Thursday, January 17, 2008

Power failure NIGHTMARE

My Systemax Hellcat PSU shuttered twice and than thirdly sparks and that was the end of it. Only good thing to come out of this is the fact that I didn't buy either Hellgate London or The Witcher at GameStop when I was with Randy. We drove to Eau Claire to walk around the mall. So I wasted 190 miles of gas just getting the situation under control. I got to shoot that desktop video (@ myspace) in time before the PSU failed.

TIMELINE cos I'm lazy.

a.) Borrowed $60 from dad (free money)
b.) Ultra X Connect 500 watt power supply blew
c.) Went to Circuit city to ask if they had Ultra X Connect, and they said "no"
d.) Went to Best Buy to ask if they had X Connect...they said no
e.) Bought BFGtech 650 Watt power supply for $149
f.) looked up BFGtech 650 watt power supply at which was $109
g.) couldn't find reciet
h.) asked family member to pay for my installation costs and she agreed ($50)
i.) drove back to repair place with frame stock to the X Connect for the tower, because I told them to jerry-rig it.
j.) found out the BFGtech 650 watt power supply was defective
k.) drove over to the pc repair place to pick it up
l.) Got free replacement, but spent 125 miles worth of gas during the day.
M.) brought 2nd BFGtech power supply to Best Buy and got all $150 back
N.) told them to buy Coolermaster Extreme Power 650 watt power supply, because Coolermaster is at the very top of high end (or was) PSUs, and same model of the motherboard that burned out. Now hoping nothing else burnt out along with mobo. Near $250 on parts and labor!

Should be completed by Tuesday.

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