Friday, September 30, 2005

All Your Bases are belong to Zero Wing

I know the fade is out, but I think I remember seeing it on a flying saucer animated GIF. It’s ironic that Fox News had a story on it 3 years ago.

"How are you gentlemen. All your base are belong to us !! You are on the way to destruction. You have no chance to survive make your time."

I found out this joke is already 5 yrs ago and has been solved 3 ago old as in it's stupid and everyone whom thought it came from aliens got confused & used by a popular inside joke gimmick! Sorry. It appeared in a whole bunch of magazines.

Title Screen of Genesis

The reason why Japanese games have had good English translation now is to avoid “All Your Base Are Belong to Us.” Most Japanese who weren’t fluid in the English language probably spoke this way. Mostly at the end of World War II, English became an influence and they learn by what music they download or text they can translate via Babel Fish otherwise it might sound like that one popular phrase from the intro of Zero Wing for Sega Genesis. That intro was recorded in the GENS emulator into AVI than down ported to animated GIF using Animation Shop 3.0 or something like that.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Gizmondo 2 Tech Specs | Now playing Dungeon Siege 2 whch is pretty good

I found some information about Gizmondo 2. It’s a Gizmondo with different design, but the GFX tech specs are the same. Gizmondo used 64 MB of RAM and an ARM 9 CPU at 400 MHz. The Gizmondo is a waste of money and has been delayed many, many times.

• 480x272 LCD
• 550 MHz ARM 10e CPU
• 128 MB of RAM
• SD card
• TV output
• Vibration
• 3.5 Ah Lithium-Ion
• Bluetooth/802.11
• 2 analog joysticks
• USB 2.0
• 2 Mega pixel camera built in
• Windows CE 5.0
• MP3/WMA/HE-AAC audio playback, MPEG-4/H.264/WMV video playback
• Coming out Summer 2006
• Backwards compatible with Gizmondo software (14 games in all)

According to some gaming forum, this new handheld will fade out the Gizmondo before launched here at the same price as PSP. Gizmondo might have a shorter life than the Sega Nomad!

Yesterday, I went to Best Buy. Unfortunately Best Buy didn’t carry RAM that’s slow enough for his laptop. We both think the motherboard uses a maximum of 512 MB of SDRAM which Best Buy didn’t carry. I was looking at the computer games and saw a whole shelf full of them. I had Dungeon Siege 2 for the majority of the time I was in there. Despite almost buying Battle of the Bulge and Patton DVDs and decided to leave with nothing. I looked around at the selection it had and bought Dungeon Siege 2 anyways. I asked for the DVD version of this game while he tried to convince me to buy Neverwinter Nights, but no.

Randy and I came back to my house to play PS2. The GFX are good considering PS2’s limited hardware. In Winning Eleven 7, I won the first game when Randy fouling me via shootout against Randy’s team winning that game. Then in the rematch between Brazil & Argentina he fouled me the same exact way and I kicked the ball, but he blocked it than scored a goal through my keeper who was tricked.

Afterwards, we played the first 2 levels in Halo 2 on Xbox. That was fun, but we weren’t very good. I kicked his butt in Dead or Alive 3. That was fun. Now if only women around here looked that good. (being sarcastic)

Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at

Today, I’m playing Dungeon Siege 2. So far I was a merc for the enemy until I was taking prisoner of the opposite side. The creatures I was looking at were Orc-like anthropomorphic animal. Now, I’ve had been taking captive by the green elves and they’ve put a little death collar on me so I’m instantly dead if I won’t do the green elf’s bidding. The GUI looks the exact same as Dungeon Siege over three years ago. The controls are the exactly the same so the GFX engine was the only aspect which was improved. The character models are straight out of Dungeon Siege’s lower resolution characters. The backgrounds look better than before and Dungeon Siege is a world with no loading times during the game. I’m not sure but it may look better than Neverwinter Nights. NWN was state-of-the-art in GFX in 2002, but I don’t play it anymore. It’s gets old and there are other videogames which wanna be played. (being sarcastic again)

I guess I’m a semi-hardcore gamer. I find that talking about them is more fun than playing them. With exception of me playing Dungeon Siege today and 4 hours yesterday on PS2.

New games to add to list

1. Dungeon Siege 2 (©2005 Gas Powered Games)

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Bought Lunar 2 Eternal Blue Complete for PSX

Today, I’ve been playing Madden Football 2002 on my PS2. I scored five touchdowns for the Vikings against Green Bay with the score ending 35 – 27. That was a tough game. I had to use all my time outs in the last 30 seconds to get Randy Moss (line receiver) to catch the touch down pass. The game was satisfying with nothing to do. It’s football season you know. John Madden is as classic with his so/so acting the same lines over and over. I don’t believe that Madden 2004 could possibly be much improvement over Madden NFL 2002. The other PS2 football game is ESPN NFL 2K5 which is the last football game Visual Concepts will ever make since EA decided buy a 1 deal license in football.

I’m going to get a tour in Century College on Monday. That’s where I’m getting a computer diploma in and everyone works for Geek Squad at Best Buy. Geek Squad costs a fortune to have them come over to your house from what I’ve had heard. Everyone needs a diploma . I can start with 1 or 2 classes.

I found some Xbox 360 face plates. I believe that the best one is the wood model. MS probably got that from the Atari 2600. These were used for displaying consoles.

We were talking about how Europeans are getting really bad prices on their systems. It’s 20% more than ours. That’s why I have more videogames period. I paid less for them.

Yesterday I went to Toyriffic while looking around and bought Project Snowblind for $20. Lunar Eternal Blue Complete was in an encased cabinet for $69 so I bought that too. Lunar 2 came out 12 yrs ago on the Sega CD. That makes 42 PS games, 90 PS2 games, and 62 Xbox games.

After I play Rayman 2 Revolution he best platform game starring Rayman as of yet (very colorful and showed off the hardware) because the Dreamcast version of Rayman 2 looked and felt great. I’ll take a look what Lunar 2 looks like.

Point of View of Nintendo Revolution

I know I'm biased about this and I won't be when editing pages. Nintendo makes childish games except for the mature games. The controller sucks on Gamecube, but Nintendo fans often are ecstatic about Revolution /w the remote NES controller. I haven’t seen the games yet. No one has.

Some see Nintendo trying to pattern the most successful strategy used by the music industry against illegal music downloads. Since computers have been powerful enough to emulate past-generation home consoles and the Internet provided an easy, fast, and widely accessible distribution path for ROM images. The music industry's most successful method of reducing illegal music downloading has apparently been to offer consumers a way to download music legally for a small cost. If Nintendo is successful at utilizing this model, they may be able to reduce illegal ROM downloading and open up a new revenue stream.

. Yuji Naka, the designer of Sonic the Hedgehog at Sega, said in an interview with Famitsu, "It's also great that we'll be able to play Famicom (NES) and other games via download. I hope Sega games will be playable as well.”

Nintendo’s new system fully supports Non uniform rational B-spline used in CAD. It’s better than polygons because NURBS do more shadowing and colorization while using the same tech spec hardware.

Point of View of Playstation 3

Awesome. I love the more than simple PS3 controller. It's expensive though. So far PS3 is coming out in March. It has that same dual shock controller that I am comfortable with.

The estimated cost of producing a PS3 is US $483. The Cell microprocessor, the RSX Graphics processing unit, and the BD-ROM disc feeding drive cost $101. The report also notes that Microsoft may plan to disrupt the normal console business cycle by choosing to cut the price of the Xbox 360 at the same time the PS3 launches and supports 7 USB controllers.

PlayStation 3's hard disk drives will be preinstalled with the latest version of Linux, a free operating system.

Sony’s 3rd console will be fully compatible with PlayStation 2 and PlayStation games without emulation.

Point of Xbox 360

Has potential. Xbox 360 has more anticipation than Revolution in the US for sure. High definition graphics and Halo 3 have to do with it. Halo 3 won't come out until PS3 is launched. I am thinking about owning one in early December.

If Microsoft chooses to add HD-DVD it could make the Xbox 360 a more competitive multimedia device from a marketing perspective. Since HD DVD would not be standard across all models of the Xbox 360.

The Xbox 360 has the ability to support four Bluetooth controllers. The controller for the It is an improved version of the Type-S controller packaged with Xbox. MS says the controller works 25 hrs w/o being recharged.

Point of View of Playstation Portable

Without a touch screen it can't exceed to popularity of Dual Screen. The JPEG viewer, MP3 decoder shouldn't be in the conclusion why biased PSP owners say PSP is better. The bad battery life is shooting Sony in the foot. The UMD drive is sucking up tons of battery although that doesn't have to do with functionality and playability.

PSP is doing much better than Wonderspan Color, Game Gear,, Gizmondo, Neo Geo Pocket put together so I give it 3 cheers. Bo-Yah. PSP is the biggest Nintendo handheld competitor ever on the market.

Sony has stated that the PSP will be able to connect to the forthcoming PlayStation 3 for transfer of game saves and media to and from the PS3's hard drive,

The system's manual states that the PSP is capable of 3 to 6 hours of game play.

You can read my PSP review. It’s well written.

Point of View of Nintendo Dual Screen

Trying hard to see why Dual Screen is cool! It does have well designed games. GFX aren't as good as PSP, but there are times any 3D will do. Of course 3D games have been on videogame consoles since Doom came out on Super Nintendo. Nintendo hasn't brought out many 3D games other than Super Mario 64 yet! Nintendo is coming out with Metroid Prime Hunters and Nintendogs is 3D.


New games:

Lunar 2 Eternal Blue Complete (©2000 Game Arts)
Project Snowblind (©2005 Crystal Dynamics)

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Nintendo Controller unclassifed and it's a remote and analog expansion!

Today I am quitting Cisco and Visual Basic so I can go to another college and get educational help. I know that every college job I’m getting into is pain in the ass I am use too. There is general education at the University of Wisconsin River Falls I’m look at though. I’ll put on a happy face and act well. There’ll be a lot of goober type people there I bet. I’ve been working here in high school for hands on experience. I’m scared of college. There is also Century College in Minnesota which got good reviews by students who go there and make a career out of themselves. You never know what you’re going to get into. Personally, I thought I did once, but now I’m frustrated. I should still walk amongst people who are good at network technician stuff.

Free Image Hosting at
My Desktop

With the biggest gaming headline this month happening when Satoru Iwata (Pres. of Nintendo) starting off the Tokyo Game Show by making a hour long speech showing the secretive Revolution controller at 8 PM tonight Wisconsin time! I have to be awake so it can be my next entry! I wish Nintendo would’ve made a controller that glows in the dark, but these lights would drain batteries in the controller (Nintendo loves longest battery life yea know). And remember after tonight Nintendo will never be the same! It’s the turning point in Nintendo history and therefore the final evolution of Nintendo. Let’s see if Nintendo has courage to show any of its software they were working on for the last 2 yrs or longer.

Go to IGN CUBE or Tokyo Game Show to see the new controller tonight.

No one knows....not even me. Hopefully Nintendo's got some talented people behind the controller. The only thing that Nintendo has against it is the Gamecube controller looks something Fisher Price would think of. Seriously.

Newest Winamp's an old skin.

The GCN controller looked nothing like the N64 controller so I seriously doubt Nintendo's new controller will look anything like the GCN controller. I doubt it'll even have a C-stick. Someone can't play a game with less buttons than the GCN controller for sure.

The gamecube controller plugs into the side of Revolution! That's so Nintendo can invent something off the wall while keeping the gcn functions unchanged. If Nintendo changed the way gcn games were played it might alienate casual gamers. The controller port will give Nintendo an excuse to keep manufacturing GCN controllers.

Evolution stages of Nintendo

First evolution – Nintendo started out as a card company in the 19th century
Second Evolution – Nintendo changed the company towards entertainment and makes Donkey Kong and Mario Bros on many platforms including Commodore and Atari 2600. Then it launches it’s first console and got the world’s attention.
Third Evolution – Nintendo launched the 16-bit successor to NES
Forth Evolution – Nintendo invented the analog stick for all consoles and went polygonal 3D
Fifth Evolution – Nintendo goes high resolution and uses mini-DVDs
Final Evolution – Nintendo creates state-of-the-art controller, believes graphics have reached a theoretical limit by not going high def gfx. Believes the future lies in the casual gamer market by kickin Revolution off with loads of mature and teen rated games. Normally licenses its popular franchises to 3rd party developers.

Funny that Nintendo is making marginal profit on Gamecube, GBA, and NDS while Sony and Microsoft are losing millions manufacturing their consoles and PSP and selling them at a lost in order to make profits in the very end. I don’t care, but that’s all you hear on gaming forums now-a-days along with more buttons are better. By request here’s the most powerful.

Short answer

1.) PS3 Entertainment System
2.) Xbox 360 Entertainment System
3.) Revolution Entertainment System

Long answer

1. PS3 has the Cell CPU 3.2 GHz, the RSX GPU (slightly slower than Geforce 7800) and 512MB of shared GDRAM3.
2. Xbox 360 has 64-bit PowerPC CPU with 4 cores each clocking at 3.2 GHz, a GPU similar to Radeon 9600 model and shared 512 MB of GDRAM3
3. Revolution is less powerful than X360.

I’m dreaming about owning an Xbox 360 in November purchasing some software for it as fast as now. The good games for it are Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion and Quake IV. ESIV is a RPG that shows off the hardware. Quake IV is a multiplayer first person shooter which should be in everyone’s collection. I want those two. The shooter Gears of War I’m unsure of. The racing videogame of choice is Project Gotham Racing 3 made by Bizarre Creations. That’s also the only good one at launch. Xbox 360 launch is November 25, 2005. I will review it once I own it.




[September 16 at 1:50 AM] I was sleeping when this was being done.

Shigeru Miyamoto (original Mario and Luigi designer) revealed the Bluetooth (IEEE 802.15.1) controller to the world tonight. Bluetooth 2.0 technology will transmit data at 2.1 Mbits/second at 2.45 GHz. The wireless controller contains a gyroscope within it allowing you to tilt the controller side to side or forward and backwards to simulate analog stick movement and can be held vertically or horizontally without the expansion. I was right it about it having less buttons. You can not play Gamecube games with this thing. The Revolution controller doesn’t look anything like the Gamecube controller. There was photoshop art on the gaming forums that showed NES-like controllers.

The Revolution controller has an expansion port on the bottom so that an analog stick device can be used with the left hand while holding the Revolution controller vertically.. I was hoping Nintendo would have an analog stick because the Xbox 360 and PS3 use them. Nintendo made it clear that four of these can be connected via Bluetooth. Good thing the rumor was wrong about touch screens on Revolution’s controller. Why would I be touching stuff on the controller I won’t be seeing on TV?

Excellent Photoshop analog controller example

Nintendo recently commented in a press statement that the controller expansion port could be compatible with conventional analog controllers and that wired 3rd party analog controllers will be plugged into the GCN controller ports on the Revolution

Nintendo used Super Mario Sunshine and Metroid Prime 2 Echoes as game demos to show the controller in action. And this close to launch Nintendo refused to show any next generation games.

The Revolution system has Gamecube controller ports with the ability to play GCN games coping Sony’s function playing PS1 software on PS2. Nintendo had backwards compatibly on their Dual Screen and Gameboy Advance handhelds so why not Revolution too?

The Revolution emulates NES, Super NES and N64 games by hardware acceleration. I can see how you can play NES games on Revolution via it’s Bluetooth controller by simply turning it horizontally.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Where's my Buddy | bought Radiata Stories & Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne

Firstly, I didn’t go to the Minnesota State Fair and that bothered me. I wanted to see the horses, the cows, the farm machinery (which I don’t get a change to see up close cause I would be trespassing on farmers land, plus I see it in the fields. John Deere is my favorite tractor brand with John Deere green. JD stopped making personal lawn tractors 5 years ago. Expensive brand of tractor for sure. International Farm Machinery co. is the top underdog these days. International makes anything from school buses to big rigs to lawn mowers.

Secondly, I got enough courage to pull out my once $250 PSP and play Ridge Racer on it. If you hate expensive hardware collecting dust like I do than you’ll also feel strange playing it again.

I had to shovel dirt to fill the erosion by our really long driveway. I hate doing hard labor. Nerds like me doing dirty stuff but I was a good son and completed my part however. Then I watched Solaris on AMC. I stayed up all night listening Digitally Imported and post on that same gaming forum,

Then I feel like it’s going to be this generation all over again. I start out small with one console for a year than buy another console a year later and buy most of the $20 games. Been gaming for 8 years.

Twelve years ago at my cousin’s house the first videogame console we’ve played was Sega Genesis with Sonic trilogy and RiStar. I loved RiStar…..unbelievably clean and very colorful game. He didn’t care about the current consoles out. I went to his house once a month. My cousin is in the Navy now…..a world apart. Haven’t seen him for nearly 2 years. We all grow up and no longer see each other.

Great news! I drank my first (cheap) beer in years yesterday. It was a Budweiser Lite. A little mild for my taste, but it can’t be all that bad being the largest brewer in the USA. That was great. I can’t find my parents’ beer and will have to ask my dad to buy more, but he won’t. I doubt you can get drunk off Budweiser quickly cause it has as much alcohol as hard lemonade.

Wonders what my 21st birthday will be like? How many uncles will buy a 12 pack of Bud as a birthday present? Maybe all of them.

Then I listened to Digitally Imported via Winamp and work on Visual Basic meanwhile. I got high speed Internet and already downloaded a lot of shit including every single NES, SNES, and Genesis ROM I could think of that I wanted and burnt it on one DVD for storage. That way I don’t have to take up bandwidth downloading stuff.

I’ve been downloading a lot of abandonware lately including the Ultimas and the Might and Magics that came in RAR archives. I had to give the DOS program some conventional memory and a gig of extended memory. These games look so pixilated that it wouldn’t keep my interest. Probably why these games are abandoned. Origin (developer of Ultima) closed its doors last year. To see all my abandonware…look at the long videogame list on Ian’s Smashing Good Blog.

I did go to the videogame store and picked up a used copy of Atlus’s Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne for $40 and Square-Enix’s newest RPG, Radiata Stories for $50. My wallet is now empty. RPGs have a strange effect on me somehow. I can’t figure it out though. I don’t stay genre specific neither.

Randy won’t do something with me today! I drove over to see Bob in Baldwin, WI finding out he quit his job two Fridays ago. His phone number is also dead and he won’t answer his instant messenger. Wonders what I did to deserve this? I doubt his computer is problematic. There was no way to contact him so I stopped trying. Why should he visit me just so I feel good and not both of us? Something tells me he visits me because I want him too and he suddenly stopped caring.

Games to add to my collection

- Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne (2004 Atlus)
- Radiata Stories (2005 Tri-Ace)
- Nintendogs - Lab and Friends (2005 Nintendo)
- Phantom Dust (2004 Microsoft)

Monday, September 05, 2005

Knoppix 3.9 review + Download

Knoppix PC specs

Athlon XP at 1.8 GHz
386 MB of SDRAM
Logitech USB mouse
Standard USB keyboard

Download Knoppix (710 MB ISO)

Knoppix will do everything you want Windows to do. People who use Internet and office suites might want to look at Knoppix. Knoppix has the most applications seen on CD ever. On load up the 2.6.x kernel loads the necessary drivers for you. This is called the boot up sequence. There are error messages, but the OS boots up anyways. This Linux doesn’t make a swap file on your HDD, but with decent PCs you really don’t need one. Knoppix 3.9 so far is the last Knoppix CD ISO available. Knoppix 4.0 and later started using a DVD and download was 3.5 GB. My satellite connection times out before I can get all of that data on my PC. I run Linux on a slow DVD-ROM so yours is probably faster. It runs KDE Desktop 3.4.0 which is pretty new considering the latest version is 3.4.2.

The default desktop wallpaper of an astronaut and the Earth in the background. The bad thing about Knoppix is it’s resolution is 1280x960 which is still better than the first Knoppix Knoppix has been stable since ver. 3.4 making v3.9 even more stable.

For compressing files Knoppix 3.9 has a right click menu with options to save to ZIP or TAR formats. USB thumb drives or USB HDD show up on the Desktop instantly unlike Knoppix 3.6 where I had to manually mount it myself. That’s an improvement.

The terminal responds much like Redhat Linux 8.0. Redhat 9.0 was the last Personal Linux distribution under Redhat who know makes Linux for servers. Knoppix 3.9 is two years newer than Redhat 9 and three years newer than Redhat 8.0. The performance issues you'll find with latest Linux will not be in Redhat no more.

Firefox loads web pages as fast as Firefox in Windows XP. MS Office 2003 is better than any Openoffice, but Openoffice would do everything a office suite should do. I downloaded OOo 2.0 beta 2 at noon today. I wrote this blog entry in Knoppix using OOo.

However I’ve been having trouble getting access to my Hard drive. It could just be that computer that is running Knoppix. I got around this by adding it to my email so I could edit it on Windows.

List of Programs

Web Browsers
Mozilla Firefox 1.0.4
Konquenor 3.4.0

Office Suites

Open Office 1.9.112

Software Development

Python 2.3.5
Kdevelop (crashed)


Joe (terminal notepad)
Kwrite 4.4 (GUI notepad)
Kate 2.4 (another GUI notepad)


Chronoium (needs OpenGL acceleration)
Frozen Bubble
GNU Chess (text Chess)
Kmajonhug (Chinese game of some sort)
Penguin FreeCell
Penguin Golf
Penguin Solitaire
Penguin Canfield
Penguin Minesweeper

Image Development

The Gimp 2.2.7
Kview 3.4
KolourPaint 1.4


Gaim (MSN, Yahoo, IRC, ICQ, AIM)
Firefox 1.0.4
Ethernal (network IP node program)
KPPP dialup tool
Thunderbird 1.0.4 (email)


Aumix (sound card equalizer)
XMMS 2.3 - Looks like Winamp 2x. Plays mp3s, ogg, wav
Xine (with Xvid decoder) - requires plugin for WMA
Audacity (sound editor)
K3B (CD and DVD burning suite)

By default it doesn’t make the HDD writable which I guess prevents data saved on the Windows XP file system, NTFS. That can be solved by mounting the HDD

It's free and 696 MB what do you got to loose? It doesn't even mess around with your Windows file system unless you want to save something on your HDD using the desktop HDD1 drive.