Friday, January 30, 2009

Applied Economics free

It is about conservative economics and it won't cost you $40!
Download PDF (11.4 MB)

Remember to be liberal conservative for the next 20 yrs so we don't go bankrupt when I have to pay for it down my lifetime. Obama is a evil, because he's a far left bureaucrat that'll spend our way out of it just because the democrat must do something drastic. I wish they go back to their old ways with caps.

Yeah, the United Kingdom government is on the edge of bankruptcy, because their socialist society didn't create jobs and the Brits were hoping that we vote democrat so Americans could go bankrupt along with them. Sickening huh. Yeah, If you keep being democrat, we'll end up like UK in 3 yrs...broke.

Why would I want him to succeed with making our health care system go down the toilet like UK or Canadian health care. Huh? I don't. Of course I want him to fail. I have laser vision.

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