Monday, September 29, 2008

Hong Kong [Capitalist] is most prosperous city in China.

You know the bailout failed, because the democrats were greedy again.

I say the Secret Service should of gunned down all the democrats in the fucking white house! Yes, in front of the President Bush.

Nancy Polisy (House major) lied about the fact that republicans made it better and that they showed show up! She called republicans unpatriotic. All the democrats went ACLU on us and that it was politically calculated.

He said in the Presidential Debate that he couldn't reach that far to the left.

we can prevent Great Depression II this way. Although if the economy is that bad off than everything goes Democrat like right now. Democrats are the problem here. The democrats prevented the bill so the economy could get worse so they can look like heroes (they're the villains)! In the great depression, America were liberal socialism anyways by building all those government projects like Hover Dam. Oh yeah, John McCain said the same thing so hell I am 100% agreement with McCain at the moment!

re we have to use smiley based fascism/socialism sparely, because we're capitalist. Look at Hong Kong, China couldn't add market socialism to Hong Kong, because they would cripple the city which is why it's a special administrative zone. It was doing so well independently That decision was brilliant. It's not the same deal in the United States, because Barrack Obama has to win the election. It's true that Hong Kong is the most prosperous city in China, correct?

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Chinese workers

International Workingmen's Association was joined up with California Unions when they kicked the Chinese railroad workers out when they feared Chinese workers would be hired for lower pay! And that's why we have the people's republic of China. Something similar happened when the signs said that white people had to work even when non-whites would work cheaper...a type of "deleonism". They were all Tom Dooley clones. That's why the communists spew racism for the payroll originally....

That's why I thought that this union thing and Obama thing made Obama a deleonist.

American Federation of Labor has problems with racism, because of the Wobblies (Deleonlist) integration into that .

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

New Union Party replaces SLP

"The SLP closed its national office, which had been in San Jose, California,
on September 1, and shipped a great deal of archival material to Duke
University and also to the Wisconsin State Historical Society. Both
institutions have good collections relating to the history of many minor

Successor party (NUP) in Minneapolis
(for heavily regulated foreigners) (background info)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

John Doe said...

"I am an American that immigrated to Australia in 2001 (after Bush took office). My wife and I didn’t like what we saw coming. Politically, culturally, financially and socially.

When Big Media first started covering the US’s economic problems here in 2008 they drug out the old phrase “When America catches a cold Australia gets a flu”. Two plus years on and this couldn’t be further from the truth. The economy here is going great guns, and demand from Asia and a better government are a good part of the reason.

House prices are having solid gains every year, unemployment is reasonably steady, and the federal reserve is trying to raise interest rates to cool the economy (.25% again today)

To that point, the government here doesn’t subsidise 30 year fixed mortgages the way they do in the US, so they can still manage the economy by slightly manipulating interest rates. The longest you can fix a mortgage for is 5 years, at a very high premium, so most people don’t.

America has become an after thought, if not the laughing stock, of many Australians. It saddens me to see how far everything has fallen over there. I no longer try to defend the US or the American people. The time for real public outrage passed many years ago, and I have not only given up on the government, but also on the people themselves. So many dear family and friends spend their lives watching TV while their freedoms, lifestyle, culture and wealth were/are being destroyed around them. Ignorant and apathetic to the realities of the real world. Living with some strange notion of the past as if it represents the present.

Not all is doom and gloom here. And although it could still come, if it does it will have little, if nothing at all, to do with the problems in America."

We're living in the past and watching TV loosing our freedoms? At least our two party system is made up of Republicans or Frankfurt School & Trotskyists. The American congress doesn't have your coalition.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Brain Drain Map

In Business / Economics, they call this the brain drain map. It has nothing to do with stupid people. It has to do with where # per 1000 geniuses are located. China has the most geniuses per billion! It's like that in economics, the geniuses all go the places that make the most money like Hong Kong even if its communist

If you want some of those geniuses Republican is the way to do it. Geniuses like profit.