Wednesday, December 25, 2002

Merry Christmas

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uploaded these myself.


Global Underground 001 - Tony De Vit - Tel Aviv

Global Underground 003 - Nick Warren - Prague

Global Underground 004 - Paul Oakenfold - Live Oslo part1

Global Underground 004 - Paul Oakenfold - Live Oslo part2

Global Underground 005 - Tony De Vit - Tokyo

Global Underground 006 - John Digweed - Sydney - CD 1

Global Underground 006 - John Digweed - Sydney - CD 2

Global Underground 007 - Paul Oakenfold - New York - CD 1

Global Underground 007 - Paul Oakenfold - New York - CD 2

Global Underground 008 - Nick Warren - Brazil - CD 1

Global Underground 008 - Nick Warren - Brazil - CD 2

Global Underground 009 - Sasha - San Francisco - CD 1

Global Underground 009 - Sasha - San Francisco - CD 2

Global Underground 010 - Danny Tenaglia - Athens - CD 1

Global Underground 010 - Danny Tenaglia - Athens - CD 2

Global Underground 011 - Nick Warren - Budapest - CD 1

Global Underground 011 - Nick Warren - Budapest - CD 2

Global Underground 012 - Dave Seaman - Buenos Aires

Global Underground 013 - Sasha - Ibiza - CD 1

Global Underground 013 - Sasha - Ibiza - CD 2

Global Underground 014 - John Digweed - Hong Kong - CD 1

Global Underground 014 - John Digweed - Hong Kong - CD 2

Global Underground 015 - Darren Emerson - Uruguay - CD 1

Global Underground 015 - Darren Emerson - Uruguay - CD 2

Global Underground 016 - Dave Seaman - Cape Town

Global Underground 017 - Danny Tenaglia - London

Global Underground 018 - Nick Warren - Amsterdam - CD 1

Global Underground 018 - Nick Warren - Amsterdam - CD 2

Global Underground 019 - John Digweed - Los Angeles - CD 1

Global Underground 019 - John Digweed - Los Angeles - CD 2

Global Underground 020 - Darren Emerson - Singapore - CD 1

Global Underground 020 - Darren Emerson - Singapore - CD 2

Global Underground 021 - Deep Dish - Moscow

Global Underground 022 - Dave Seaman - Melbourne

Global Underground 023 - James Lavelle - Barcelona

Global Underground 024 - Nick Warren - Reykjavik

Global Underground 025 - Deep Dish - Toronto - CD 1

Global Underground 025 - Deep Dish - Toronto - CD 2

Global Underground 025 - Part 2 AfterClub Mix - Ali Dubfire Shirazinia - CD

Global Underground 025 - Part 3 AfterClub Mix - Sharam Tayebi - CD 4

Global Underground 026 - James Lavelle - Romania - CD 1

Global Underground 026 - James Lavelle - Romania - CD 2

Global Underground 027 - Danny Howells - CD 1

Global Underground 027 - Danny Howells - CD 2

Global Underground 028 - Nick Warren - Sanghai

Sunday, December 22, 2002

N64 - Rogue Squadron review

Star Wars - Rogue Squadron ©1998 Factor 5


SWRS is either a game that you like or you don't. I liked the sequel on Gamecube much better then this one on N64. It has nothing to do with graphics my friend. Even though the game had no problems with control or camera angle, the game is difficult. In someways I got frustrated when playing this game. You have your X-Wings buddies but they never defend you. The computer does a good job piloting them but they don't help me. Star Wars Rogue Squadron is the top Star Wars francise in terms of gameplay. All other Star Wars games where pieces of shit to say briefly. Only Rogue Squadron and some of the X-Wing titles avaliable on PC where any good. Factor 5 seemed like they went all out developing scenry for this game. This game did run without the RAM pak but pumped every ounce of hardware capabilty without it. Star Wars even made the best looking games for 1998 and yet it was on a outdated console. I mean those other titles like Zelda and Turok 2 still came out the same year, but PCs where at the 64-bit /128 bit barrier with the TNT 8 MB videocards. Some of the games already looked like what Perfect Dark looked on the N64 to years later. So for that reason, Lucas Arts also put this title on PC. They did get more N64 games but the PC version can still be played in High Resolution today.


Factor 5 did a good job making this title. They spent 2 years on the game. But if you see the PC version you might want to pick that one up instead. The PC version looks alot better. (posted 04/19/2002)

Gameplay C+

Graphics A

FUN Factor D+

Difficulty for me HARD

Monday, December 16, 2002

N64 - Turok 2 Seeds of Evil review

  • Turok 2 Seeds of Evil ©1998 Acclaim

Another popular 1st person shotter (that I've own for 3 years now) is Turok 2. At it time in late 1997, this game was the best looking FPS on the charts. If you look in it a little you'll find it isn't what it was once hyped up to be. Like Perfect Dark you are on your own for the entire time. Turok 2 story line takes off when Turok Dinosaur Hunter ended. It is relatively simple combated to other games i've played. The game gets confusing when you try to find keys to open doors that will bring you into other areas. Sometimes you have to backtrack to find the beginning. One thing that you might have simfinely for is the children. Sometimes you this want to help the crying children who are locked in cages sometimes guarded by gruesome enemies. You must find these cages through-out the game. One personal opinion on this captured children thing. You see that all the humans that once dominated the land are all gone, all except for children. You think it was a trap, and it was for Turok. I mean I think that Turok has a heart but it was to his disadvantage to have to defend himself in hostile territory this to try to save one of those kids. It this made me mad when I died. The game has your average pistol and a rail gun, some semiautomatics, garnades and a nuke that you need to take care of yourself. Throughout the game their are wave points to save, but you must either be a expert gunner or need to remember the map. The game does have a map but it becomes useless when the map changes 3 or 4 times while you move forward in the game. Turok 2 is huge and it will take you a weekend to get through it.


For a 64 bit title, Turok 2 is real pretty. You'll have a good time shooting enemies. You may not like the fact that the Turok franchise are the bloodiest shooters on the console. However if gore don't bother you, I say, Turok 2 can be really fun if you know what to look for. (posted 04/20/2002)

Gameplay B-

Graphics A+

FUN Factor A-

Difficulty for me MEDIUM HARD

Thursday, December 12, 2002

N64 - Perfect Dark review

essePerfect Dark ©2000 Rareware


I do not see Perfect Dark as beginning that perfect. For one it can be extremely hard. But it can be extremely fun when playing with friends. But lets discuss the single player mode missions. Rare took what they had with Goldeneye back in 1997 and improved append it. About 4 people on the first project managed to put their skills to use on Perfect Dark. However perfect dark did have good voice acting, the most superior engine of any N64 game ever created. But the title didn't have one thing. That thing cost Rare. No frequent story line. Many say that the game has a story and I say those people haven't got their heads on tight. Perfect Dark is pretty much going around killing people (the sweet part) and meeting people that don't really help you fight your enemies. Those Aholes this leech of your security. I mean who helped you in that Chicago level with the Heavy Armed Robot. No one. Who helped you escape from Area 51, No one. Who helped you beat the hardest level in the whole frequent game, this you. This game is a kick ass multiplier title and a more then decent single player title (those ones with no flaws) but Perfect Dark don't have what it takes to be on the high end. Backup support.


Buy this game and you'll love it to death. After a while, you find yourself playing a current console title that is bigger, badder and almost as much objectives as Perfect Dark. (posted 04/20/2002)

Gameplay A+

Graphics A

FUN Factor A+

Difficulty for me Variable

Monday, December 09, 2002

N64 - Star fox review

mattStar Fox 64 ©1997 Nintendo


Nintendo's sequel to their first fully 3D game for SNES, Star Fox 64 does show off a little. The game however is N64s only airial combat title. This is not because the design behind the game is very good. So what if its not perfect. You still get hard bosses to defeat, secret areas in space, power ups and a fair chance to beat the game. You can not ask for something more. In the game you control Fox McCloud's plane. In the game you can ethier play as a normal or expert modes, but you must also beat the game with the amount of lives you get, and one of three courses. Actually it is in your favor to do the best possible job in each mission. Then instead of showing 'Mission Completed' your mission statist will show 'Mission Accomplished.' If you get a accomplished statist you must beat the mission in a lotted time, destroy a current ammount of enemies, or beat a boss a current way (in two ways you must accompany another to the end of the mission) All those challenges make the game what it is. For a cartridge technology Star Fox shined over many Playstation titles in 1997. Of course it could never beat the popularity of Final Fantasy VII.

Conclusions :

This is actually a enjoyable one player title that can be beaten with-in 2 hours. If you can figure out how the controls work, piloting the Fox's craft is as easy as making peanut butter and jelly. Not recommended. What is recommended is giving this title a rental if you don't own a copy of Star Fox 64 already. (posted 04/17/2002)

Gameplay A+

Graphics B+

FUN Factor B+

Difficulty for me HARD

Saturday, December 07, 2002

Banjo and Kazooie

Banjo and Kajooie ©1998 Rareware


Developed by Rare, Nintendo's 2nd party developer, Banjo and Kazzooie and it's sequel didn't shame Nintendo. For I while, the game trailed Zelda when it came out the same day. Rare had something going for them when they thought of a SM64 clone. Banjo and Kazzooie wasn't even in development for as long as Zelda and people who played the game, at least children, thought it was fun. I agree with them. In side the game features another 20+ hour game for people to beat. At the time the game cost 69 bucks to own. That soon changed a year later. I actually bought my copy at a fair stand for 20 bucks. They had a game store behind them. I could of only gotten one. I stopped playing Banjo and Kazooie because something was odd with me trying to beat a craps ass. Yeah I only onced turned up the music before i've learned my lesson. Take it from me don't turn up the volume, this isn't a adult game, people. Unless ur alone then it would be ok, but with people, with all the strange pecking sounds Kazooie makes may be disturbing.


Solid title but was really made for little children and not us 'Mature' Adults. PS. If you grab the controller from someone because you want to finish it, that does mean that you are the one who's immature.

Gameplay B+

Graphics A-

FUN Factor C+

Difficulty for me MEDIUM

Thursday, December 05, 2002

Super Mario 64 ©1996 Nintendo

There are those who say that Nintendo developed the Nintendo 64 around Super Mario 64. For short while, Super Mario 64 was the only game available for N64. Super Mario 64 is in top recognition on the Nintendo 64. Here's Why. The game has reamped Mario into 3D and placed him in a respected platformer. By now you can not see the advancements Nintendo had when they released the game. Now if you type "Super Mario 64 ROM" into Google, your going to get a couple 100 hits. To be honest, it's really one of a few playable Roms you can have through emulation on this platform. Mario in this game, like the Super Mario RPG before it, Squaresoft's last game for SNES is better then 80% of the games out there. Mario has to try to save Peach, the Mushroom Land Royalty from the evil Browser ( yeah you guessed it, Browser may not look evil to you anymore with all the different franchises he's featured in.) Anyhow, this game runs about the 4th best N64 game I played. Okay, a few features that I like about this game and makes it a good platform is that you can not die right away. The game is fairly easy to beat. Okay its more then easy, its a weekend thing if you start on Friday, you may beat it the next day or if you don't stay up the night, you can finish on Sunday. If you go to funcoland and happen to pick up a N64, this game is worth a try above all others. (posted 04/18/2002)

Gameplay A+

Graphics A-

FUN Factor B+

Difficulty for me MEDIUM HARD

Wednesday, December 04, 2002

N64 - Legend of Zelda - Ocarina of Time review

Legend of Zelda - Ocarina of Time ©1998 Nintendo


If you could invest 14 million dollars on a project that will get revenue soon after, in a matter of weeks in fact, who would you spend it. I don’t know about the best way. But I would ask Nintendo or some huge developer to make a game if I get 20% of the cost of the game. If I did, I probably would be a billionaire. Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is the next installment in the Legend of Zelda franchise, the previous installment four years eariler on Super NES, Legend of Zelda III - Link to the Past. It’s not a real sequel because the Link of the Past came after Legend of Zelda 64. But this game is a multimillion sellout. One of a kind. It was popular enough for Nintendo to re-sell this game for Gamecube. Games are way more expensive now-a-days. Most games cost of good quality cost around 30 million dollars for labor. Instead of actually traveling in time, Link discovers himself and his family. Okay, so the first two prequels to Zelda III don't fall in time order. In fact I don't believe this game came after Legend of Zelda on NES. In Zelda III, Link starts out as a boy in Hyrle and in Orcania of Time, Zelda starts at the same age. Link to the Past was a really good game.

The Fun Factors

It has everything to challenging characters to really good story line to huge environments. I love that aqua babe because she's eh, naked, sort of. Zelda 64 with the help of Nintendo's lead artist, Zelda the game turned out to be a great masterpiece, perhaps the best N64 game ever made. Zelda I could of played for a whole week and weekend and never get through. It’s sometimes frustrating. Too frustrating just because you don't just die, you also lost your location. But you kept all your equipment. It was the first Zelda game that you could save your progress along the way. This got me into trouble when I went forward in time. This didn't really made the game less fun, it this made me not want to go through all The freaking trouble to get back where I started. I also liked the cinema at the end when Sheik unraveled herself as Princess Zelda. Nintendo made Zelda 64 95% flawless. It looked good on limited cartridge storage. I remember seeing the first Zelda Gamecube shoots at Electronic Entertainment Expo in 2000 when Link and Galeon fight off on the silver screen. Every one thought that the 10 second film was a cinematic cut scene in the game in development. It looked awesome and looked like it was timed right after Zelda 64 which added a lot of value to the original 3D game. The online community went berserk over that small piece Nintendo given to them. Only for about 2 weeks though. That’s because a lot of those Nintendo fans played the game and liked it enough to impatiently wait for the next game.


This game lives up to Nintendo's repetition. In some ways it recreated it. If you known a Nintendo 64, You should rent Ocarina of Time for a few bucks. Most people who played it including me said was a satisfying experience. (Posted 04/15/2002)

Gameplay A+

Graphics A

FUN Factor A+

Difficulty for me MEDIUM