Wednesday, December 04, 2002

N64 - Legend of Zelda - Ocarina of Time review

Legend of Zelda - Ocarina of Time ©1998 Nintendo


If you could invest 14 million dollars on a project that will get revenue soon after, in a matter of weeks in fact, who would you spend it. I don’t know about the best way. But I would ask Nintendo or some huge developer to make a game if I get 20% of the cost of the game. If I did, I probably would be a billionaire. Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is the next installment in the Legend of Zelda franchise, the previous installment four years eariler on Super NES, Legend of Zelda III - Link to the Past. It’s not a real sequel because the Link of the Past came after Legend of Zelda 64. But this game is a multimillion sellout. One of a kind. It was popular enough for Nintendo to re-sell this game for Gamecube. Games are way more expensive now-a-days. Most games cost of good quality cost around 30 million dollars for labor. Instead of actually traveling in time, Link discovers himself and his family. Okay, so the first two prequels to Zelda III don't fall in time order. In fact I don't believe this game came after Legend of Zelda on NES. In Zelda III, Link starts out as a boy in Hyrle and in Orcania of Time, Zelda starts at the same age. Link to the Past was a really good game.

The Fun Factors

It has everything to challenging characters to really good story line to huge environments. I love that aqua babe because she's eh, naked, sort of. Zelda 64 with the help of Nintendo's lead artist, Zelda the game turned out to be a great masterpiece, perhaps the best N64 game ever made. Zelda I could of played for a whole week and weekend and never get through. It’s sometimes frustrating. Too frustrating just because you don't just die, you also lost your location. But you kept all your equipment. It was the first Zelda game that you could save your progress along the way. This got me into trouble when I went forward in time. This didn't really made the game less fun, it this made me not want to go through all The freaking trouble to get back where I started. I also liked the cinema at the end when Sheik unraveled herself as Princess Zelda. Nintendo made Zelda 64 95% flawless. It looked good on limited cartridge storage. I remember seeing the first Zelda Gamecube shoots at Electronic Entertainment Expo in 2000 when Link and Galeon fight off on the silver screen. Every one thought that the 10 second film was a cinematic cut scene in the game in development. It looked awesome and looked like it was timed right after Zelda 64 which added a lot of value to the original 3D game. The online community went berserk over that small piece Nintendo given to them. Only for about 2 weeks though. That’s because a lot of those Nintendo fans played the game and liked it enough to impatiently wait for the next game.


This game lives up to Nintendo's repetition. In some ways it recreated it. If you known a Nintendo 64, You should rent Ocarina of Time for a few bucks. Most people who played it including me said was a satisfying experience. (Posted 04/15/2002)

Gameplay A+

Graphics A

FUN Factor A+

Difficulty for me MEDIUM

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