I'll make this brief.  Just finished watching Sony's press conference.  I couldn't judge it. No DRM, no restrictions on used games, a procession of interesting elite (including Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts 3). PS4 is $100 cheaper than the XBox One!  That's great. I think Sony just commence a major war  against Microsoft, and shopper reaction has, thus far, been extraordinarily swift.  However, the only bad thing about the PS4 is that PlayStation Plus will be required for online play which you pay for. The console design where it is  uniquely strange, but a lot like a bluray player, looks futuristic. Sony played their cards right and handily sucker-punched.  Microsoft hasn't responded to the press conference. By the looks of things, they've got a lot of holes, because they got a sinking ship! But, in all fairness, I believe Sony's gained the advantage in this next generation  war in videogame consoles.