Thursday, September 15, 2005

Nintendo Controller unclassifed and it's a remote and analog expansion!

Today I am quitting Cisco and Visual Basic so I can go to another college and get educational help. I know that every college job I’m getting into is pain in the ass I am use too. There is general education at the University of Wisconsin River Falls I’m look at though. I’ll put on a happy face and act well. There’ll be a lot of goober type people there I bet. I’ve been working here in high school for hands on experience. I’m scared of college. There is also Century College in Minnesota which got good reviews by students who go there and make a career out of themselves. You never know what you’re going to get into. Personally, I thought I did once, but now I’m frustrated. I should still walk amongst people who are good at network technician stuff.

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With the biggest gaming headline this month happening when Satoru Iwata (Pres. of Nintendo) starting off the Tokyo Game Show by making a hour long speech showing the secretive Revolution controller at 8 PM tonight Wisconsin time! I have to be awake so it can be my next entry! I wish Nintendo would’ve made a controller that glows in the dark, but these lights would drain batteries in the controller (Nintendo loves longest battery life yea know). And remember after tonight Nintendo will never be the same! It’s the turning point in Nintendo history and therefore the final evolution of Nintendo. Let’s see if Nintendo has courage to show any of its software they were working on for the last 2 yrs or longer.

Go to IGN CUBE or Tokyo Game Show to see the new controller tonight.

No one knows....not even me. Hopefully Nintendo's got some talented people behind the controller. The only thing that Nintendo has against it is the Gamecube controller looks something Fisher Price would think of. Seriously.

Newest Winamp's an old skin.

The GCN controller looked nothing like the N64 controller so I seriously doubt Nintendo's new controller will look anything like the GCN controller. I doubt it'll even have a C-stick. Someone can't play a game with less buttons than the GCN controller for sure.

The gamecube controller plugs into the side of Revolution! That's so Nintendo can invent something off the wall while keeping the gcn functions unchanged. If Nintendo changed the way gcn games were played it might alienate casual gamers. The controller port will give Nintendo an excuse to keep manufacturing GCN controllers.

Evolution stages of Nintendo

First evolution – Nintendo started out as a card company in the 19th century
Second Evolution – Nintendo changed the company towards entertainment and makes Donkey Kong and Mario Bros on many platforms including Commodore and Atari 2600. Then it launches it’s first console and got the world’s attention.
Third Evolution – Nintendo launched the 16-bit successor to NES
Forth Evolution – Nintendo invented the analog stick for all consoles and went polygonal 3D
Fifth Evolution – Nintendo goes high resolution and uses mini-DVDs
Final Evolution – Nintendo creates state-of-the-art controller, believes graphics have reached a theoretical limit by not going high def gfx. Believes the future lies in the casual gamer market by kickin Revolution off with loads of mature and teen rated games. Normally licenses its popular franchises to 3rd party developers.

Funny that Nintendo is making marginal profit on Gamecube, GBA, and NDS while Sony and Microsoft are losing millions manufacturing their consoles and PSP and selling them at a lost in order to make profits in the very end. I don’t care, but that’s all you hear on gaming forums now-a-days along with more buttons are better. By request here’s the most powerful.

Short answer

1.) PS3 Entertainment System
2.) Xbox 360 Entertainment System
3.) Revolution Entertainment System

Long answer

1. PS3 has the Cell CPU 3.2 GHz, the RSX GPU (slightly slower than Geforce 7800) and 512MB of shared GDRAM3.
2. Xbox 360 has 64-bit PowerPC CPU with 4 cores each clocking at 3.2 GHz, a GPU similar to Radeon 9600 model and shared 512 MB of GDRAM3
3. Revolution is less powerful than X360.

I’m dreaming about owning an Xbox 360 in November purchasing some software for it as fast as now. The good games for it are Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion and Quake IV. ESIV is a RPG that shows off the hardware. Quake IV is a multiplayer first person shooter which should be in everyone’s collection. I want those two. The shooter Gears of War I’m unsure of. The racing videogame of choice is Project Gotham Racing 3 made by Bizarre Creations. That’s also the only good one at launch. Xbox 360 launch is November 25, 2005. I will review it once I own it.




[September 16 at 1:50 AM] I was sleeping when this was being done.

Shigeru Miyamoto (original Mario and Luigi designer) revealed the Bluetooth (IEEE 802.15.1) controller to the world tonight. Bluetooth 2.0 technology will transmit data at 2.1 Mbits/second at 2.45 GHz. The wireless controller contains a gyroscope within it allowing you to tilt the controller side to side or forward and backwards to simulate analog stick movement and can be held vertically or horizontally without the expansion. I was right it about it having less buttons. You can not play Gamecube games with this thing. The Revolution controller doesn’t look anything like the Gamecube controller. There was photoshop art on the gaming forums that showed NES-like controllers.

The Revolution controller has an expansion port on the bottom so that an analog stick device can be used with the left hand while holding the Revolution controller vertically.. I was hoping Nintendo would have an analog stick because the Xbox 360 and PS3 use them. Nintendo made it clear that four of these can be connected via Bluetooth. Good thing the rumor was wrong about touch screens on Revolution’s controller. Why would I be touching stuff on the controller I won’t be seeing on TV?

Excellent Photoshop analog controller example

Nintendo recently commented in a press statement that the controller expansion port could be compatible with conventional analog controllers and that wired 3rd party analog controllers will be plugged into the GCN controller ports on the Revolution

Nintendo used Super Mario Sunshine and Metroid Prime 2 Echoes as game demos to show the controller in action. And this close to launch Nintendo refused to show any next generation games.

The Revolution system has Gamecube controller ports with the ability to play GCN games coping Sony’s function playing PS1 software on PS2. Nintendo had backwards compatibly on their Dual Screen and Gameboy Advance handhelds so why not Revolution too?

The Revolution emulates NES, Super NES and N64 games by hardware acceleration. I can see how you can play NES games on Revolution via it’s Bluetooth controller by simply turning it horizontally.


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