emulators. Sturdy, looks a lot like Dual Shock 2.

Central Processing Unit

* AMD Athlon 64x2 5600+2.90 GHz

Graphics Processing Unit

* ATI HD 3200
* 3D graphical user interface

Primary Storage/RAM



* 120GB Hard Drive, with support for virtual unlimited storage

General features

* Internet access
* VoIP
* Plays Windows games
* Akimbo-based VOD (video on demand)
* Social networking
* Send Envizions games to any EVO wireless router
* Allows multiple players from one master hub
* Biometric game save and security features
* Integrated Biometric scanner
* Amiga-based games
* Standard-definition and high-definition video support

Digital Media

* DVD-ROM Drive
* Compatible with DVD-video, DVD-ROM, DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW, CD-ROM, CD-RW


* Linux / Fedora
* Application framework
* Cloud
* Proprietary firmware


* One HDMI port
* One DVI port
* One PC Modding port
* One SD card port
* Two USB 2.0 ports
* Two Ethernet ports
* Three Audio ports

Physical Dimensions

* Width: 300mm
* Height: 65mm
* Length: 273mm

Sunday, December 24, 2006

View my new PS3, Xbox 360, and other PCs

First file on Youtube. I doubt anyone will comment's like nonexistant and not very interesting. Bandwidth is free and it goes 640x480 instead of 320x240.

ST Voyager

I got some sweet STar Trek Episodes in H.263++ (ver.3) AVI file. Star Trek Voyager rocks! The plot is so complex yet so fun to watch.

2/22/2006 10:29 PM 620,550,144 Star Trek 8 - First Contact (1996)_Repair.avi
12/22/2006 08:39 AM 77,559,808 Star Trek Voyager - 4x08 - Year of Hell Part 1.avi
12/21/2006 10:43 PM 67,733,504 Star Trek Voyager - 4x09 - Year Of Hell (Part 2).avi
12/21/2006 12:02 PM 203,845,632 Star Trek Voyager - 4x14 - Message in a Bottle.avi
12/21/2006 12:41 PM 367,194,112 Star Trek Voyager - 4x21 - The Omega Directive.avi
12/22/2006 09:16 AM 92,831,744 Star Trek Voyager - 5x02 - Drone.avi
12/22/2006 07:57 PM 165,165,056 Star Trek Voyager - 5x06 - Timeless.avi
12/20/2006 08:38 PM 159,031,296 Star Trek Voyager - 5x15 - Dark Frontier Part 1.avi
12/22/2006 07:09 PM 367,345,664 Star Trek Voyager - 6x08 - One Small Step.avi
12/22/2006 08:49 AM 368,138,240 Star Trek Voyager - 6x12 - Blink Of An Eye.avi
12/22/2006 04:53 PM 367,859,712 Star Trek Voyager - 6x18 - Ashes to Ashes.avi
12/20/2006 08:35 PM 208,123,904 Star Trek Voyager - 6x26 - Unimatrix Zero Part 1.avi
12/20/2006 07:17 PM 214,902,784 STAR TREK VOYAGER - 7X01 - UNIMATRIX ZERO, PART 2.AVI
12/22/2006 11:05 AM 366,673,920 Star Trek Voyager - 7x02 - Imperfection.avi
12/21/2006 03:55 PM 207,558,656 Star Trek Voyager - 7x11 - Shattered.avi
12/22/2006 07:27 PM 246,824,960 Star Trek Voyager - 7x19 - Q2.avi
12/22/2006 10:28 AM 246,777,856 Star Trek Voyager - 7x21 - Friendship One.avi
12/20/2006 06:04 PM 127,172,608 star trek voyager - endgame (final episode).divx.avi
12/22/2006 03:50 PM 11,115 vlcsnap-294794.jpg
20 File(s) 4,475,302,727 bytes
12/23/2006 11:11 PM 126,058,496 Star Trek TNG - 3x25 - The Best of Both Worlds - Part 1.avi
12/23/2006 11:13 PM 126,066,688 Star Trek TNG - 4x01 - The Best of Both Worlds Part 2.avi
12/23/2006 09:25 PM 73,621,504 Star Trek TNG - 5x23 - I, Borg.avi
12/21/2006 04:46 PM 135,676,249 Star Trek Voyager - 1x01 - Caretaker Part 1.avi
12/21/2006 03:11 PM 136,500,659 Star Trek Voyager - 1x02 - Caretaker Part 2.avi
12/22/2006 12:56 PM 105,302,620 Star Trek Voyager - 1x06 - The Cloud.avi
12/22/2006 04:41 PM 364,535,808 Star Trek Voyager - 1x09 - Emanations.avi
12/21/2006 02:32 PM 364,527,616 Star Trek Voyager - 1x11 - State of Flux.avi
12/22/2006 08:01 AM 364,539,904 Star Trek Voyager - 1x12 - Heroes And Demons (DVD).avi
12/22/2006 07:49 AM 364,984,320 Star Trek Voyager - 2x03 - Projections.avi
12/21/2006 11:16 AM 364,998,656 Star Trek Voyager - 3x08 - Future's End (part 1).avi
12/21/2006 07:07 PM 365,015,040 Star Trek Voyager - 3x09 - Future's End Part 2.avi
12/22/2006 10:11 PM 365,002,752 Star Trek Voyager - 3x10 - warlord.avi
12/20/2006 05:56 PM 70,080,512 Star Trek Voyager - 3x26 - Scorpion Part 1.avi
12/20/2006 06:25 PM 197,804,032 Star Trek Voyager - 4x01 - Scorpion part 2.avi
12/22/2006 09:15 AM 367,187,968 Star Trek Voyager - 4x02 - The Gift.avi
12/23/2006 10:06 PM 78,071,808 Star Trek Voyager - 5x08 - Nothing Human.avi
12/22/2006 10:06 PM 76,496,896 Star Trek Voyager - 5x13 - Gravity.avi
12/21/2006 09:56 AM 163,737,600 Star Trek Voyager - 5x17 - Dark Frontier Part 2.avi
12/22/2006 01:40 PM 343,865,344 Star Trek Voyager - 7x14 - Prophecy.avi
23 File(s) 4,554,957,188 bytes

12/24/2006 05:57 PM 114,393,088 Star Trek Voyager - 1x03 - Parallax.avi
12/24/2006 03:27 PM 204,830,720 Star Trek Voyager - 2x14 - Alliances.avi
12/24/2006 02:17 PM 172,376,064 Star Trek Voyager - 5x04 - In The Flesh.avi
12/21/2006 08:37 PM 367,169,536 T-367169536-Star Trek Voyager - 5x23 Eleven Fifty Nine.avi
5 File(s) 858,770,140 bytes

Friday, December 15, 2006

Mortal Console Kombat!

Yikes! The Zelda fanboys are the majority of the population! We gotta pull through and win this battle against Nintendo (changing avatar and banner now) People are starting to find the lowest priced console . This must be all wrong! Why are people are voting for the console with the worst graphics!

BTW, Zelda The Twilight Princess came out at work for gamecube and I bought it. I just couldn't leave a game better than Resident Evil 4 unnoticed, right?

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Gave PCSX2 0.92r2 a test drive

I gave PCSX2 0.92 release 2 a test run. I was trying to run Tekken 5 which wouldn't run past the Namco screen. Then I tried Jak and Daxter which failed. So I got to play Final Fantasy X! Why the fuck do i get redirected back to when accessing [URL=""]PS2emu's efx2 site[/URL]! I use that same emu! He is ranked #10 on [URL=""]this site[/URL] Why aren't I allowed there? Am I too dumb? I got the source code on my computer and can compile it with my pirated version of MS Visual Studio 2003

And the MPEG2 FMV is working great. I think the emu has source code in it now.

FMV :)

New games I can emulate while playing

Mega Man X Collection
Mega Man Anniversary Collection
Growlancer Generations
Final Fantasy X-2
Silpheed The Lost Planet
Street Fighter Anniversary Collection

along with all the games I tried in PCSX2 0.9.1 (Under I emulated [I]Searched Collection for playable PS2 games[/I] blog)

Stella Deus
Nippion Ichi stradegy rpgs

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Blu-ray is loosing Race for all the wrong reasons!

Blu-ray supports are the minority because Sony has limited Bluray manufacturing in Sony Vaio laptop? I dont' care what he says. I'm getting BDRWs in my PC someday!

Lets see

25 GB BD

BDR $20
HDDVDR can't find any!

emm which one will i choose? smiley I know...the BDR! (and the fact there is a DL-HDDVDR doesn't matter since all BDRW drives are dual layer)

As a movie format...the BD-ROM & HD-DVD are the same resolution. Compression matters here. People can not disapprove BD-ROM is a shitty format because all the movies use MPEG2 HD while HD-DVD uses VC1!

That is like PS3 uses MPEG in 720p and complaining there isn't enough data space on the BD therefore it is god aweful!

I have Talladega Nights Ballet of Ricky Bobby already

What? You got another one? Ghez

 photo ps3iq3.jpg
I was at the Game Stop today buying a PS3 & PS3 game, so I asked the clerk if I could have the wii remote to play it for the first time.

First I was really crappy at it. I thought the Dpad was used for turning, but not before figuring out to turn it side ways. This took me only 20 seconds. Then I start rocking the controller back and forth like a steering wheel. The game feels a lot like Wave Race Blue Storm with the water effects and the control. (yes, I know it comes from Excite Bike 64 having played the rom myself).

I don't see how revolutionary (but it is) the controller is. I used to lean sideways on corners when i was a young. Nintendo stoled the idea from that! They watched some ADDHD kid play Wave Race Blue Storm (how he exaggerates his body)

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Denying they had a rom collection


I said in WORK (Circuit City) that i had a 400 rom collection, and no body cares! They were't suppose too, but they do it too and they don't like me! I know they download Roms and don't admit it.

I had this in a blog entry that people don't care that I have roms because they have roms (meaning they don't like to have a conversation /w me about it)

Go here and post your rom collection list

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Played Guild Wars

NO friends came over as usual. Randy is listening to country while Bob is listening to rock of some kind. I got many rock bands from him in fact. I started Guild Wars Nightfall again and joined a guild finally for the first time ever (since 2005). I was in Ashward Ashley and there were plenty of people around there. I lost a few levels. Nobody will game with me! Then the guild leader of [B]The Weekend Guild Wars People[/B] of 71 members helped me complete a few quests. It's medium sized one. Anyways, the safe zones has sections between Americans and Europeans. So far no body really invites with me. It's alright. Maybe not as good as World of Warcraft, but I don't have to pay monthly fee...cos that is a pain. I wonder how the bandwidth would work on 256K upload? Guild Wars has been laggy.

We are allied too

Hail to the Saint (LEADER)
16.542 faction

Death Rows Clan
Fighters Not Lovers
Stupid Noobs Are Playing
Weekend Guild Wars People

invited by [B]Roman Serenity[/B]

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