I hate this stupid Nintendo Power magazine going out of business being bad hype. Guess what? You can import your magizine from the United Kingdom. The Official Nintendo Magazine is still published. There is also Nintendo Gamer.
My personal story was I collected Game Informer (GameStop publication), the largest of all videogame magazines, and I stopped paying for it due to IGN, Gamespot, and Game Informer.com. The reviews were above average compared to game sites, because these were payed talent who had Batchor of Liberal Arts degrees so article organization was decent. I really enjoyed the retro sections inside it, because IT SOUND BETTER THAN GAMESPOT RETRO BLOGS (no offense). Game Informer did four page stories on Panzer Dragoon Saga, Valkyrie Profile, Radiant Silvergun and rare 32-bit videogames. On top of that the magizine had quizes and Tokyo Game Show & E3 coverage. That's why it is the best selling game magazine you know.