Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I believe Intel will skip 16-core generation

The Quad Core should last me until 2010, yet I'm going to buy before then just like the two most complex games in my collection [Crysis, UT3] run well in WinXP on my obsolete Athlon 64X2/G80 Hellcat. I got a lot of usage out of that pc and the only thing wrong with it is it couldn't handle the wattage.

The current G80 X2 config in the Core 2 Quad PC should do some fine DirectX 10 and early DirectX 10.1 games at 1280x1024 than I could improve the prototype list. I'm skeptible about a balance of what i have time for and game purchasing. I was thinking this is irrelevant since I'm buying 9800 GX2 at Birthday and Christmas anyways instead of 8-core Intel. They say the 9800 GX2 is $470, because of a combination of why upgrade, low cost 45m fabrication and the recession.

Brand new game specs will say Pentium 4/1 GB RAM/Radeon 9800 Pro/G6800 for another 18 months yet and that was two PC generations ago and I know that FEAR couldn't run decent on those specs at 1280x1024.

I would be as aggressive if I choose to pick 9800 GX2 as reimbursement as Birthday present.

80 cores by 2017 is pretty much says it all. It's capitalism really. I have a feeling that Intel will skip a generation (8 > 32 cores over a year/32 > 128 cores over a year) to playderise CBE and ABOVE ALL ELSE OBLIGATE PPL TO BUY THEIR PRODUCT TO PAY OFF R&D. 16-core generation will be emulated (not real though) by dual socket mobos of the near future.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

B3 Switchblade to have HELLADS and [again] KICK FOREIGN ASSES!

I just learned that the FB22 Strike Raptor got canceled and the [url=http://www.area51zone.com/aircraft/switchblade.shtml]B3 Switchblade[/url] from Northrop Grumman took it's place. It will have HELLADS (laser cannon), glass cockpit, and have longer range and as large (larger fuel tanks) than either FB22 Strike Raptor and B2 Spirit! It's another flying wing I believe and it might be a fighter bomber, because that's what the USAF was hyped about when they wanted the FB22 Strike Raptor!

I was going to post this last month, but I've been saving it for rainy day!

Program Plans

o Develop and test a 17 kW objective system laser module with integrated power and thermal management subsystems.
o Complete preliminary design of a 150 kW laser weapon system.
o Complete detailed design and fabricate a 150 kW laser weapon system demonstrator.
o Demonstrate performance of a 150 kW HEL and of a 150 kW laser weapon system.

* Aero Adaptive Beam Control
o Conduct design trade studies to develop preferred flow control approach.
o Develop wind tunnel test plan and design wind tunnel model.
o Conduct preliminary tests of flow control approaches using computational fluid dynamics and small scale wind tunnel tests.
o Conduct full scale wind tunnel test to measure aero-optics distortions for turret.
o Utilize flow control to reduce aero-optics effects and measure wavefronts to model effects of adaptive optics processing.
o Integrate adaptive aero optics system with wind tunnel model to conduct hardware-in-the-loop wind tunnel demonstration.
o Design flight test hardware and develop flight test plan.
o Build turret incorporating flow control and compatible with HELLADS laser system and flight test measuring beam quality

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Suspicious Cell phone Number

This guy had prank called me, but I screwed him over with the sheriff (via email) on his butt. No more prank caller.

Laughs on him.

Friday, January 18, 2008


I know none of you will reply, but there is a conspiracy. Eric at school once told me that the field that I’m going in is where nobody gives a shit about your personal life or what the fuck I think…end of story. They want the job done and I dunno if I can put up with this shit. Problem is with a school this expensive, I’d think I’d be more popular (have friends at least) with a business degree rather than a “geek degree” We live in a society that hates geeks. I lived 5 years trying find a person that gives a shit about my job and what I do! People are evil! Why the fuck would I go into a field that nobody cares what I think…that I’m an android doing the master’s bidding. It’s really like that in this field according to Eric! No LAN parties, no humanity. Of course you can have all of this at $8.00 and no more. It’s insane. Nobody would treat me and talk about what I want to talk about at 8.01+/hourly rage especially videogames, because they’re talented somehow and wouldn't want me to get some. If they weren’t stupid (the conspiracy) than everybody would want me to come over, follow me around, talk to me. If other geeks want to be my friend; it’s because they want my job and they want to end my career at whereever I am at. It was that way at Assurant.

It’s a conspiracy. Dean student gets me nothing! No new friends are racing towards me. That’s the conspiracy. Why the fuck would I want to go in the IT field without these things. With a job, people who are my age aren’t geeks and they hate videogames or talk about it amongst themselves even if I was talented, I wouldn't ever know. Another conspiracy.

Now with a business degree I could give up “geek” and actually have a single friend [multiple friends would be sweeter] in the mainstream culture, because my culture would be the same as theirs. That means I wouldn’t be so fucking stircrazy all the time at home. The fact I’m at home all the time by myself is a conspiracy.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Power failure NIGHTMARE

My Systemax Hellcat PSU shuttered twice and than thirdly sparks and that was the end of it. Only good thing to come out of this is the fact that I didn't buy either Hellgate London or The Witcher at GameStop when I was with Randy. We drove to Eau Claire to walk around the mall. So I wasted 190 miles of gas just getting the situation under control. I got to shoot that desktop video (@ myspace) in time before the PSU failed.

TIMELINE cos I'm lazy.

a.) Borrowed $60 from dad (free money)
b.) Ultra X Connect 500 watt power supply blew
c.) Went to Circuit city to ask if they had Ultra X Connect, and they said "no"
d.) Went to Best Buy to ask if they had X Connect...they said no
e.) Bought BFGtech 650 Watt power supply for $149
f.) looked up BFGtech 650 watt power supply at circuitcity.com which was $109
g.) couldn't find reciet
h.) asked family member to pay for my installation costs and she agreed ($50)
i.) drove back to repair place with frame stock to the X Connect for the tower, because I told them to jerry-rig it.
j.) found out the BFGtech 650 watt power supply was defective
k.) drove over to the pc repair place to pick it up
l.) Got free replacement, but spent 125 miles worth of gas during the day.
M.) brought 2nd BFGtech power supply to Best Buy and got all $150 back
N.) told them to buy Coolermaster Extreme Power 650 watt power supply, because Coolermaster is at the very top of high end (or was) PSUs, and same model of the motherboard that burned out. Now hoping nothing else burnt out along with mobo. Near $250 on parts and labor!

Should be completed by Tuesday.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Adolf Hitler was stupid

Catharine the Great of the Russian Empire always favored the American colonies. The USSR case is the enemy of our enemy is our friend!

Adolf Hitler sent military equipment to north Africa when he could've focused his battalions to Moscow and made the USSR surrender. This was so the Italian dictator could expand his Roman Empire. The Italian Army were loyal, but avoided bootcamp.