Monday, January 12, 2009

OpenGL 3.0 + Mt Evans & DirectX 11

Here is what the Xbox 720, and PS4 prototype games are going to look like. I'm guessing these are quick mock ups using the renders available. The first image is heavily influenced by The Dark Knight, because obviously it's #1 on at the moment.

DX11 demos

I am thinking I'll wait to buy a PS4 or Xbox 720 after the 2 year mark of either, because I have a lot to play yet.

I'm going to say that most of my future games are console, and only 2 are going to be DirectX 10, because the awesomeness of DirectX 10 even if DirectX 11 is better. For this I'll wait until Half-life 3 or Crysis 2 comes out. I think the law of diminishing returns have ended with the Geforce 8800 GTX, because that's when I am buying half as many PC games.

I'll be around to getting a DirectX 11 GPUs when there is 2 for 1 $450 deal. This is what the PS4/X720 is capable of. I am smart enough to know that DirectX 11 games work with current GPUs. A lot of people around here say they can't afford high end PCs. Even in 2009, people play either WoW or Guild Wars or Counter Strike Source so this isn't that I am missing much in PC gaming until I buy another GPU in 2010 Chirstmas.

I do have a wish list of 2009

January - February - Far Cry 2 for PC
January - February - Motorstorm - Pacific Rift
March - Killzone 2
Ps3 version Final Fantasy XIII - March
April - Resident Evil 5 PS3
Star Ocean A New Hope - March
October - December - Diablo 3

And yes, I am are of the Geforce GTX 295 specs beating the Radeon HD 4870 X2 specs by 20 fps at 1920x1080 and that it came out on January 6th. Still DirectX 10, will pass.

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