Saturday, September 10, 2005

Where's my Buddy | bought Radiata Stories & Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne

Firstly, I didn’t go to the Minnesota State Fair and that bothered me. I wanted to see the horses, the cows, the farm machinery (which I don’t get a change to see up close cause I would be trespassing on farmers land, plus I see it in the fields. John Deere is my favorite tractor brand with John Deere green. JD stopped making personal lawn tractors 5 years ago. Expensive brand of tractor for sure. International Farm Machinery co. is the top underdog these days. International makes anything from school buses to big rigs to lawn mowers.

Secondly, I got enough courage to pull out my once $250 PSP and play Ridge Racer on it. If you hate expensive hardware collecting dust like I do than you’ll also feel strange playing it again.

I had to shovel dirt to fill the erosion by our really long driveway. I hate doing hard labor. Nerds like me doing dirty stuff but I was a good son and completed my part however. Then I watched Solaris on AMC. I stayed up all night listening Digitally Imported and post on that same gaming forum,

Then I feel like it’s going to be this generation all over again. I start out small with one console for a year than buy another console a year later and buy most of the $20 games. Been gaming for 8 years.

Twelve years ago at my cousin’s house the first videogame console we’ve played was Sega Genesis with Sonic trilogy and RiStar. I loved RiStar…..unbelievably clean and very colorful game. He didn’t care about the current consoles out. I went to his house once a month. My cousin is in the Navy now…..a world apart. Haven’t seen him for nearly 2 years. We all grow up and no longer see each other.

Great news! I drank my first (cheap) beer in years yesterday. It was a Budweiser Lite. A little mild for my taste, but it can’t be all that bad being the largest brewer in the USA. That was great. I can’t find my parents’ beer and will have to ask my dad to buy more, but he won’t. I doubt you can get drunk off Budweiser quickly cause it has as much alcohol as hard lemonade.

Wonders what my 21st birthday will be like? How many uncles will buy a 12 pack of Bud as a birthday present? Maybe all of them.

Then I listened to Digitally Imported via Winamp and work on Visual Basic meanwhile. I got high speed Internet and already downloaded a lot of shit including every single NES, SNES, and Genesis ROM I could think of that I wanted and burnt it on one DVD for storage. That way I don’t have to take up bandwidth downloading stuff.

I’ve been downloading a lot of abandonware lately including the Ultimas and the Might and Magics that came in RAR archives. I had to give the DOS program some conventional memory and a gig of extended memory. These games look so pixilated that it wouldn’t keep my interest. Probably why these games are abandoned. Origin (developer of Ultima) closed its doors last year. To see all my abandonware…look at the long videogame list on Ian’s Smashing Good Blog.

I did go to the videogame store and picked up a used copy of Atlus’s Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne for $40 and Square-Enix’s newest RPG, Radiata Stories for $50. My wallet is now empty. RPGs have a strange effect on me somehow. I can’t figure it out though. I don’t stay genre specific neither.

Randy won’t do something with me today! I drove over to see Bob in Baldwin, WI finding out he quit his job two Fridays ago. His phone number is also dead and he won’t answer his instant messenger. Wonders what I did to deserve this? I doubt his computer is problematic. There was no way to contact him so I stopped trying. Why should he visit me just so I feel good and not both of us? Something tells me he visits me because I want him too and he suddenly stopped caring.

Games to add to my collection

- Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne (2004 Atlus)
- Radiata Stories (2005 Tri-Ace)
- Nintendogs - Lab and Friends (2005 Nintendo)
- Phantom Dust (2004 Microsoft)


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