Friday, January 30, 2009

Michael Steele Research

Michael Steele PDF

Go man! Wasted money damn right.

Applied Economics free

It is about conservative economics and it won't cost you $40!
Download PDF (11.4 MB)

Remember to be liberal conservative for the next 20 yrs so we don't go bankrupt when I have to pay for it down my lifetime. Obama is a evil, because he's a far left bureaucrat that'll spend our way out of it just because the democrat must do something drastic. I wish they go back to their old ways with caps.

Yeah, the United Kingdom government is on the edge of bankruptcy, because their socialist society didn't create jobs and the Brits were hoping that we vote democrat so Americans could go bankrupt along with them. Sickening huh. Yeah, If you keep being democrat, we'll end up like UK in 3 yrs...broke.

Why would I want him to succeed with making our health care system go down the toilet like UK or Canadian health care. Huh? I don't. Of course I want him to fail. I have laser vision.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Game podcast

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Man's best friend

Where are you Randy?
This is Rosie (formally Neptune) AKA Wilder than the other dog.
She is man's best friend at the moment.

This is Bailey (Formally Venus) Almost as wild as Rosie. Bailey is now fat. Rosie's only playmate. Comes over almost every day for play session.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

What would / doesn't apply to Sturgeons Law these days

Sturgeons Law: states 90% of the media out there is not worth the price-point.

Stuff Sturgeons Law doesn't apply to in my opinion:

8.) 5th Wheelers

7.) PCs in general running Windows or MAC OS

6.) Operating Systems

5.) Top 10% of the best rock and country Audio CDs

4.) The Simpsons as well the top 2% of anime series.

3.) Role playing games videogames

2.) Racing videogames

1.) Fox News Channel

What applies to Sturgeon's Law

11. Sports supplies like Kayaks, canoes, baseball, football, soccer. (rent them)

10. LED TVs - They cost more and burn out sooner over older predecessor.

9. LCDs over 40"

8. Bluray (expensive and for most film you could buy 330 minutes of bargain anime on DVD)

7. iTunes m4a

6. most Platformer videogames

5. most 3D Fighting videogames

4. most Action Adventure videogames

3. 99% of American cartoons. and any anime below 8.0 at reviews

2. All of newer Hollywood films released after 1970, all TV sitcoms (like Home Improvement).

1. Sports videogames other then racing

Saturday, January 24, 2009

For those of you who doubted by HTML skillz.

SURPRISE. I was looking at the UWRF and there is no comparison.

You tell me if I had a career as html designer. I can't.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Swastika flag on Mars?

The Nazis landed on the Moon, built a moon base, and then landed on Mars in a suicidal mission using UFO parts. Andromeda tachyon drives, and was armed with four triple gun turrets of large naval caliber. The large intensity of the electro-magnetogravitic fields and the inferior quality of the metal alloys used then for the structural elements of the drive, was causing the metal to fatigue and get very brittle only after a few months of work of the drive. The flight to Mars departed from Germany one month before the war ended - in April 1945.

Later trips to Mars by the joint Soviet-American craft in 1952 and by the Vatican craft of the Marconi project from Argentina in 1956 reached Mars in only 2 - 3 days, because their drives were working during the whole flight: accelerating in the first half and decelerating in the second.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Heavily Yielded Cyclops64 CPU in Playstation 5?

The Cyclops64 is like a high-end Cell Broadband Engine, if CBE was lowest end cellular architecture. It's basically a CBE with 80 SPEs/10 PPEs at 500 MHz instead of 8 SPEs at 3.2 GHz.

In comparison, Playstation 4 is rumored to have a Cell Broadband Engine 3 with 32 SPEs and 4 PPEs, but who knows how many disabled to improve yield. If Sony disable 12 SPEs left over from IBM Roadrunner super computers than PS4 still matches Xbox 720.
Cyclops64 is funded 95% by the US Government shared by the DoD, DoE, IBM, and the Japanese have Toshiba to put it into future IBM Roadrunners, currently fastest super computer in the world. Yes, IBM got that from a Looney Tunes. NASA uses Marvin Marion to represent Mars missions.

Playstation 5 will likely have a yielded version left over from rejected US super computer CPUs. 60 or more SPEs over CBE 3's 32 SPEs...what's not to like? I'm sure it will be missing 20 just to pay for itself. Sony are essentially recycling garbage Cyclops64 and giving it new life as a console CPU. I'm sure the software will work-around the incompatibilities.

Personally, PS4 should have a heavily yielded Cyclops64 chips, but I don't care what CPU they put in it, it's still having DirectX 11 graphics. And I am still going to wait 12 months - four years after launch to buy one.

Monday, January 19, 2009

The Alien Spacecraft had an IQ of 160!

10 to the 20th power is 100,000,000,000,000,000,000 flops
1,000,000,000,000,000 flops is where the 2008 Roadrunner is currently at

Due to this graphic, I conclude that the space ship crash landed at 1947 Roswell indeed had an Artificial Intelligence which is why it found Earth at faster than light speed from at least Alpha Centuri.

Now, by 2025 we can start programming the T800 (the good terminator), and by 2035, we can fit his brain into a human body, and have him run on plasma cells so he has a life of 110 years. Labor Androids, war androids, android professors by 2040s everybody!

And the androids are manufactured by Cyberdyne.

May 22, 2009

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Windows 7 read/writes Linux file systems !!!!

Finally, nobody has to be in Linux to read files off it's file system beginning mid-2009. It can be done in Windows 7! Excellent thinking on Microsoft's part. Way to stay more competitive with MAC OS 10.5+ and Linux. Linux is full of communist Chinese and Indian code anyways. ...and you have to mess around with emulators to get PC games to work!

Press Release

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Updated Vorbis

Updated portable mp3 collection to AotuV 5.61. Kept the mp3s, but I have both and Vorbis to carry with me. Don't need to search for drivers in Linux which is nice. Has more full sound at 64 kbps than Mp3 .

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Two wars for next decade! Obama goes to war.

The first war I know is the Cyber Cold War with Russia-China pact masquerading on US government servers. That's what the USAF Cyber soldiers are doing in Space Command. They can get into NASTAQ BTW. NATO has a serious problem with it, and we're their leader.

The new second American war would be drug cartels are getting closer to Texas. Mexico is fighting the war on drugs. It'll move into Texas by 2012 I am guessing.

Read my Ice Police paper from 1 year 1 month ago! Good stuff brainard.

Monday, January 12, 2009

OpenGL 3.0 + Mt Evans & DirectX 11

Here is what the Xbox 720, and PS4 prototype games are going to look like. I'm guessing these are quick mock ups using the renders available. The first image is heavily influenced by The Dark Knight, because obviously it's #1 on at the moment.

DX11 demos

I am thinking I'll wait to buy a PS4 or Xbox 720 after the 2 year mark of either, because I have a lot to play yet.

I'm going to say that most of my future games are console, and only 2 are going to be DirectX 10, because the awesomeness of DirectX 10 even if DirectX 11 is better. For this I'll wait until Half-life 3 or Crysis 2 comes out. I think the law of diminishing returns have ended with the Geforce 8800 GTX, because that's when I am buying half as many PC games.

I'll be around to getting a DirectX 11 GPUs when there is 2 for 1 $450 deal. This is what the PS4/X720 is capable of. I am smart enough to know that DirectX 11 games work with current GPUs. A lot of people around here say they can't afford high end PCs. Even in 2009, people play either WoW or Guild Wars or Counter Strike Source so this isn't that I am missing much in PC gaming until I buy another GPU in 2010 Chirstmas.

I do have a wish list of 2009

January - February - Far Cry 2 for PC
January - February - Motorstorm - Pacific Rift
March - Killzone 2
Ps3 version Final Fantasy XIII - March
April - Resident Evil 5 PS3
Star Ocean A New Hope - March
October - December - Diablo 3

And yes, I am are of the Geforce GTX 295 specs beating the Radeon HD 4870 X2 specs by 20 fps at 1920x1080 and that it came out on January 6th. Still DirectX 10, will pass.

US Army to commissions T1s

No I mean this!

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Nationalize healthcare will break our economy - It's Insane

One of the reasons why I voted republican was national healthcare is INSANE. Every other country with nationalized healthcare (all the first world nations) is broken right now. WE may continue to be smiley face fascist, but not socialist medicine that'll destroy us. Canadian healthcare is broken, because there is no modifvation and people have to wait in line. USA captialist healthcare is the best in the world, because we modifivate people. Other countries governments are so socialist biased, that they can not change to a capitalist privatized medicine. Remember, you Americans don't know how good our country has it with capitalist medicine. It's #1 in the world.

The left is totally crazy in this regard, and will never vote democrat ever. They all belong in asylums. Being medicine to all is an allusion to destory our economy. You can be democrat, but don't change our medicine unless you want a Great Depression II. It is so fucking expensive when it doesn't have to be, and you know the liberals are borrowing from China and denying that. It's insane! You liberals are all insane for supporting nationaized healthcare. I will ne

Every other country which done it health care went down the toilet!

Saturday, January 03, 2009

500 million will outpace non-hydrogen power plants by 2050

A sensible and prudent national energy policy should have, as two of its primary goals, 1) maximizing the lifetime of our remaining resources of fossil fuels, and, 2) making sure that the harmful by-products of energy utilization (waste heat and pollution) do not exceed the long range carrying capacity of our environment.

We can support a near 500 million population by 2050 if Government apply Gen3+ and Gen4 hydrogen power plants in key locations. Yucca Mountain is mandatory. We can't have several hundred acres of wind turbans. Fucusly solely on wind turbans are more crazy than ITER-based (magnetoplasma/Gen4) hydrogen power plants.

US at least needs 30% nuclear with ITER-based (magnetoplasma/Gen4) hydrogen power plants by the time US has remotely near 500 million residents.

Friday, January 02, 2009

MIT Proves Global Warming Isn't Man-Made!

Yeah, it's a bunch of Sun spots and Sun flares seeping through the ozone and wasn't dissolved in Earth's Atmosphere. Nuclear Power Plants don't affect anything. It's mostly a hoax. The only thing that did affect weather a bit was 70 something nukes going off between 1945 - 2003. Never fear. Ian to the rescue.

It goes in cycles. Heat wave of 2003 was the direct result of a sun flare.

Technically, there is no truth behind nuclear power plant environmental scheme so everybody can build as many nuclear power plants as it wants; spare the U235 production.

The Greatest Scientific Scandal Of Our Time by Zbigniew Jaworowski, M.D., Ph.D., D.Sc. mirror