Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Nationalize healthcare will break our economy - It's Insane

One of the reasons why I voted republican was national healthcare is INSANE. Every other country with nationalized healthcare (all the first world nations) is broken right now. WE may continue to be smiley face fascist, but not socialist medicine that'll destroy us. Canadian healthcare is broken, because there is no modifvation and people have to wait in line. USA captialist healthcare is the best in the world, because we modifivate people. Other countries governments are so socialist biased, that they can not change to a capitalist privatized medicine. Remember, you Americans don't know how good our country has it with capitalist medicine. It's #1 in the world.

The left is totally crazy in this regard, and will never vote democrat ever. They all belong in asylums. Being medicine to all is an allusion to destory our economy. You can be democrat, but don't change our medicine unless you want a Great Depression II. It is so fucking expensive when it doesn't have to be, and you know the liberals are borrowing from China and denying that. It's insane! You liberals are all insane for supporting nationaized healthcare. I will ne

Every other country which done it health care went down the toilet!

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