Sunday, January 25, 2009

What would / doesn't apply to Sturgeons Law these days

Sturgeons Law: states 90% of the media out there is not worth the price-point.

Stuff Sturgeons Law doesn't apply to in my opinion:

8.) 5th Wheelers

7.) PCs in general running Windows or MAC OS

6.) Operating Systems

5.) Top 10% of the best rock and country Audio CDs

4.) The Simpsons as well the top 2% of anime series.

3.) Role playing games videogames

2.) Racing videogames

1.) Fox News Channel

What applies to Sturgeon's Law

11. Sports supplies like Kayaks, canoes, baseball, football, soccer. (rent them)

10. LED TVs - They cost more and burn out sooner over older predecessor.

9. LCDs over 40"

8. Bluray (expensive and for most film you could buy 330 minutes of bargain anime on DVD)

7. iTunes m4a

6. most Platformer videogames

5. most 3D Fighting videogames

4. most Action Adventure videogames

3. 99% of American cartoons. and any anime below 8.0 at reviews

2. All of newer Hollywood films released after 1970, all TV sitcoms (like Home Improvement).

1. Sports videogames other then racing

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