Friday, May 29, 2009

LZMA's successor confirmed

The successor to the LZMA algorithm (itself a successor to Deflate algorithm) in Winzip 11, WinRAR and 7zip File Manager is called...drum role plz....XZ Utils. Linux uses LZMA for RPM archive compression now-a-days so its a big deal!

Official site

Thursday, May 28, 2009

USA has 100 CyberKnifes because of Captialist heathcare....not nationalized healthcare

The British are miserable with their socialist healthcare according to daniel Hannan. Hong Kong proves you all socialists wrong. Communism + capitalism won't bring destruction/madness. Think Hong Kong as highest GDP for a city anywhere. The democrats don't understand anything about economics. Obama is crazy that didn't take a crash course on economics. Only the democrats lowering our credit rating as we go down. It's pretty bad if China is worried about the United States. Republicans lesser evil here. . China may be a superpower in 10 yrs. They're trying to be what USA used to be in the 1980s!

The fact of the matter is that socialism won't buy you 90% of the world's Cyberknifes or gamma knifes. Your favorite socialist country CANADA only has ONE CYBER KNIFE by August 2008! Sucks to be them!I happen to know that UK doesn't have one. We got 100 Cyberknifes and China only got 6. Japan only has 14! If the USA keeps capitalist healthcare like we do now we could afford a lot more Cyber knifes and Gamma knifes. You democrats might need a cyberknife. What if it costs to much to access? You die.

Obama Nation Part 1 AAC Safe Server - No spyware!

Nation Part 2 AAC Safe Server - No spyware!

Nation Part 3 AAC Safe Server - No spyware!


Morris audio book Part 1
100 MB mp3

Morris audio book Part 2
100 MB mp3

Morris audio book Part 3
60 MB mp3

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Blame the demoted credit rating / Cap and Trade scandle on President Asshole and his sidekick speaker

Big Brother making us loose our AAA rating for borrowing from China. AA is 2x expensive as AAA. Cap and trade by Big Brother (Obama) is an evil agenda to stop Nuclear Power Plants (19.3% of the power grid) from producing power by making them declare bankruptcy. Any harm these do is give off Co2. Nothing that photosynthesis can't handle. Then electricity prices will be high...bankrupt the US just in time for Republicans to get into office. People get desperate, keep voting Labor Party..I mean Democrat..not!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

1000 year old spaceship

Joint Soviet/American Apollo 20 mission explored a 1000 - 1.5 billion year old spaceship on the far side of the Moon.

A magazine interview conducted by Luca Scantamburlo was done through a YouTube email account in May 25, 2007. He says his name is William Rutledge, born in 1930 in Belgium. He is an American citizen, but is not accustomed to speaking in English anymore since 1990 when he moved from Europe to Rwanda. He has learned Kinyarwanda and uses French and sometimes German because Rwanda is a former Belgium-German Colony. He said that he moved to Rwanda because of a woman he met. He says, “NASA didn’t employ me, USAF did.” He worked an area that studies foreign technology, studying Russian items only, like the N1 project, AJAX plane project and the Mig Foxbat 25. Rutledge had previously worked on the Gemini project and the USAF remembered that, so they chose him later for Apollo 20. He says he was chosen, “because I was one of the rare pilots who didn’t believe in God.” For some reason, he said that little thing was the deciding factor making him an astronaut. Rutledge says that there were 300 people working on the USAF in Vandenberg, California. During this mission there was a Russian-American collaboration to make the mission happen.

Rutledge claims that the Apollo 18 mission was the Apollo-Soyuz project that took place in 1975. Apollo 19 however, had a loss of telemetry for some unknown reason, ending mission data sent back. It apparently hit a meteorite in orbit. Hmm…I believe the odds of a moving object hitting another moving object is far less likely than a meteorite hitting a stationary object, yet this could have been a warning sent from lunar inhabitants. Apollo 18’s goal was to send a rover to explore the roof of a ship by climbing on the Monaco hill and entering an opening made by those who explored the ship far before the USAF ever arrived.

When Rutledge was speaking about the alien ship and lunar city on the moon, his descriptions sent ones imagination whirling. “We entered the two ships on the mission. One was a cigar shaped mother ship, the other a triangular-shaped ship. Most the mission fell on exploring the mother ship, which NASA believed crossed the universe at least 1.5 billion years ago. We witnessed many signs of biological life forms inside, like old remains of unusual plants in the section that apparently contains the engine for the craft. Another biological species came in the shape of triangular rocks that emit droplets of a yellow liquid that has medical properties. We found signs of extra-solar creatures. We discovered the remains of many tiny bodies measuring about 10 cm across. These tiny creatures were living in a complex network of glass tubes all along the interior of the ship. The most startling of all the discoveries was when we came upon two human like bodies, one of which was totally intact even after over a billion years on the ship.” The one intact EBE was named by Leonov or himself (he was unsure) calling her Mona Lisa. He said the EBE (Extraterrestrial Biological Entity) was female and close to 1.65 meters tall. She had genitals, hair and six fingers. Possibly meaning their mathematics may have been based on a dozen. It was apparent that her function was to be a pilot. She had piloting devices attached to her fingers and eyes, yet had on no cloths. She had two thin cables that ran into here nose area, but note she had no nostrils. Leonov undid the devices over her eyes, causing secretions of bio liquid to shoot out and freeze from the mouth, nose, eyes and other parts of the body. Some areas of the body seemed in unusually good condition for its age. He stated, “As we told mission control, condition seemed not dead, not alive.” A thin transparent coating protected her hair and skin. We didn’t have a medical background so Leonov and I made a simple test. We decided to take off our bio equipment and attach it to the EBE so that it could send the telemetry back to Mission Control Medical experts. She is now on Earth and she is not dead, but I want to post other videos of her before I talk further about her. We also fund a second body that appeared to be destroyed. We took the head on board. The color of its skin was a pastel blue or blue-grey. The skin had a bit of unusual inscription over the eyes and forehead. There was a strap without inscription around the head. The cockpit of cigar shaped mother ship was full of calligraphy and was made by lengthy hexagonal tubes.

The actual age of the spacecraft was 1.5 billion years old, which was confirmed during exploration. We discovered fragments of the original crust, anorthosite, spirals in feldspathoids, apparently came from the impact which formed the Izasak D Crater. “The density of the meteor impacts on the ship validated the age, also the little white impacts on the Monaco hill at the West of the ship,” said Rutledge.

The city that we discovered was actually named on Earth. It was decided that this city would be called Station One, but once astronauts got a close look at it, they realized that it was since long abandoned and turned to worthless piles of scrap, except one taller larger building we called the cathedral. That one seemed intact. (The Cathedral is clearly shown in detail on the video of the lunar city on YouTube). There was a writing or calligraphy deeply pressed into every piece of metal. We believed the ship and the city were similar in age, but it is a very tiny part of the whole. On the rover our telephoto lens makes the alien structures look bigger than normal.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Videogame Anticipation List v1.0

Top Games I want

1.) Gran Turismo 5 (PS3)
2.) Final Fantasy XIII (PS3)
3.) Final Fantasy Vs. XIII (PS3)
4.) Diablo 3 (PC)
5.) Metal Gear Solid: Rising (Stealth, Konami, Konami, 2010) PS3! X360 probably crashes a lot. PS3 version runs Linux firmware you know


MISC games I want for platforms


Legend of Zelda 2010 (Action-Adventure, Nintendo, Nintendo, 2010)
Metroid: Other M (Action, Nintendo, Team-Ninja, 2010)
Super Mario Galaxy 2 (PL, Nintendo, Nintendo, 2010)


  1. Ratchet and Clank A Crack in Time (PL, Sony, Insomniac, 2009)
  2. Madden NFL 10 
  3. Burnout Paradise
  4. Bioshock 2

Xbox 360

Halo 3: OST (FPS, Microsoft, Bungie, 2008)
Forza Motorsport 4 (Ra, Microsoft, Turn 10, 2009)
Fable 2 (RPG, Microsoft, Lionhead, 2008)


Sims 3 (Sim, EA, EA Redwood, 2009)  
Crisis 2 (FPS, EA, Cretek, 2010) 
Mass Effect 2 (EA, Bioware, 2010)  
Guild Wars 2 (RPG, NCSoft, ArenaNet, 2010)
Half-life 3 (FPS, Valve, Valve, 2010)

Friday, May 15, 2009

US Military contractor benchmarks 8-core & 16-core CPUs and gives results

Sandia National Laboratories (owned by largest defense company on Earth, Lockheed Martin) says 8 core is a slight increase from quadcore in terms of performance while 16-cores has a negative benchmarking features (software bug?) over 8-core prototypes. And I was going to service my Core 2 Quad Q6600 to December 2010 until I upgrade. Yikes, Batman. It doesn't sound right, it's probably a multithreading issue. Take the Larabee GPU for example....thing has like 25-100 SPEs and it increase performance with every SPE. It could spell disaster for the CPU business. I'll buy a 8 core Intel one and hope for the best. I don't know, this got me confused. AT least we know that this isn't true with the 32 SPE / 4 PPE Cell Broadband Engine 3 for PS4, because it's going in the new IBM Roadrunner 2 super computers for the US Government and Universities! It just goes for Intel CPUs... AMD versions, I am unsure of. With all the crap Nancy Polisi (the liar of liars) spent (8 trillion)...they got enough for those CBE3 supercomputers...

My solution is of course copy Larabee+SPE architecture for CPUs and the 16 core performs worse than 8 core thing will disappear.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

UNIX still kills Linux

In China installs a secure operating system on all military PCs based on Free-BSD 5.3. China appears to be well ahead of the curve, selecting the best OS for the job regardless of vendor influence in the West. US Department of Defense is the target of no fewer than 128 information infrastructure attacks per minute from China, and we discover that China is engaged in working toward 100% military deployment of security hardened FreeBSD while the US DoD is almost universally using off-the-shelf Microsoft Windows systems, it becomes clear that there’s definitely something wrong with US information security policy.

I'm not in the fight so it doesn't matter if I use openSUSE, Fedora or Windows Vista. It's really funny when I asked the government why there is Windows XP and not Red Hat or BSD. The representatives just say it's not of my beeswax. LOL!

The harsh truth of the matter is that corporate influence in government has succeeded in retarding the progress of information technology advancement in US defense policy by weighing down decision making processes with political favoritism!

Friday, May 08, 2009

Civil War over States Rights over taxing guns

Podcast #8 aac
podcast #8 vorbis mirror 13 MB
Nancy, Barney Frank and the banks that give the loans to ppl who couldn't afford them due to entitlement of competition or something. Barney Frank denied the Freddie Mac and Fannie May corruption/bankruptcy scandal long before it was due. Barney is the reason there should be term limits in Congress...he's a socialist too BTW. 10 out of 14 banks are asking for 45 billion dollars of tax payer money! That’s just not right. Nancy is a San Francisco socialist democrat and loves to spend in revenge of all those 30 yrs of restraint. Congress can overrule anything that Bush veto. Sometimes he signs the simultaneous, because he fell victim to brainwashing or something. He caved in with poor support. Well what is true here is that the GOP is less evil and smarter than the Democrats. The Democrats don't want nuclear power plants, they release top secret crap for no reason, and the GOP believes that the military must back our epic economy. Democrats want to dismantle missiles in Europe and stop F-22 Raptor production as it is the only way to evade Russia surface to air missile system as well as decommission Gitmo was for evil people presentment. And Democrats want to put terrorists in the USA. Nobody else would take them. You don’t want to farest left ACLU organization, the most vial law non-profit organization in America to release even more troop photos of water boarding and other interrogation practices. It pretty much releases top secret integration that we use to keep our military in the advantage. When you fight a war, you really fight to win. Not do this propaganda thing that these loonies do for entitlement reasons to make the ratings go up at our country’s expense. The American Civil Liberties Union doesn’t care about most Americans, they’re totalitarian like PETA. They’re in this far left intellectual bubble and can’t see the significance of the situation. With all this spending our economy doesn’t look like it will fully recover in any near time in the future.

Mexico is failing and we should have border security and agree with the Secure Fence act of 2006. 40 million illegals...bad. How about the worst mistake in history, nationalized healthcare. Will reduce the size of the military. Nationalized healthcare will fail, because the government doesn't make money, capitalist healthcare will profit. MEDICARE IS THE WORLD'S LARGEST PONZI SCHEME. IT IS 34 BILLION IN THE RED AND WILL GO BANKRUPT SOON! We spend way too much on our eldery. Why not profit and make it all businesses! The problem is government. Masters of American capitalism, the libertarians are allied with the Republicans. Socialist Canadians 17% unemployment. Japan is the second largest economy due to capitalism. Rome fell, because of its weak military. Taking care of sick poor is an allusion to destroy most capitalism in the US. China really pulled out of the lending business! Healthcare can be a business. The government can work with them to keep it that way. I don't want to wait 4 1/2 months for my healthcare like the Canadians, and sucks and has a good portion of the economies earnings. The Canadians are miserable, understand? For example, all the liberal states are practically bankrupted and if California goes, the rest of states follow all due to spending to much and states reimbursing failing companies. I believe paying for 20-40 million illegal immigrant's heatlhcare + poor is going to bankrupt us. Most Americans are pro-Secure Fence Act of 2006. We're all anti-illegal immigrant. Think of Rome, dude. Why would you want to move away from the best constitution on Earth? Nobody has it as good as Americans do. Reagonomics would work extremely well. We should start limiting the elderly’s Medicare experiences. They may want it, but it’s bankrupting us with the costs for Viagra for example. We better speak up. California is up to it’s neck with Medicare expenses for the elderly. If California goes under, the rest of us goes. Why should the elderly get as much care as they did in the past when were not. Nationalized healthcare would be similar to the disastrous medicare funding that old people are getting away with.

Hong Kong has highest GDP for a city on Earth. That's how the Chinese know how do capitalism well thru the Hong Kong weirdos. Why would I be brainwashing if we're already capitalist, a real superpower without a doubt until the early 2000. They're miserable, because their constitution doesn't begin with "We the People". Not lying here as their government is bankrupting them! Our constitution is light years ahead of theirs. The Canadians are miserable with their nationalized healthcare, and socialist economy, because the the common-wealth is like that. India (former), Australia, and Canada, Bermuda, UK, Jamaica all have socialist leaders. Reagonomics was a result of 200 years of conservative thinking. Just will work! It worked in the 1980s! The 1984 book on the house!

Barrack Obama is Big Brother from 1984 ideology. Don't giving into benevolent fascism is all I or it’ll end up with transnational laws. And you liked the movie V for Vendetta on your myspace account meaning you already knew of left-wing benevolent fascism as one of your FAVs.

About the freedom of speech thing. We should have all the vial comments from people in this country not sent out, because the US has a difficulty with freedom of speech as long as they don’t do violence. Why an the neo-nazi National Socialists Movement stay in Minneapolis and they’ve been around forever. The Neo-Nazis have right to assembly also.

Chancellor Obama is going to reduce 0.5% of the 3.5 trillion dollar budget they released yesterday. The government is also doing a stress test which the FDIC does all the tiem anyway, yet it is a conspiracy to nationalized banks pretty much so they screw us ever more up.

The state legislators do a civil war where the government is taking away our guns in a time where there are illegal immigrants in sanctuary cities, and the state legislators are against it in Montana, Texas and Ohio. This is huge. It protects our 2nd amendment to the right to afford to bare arms in hostile situations. In the 9th and 10th amendment, the states have regulatory rights over the federal government to not tax guns in those states, because of in trust state commors.

Big Brother is releasing the detainees of Gitmo into our communities across the US. These were the guys we knew that were involved in 9/11 and the Government is sending them back where they came from so they can retrain to hurt more Americans.
Abu Zubayadh oversaw training camps of 9/11 terrorists and had $50,000 USD to fund attacks. Meanwhile Hhald Mohammed was Al-Qaeda’s top operative and is a mastermind behind the 9/11 crashing of Pentagon and World Trade Center towers. How does closing Gitmo make us safer? The government has no place to put these terrorists and many others like them.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Upgrade OS Day Episode III: Post-Linux apocalypse Linux

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It was the Fedora 11 Preview x86-64 DVD!

My parents stopped using Fedora 10 Linux, they both think it's a piece of crap, because they can't work it. And since the end of that one and only Linux class which I don't know if it came too late, we've been on 3.x forever and I was on KDE 4.1.2 which seems to come out after hell froze over. Anyway, it was a incredibility long time and Windows 7 comes out in July and should be a lot better. I believe the Linux apocalypse happened in December 2008 says after I downloaded OpenSuse 11.1, but I still had to do a class on it in 2009 thus the Fedora 10 distro. In a nutshell, Windows is so stable in 7.0 that Linux is obsolete, yet they use it for servers becos of Apache, world's most popular webserver, and Samba, world's most popular file server run on it! KDE 4.2.2 hasn't changed in any way and form from KDE 4.1.2! Linux is evolving in the Post-Linux apocalypse Earth! Windows 7 won!

fixed video driver:
rpm -ivh
rpm -ivh
yum -y update rpmfusion*
yum install kmod-nvidia xorg-x11-drv-nvidia-libs.i386 xorg-x11-drv-nvidia-libs.x86_64

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Got it off Megaupload! Beats Vuze and torrenting. I torrented Windows Vista Ultimate 2 years ago.