Thursday, May 28, 2009

USA has 100 CyberKnifes because of Captialist heathcare....not nationalized healthcare

The British are miserable with their socialist healthcare according to daniel Hannan. Hong Kong proves you all socialists wrong. Communism + capitalism won't bring destruction/madness. Think Hong Kong as highest GDP for a city anywhere. The democrats don't understand anything about economics. Obama is crazy that didn't take a crash course on economics. Only the democrats lowering our credit rating as we go down. It's pretty bad if China is worried about the United States. Republicans lesser evil here. . China may be a superpower in 10 yrs. They're trying to be what USA used to be in the 1980s!

The fact of the matter is that socialism won't buy you 90% of the world's Cyberknifes or gamma knifes. Your favorite socialist country CANADA only has ONE CYBER KNIFE by August 2008! Sucks to be them!I happen to know that UK doesn't have one. We got 100 Cyberknifes and China only got 6. Japan only has 14! If the USA keeps capitalist healthcare like we do now we could afford a lot more Cyber knifes and Gamma knifes. You democrats might need a cyberknife. What if it costs to much to access? You die.

Obama Nation Part 1 AAC Safe Server - No spyware!

Nation Part 2 AAC Safe Server - No spyware!

Nation Part 3 AAC Safe Server - No spyware!