Friday, January 18, 2008


I know none of you will reply, but there is a conspiracy. Eric at school once told me that the field that I’m going in is where nobody gives a shit about your personal life or what the fuck I think…end of story. They want the job done and I dunno if I can put up with this shit. Problem is with a school this expensive, I’d think I’d be more popular (have friends at least) with a business degree rather than a “geek degree” We live in a society that hates geeks. I lived 5 years trying find a person that gives a shit about my job and what I do! People are evil! Why the fuck would I go into a field that nobody cares what I think…that I’m an android doing the master’s bidding. It’s really like that in this field according to Eric! No LAN parties, no humanity. Of course you can have all of this at $8.00 and no more. It’s insane. Nobody would treat me and talk about what I want to talk about at 8.01+/hourly rage especially videogames, because they’re talented somehow and wouldn't want me to get some. If they weren’t stupid (the conspiracy) than everybody would want me to come over, follow me around, talk to me. If other geeks want to be my friend; it’s because they want my job and they want to end my career at whereever I am at. It was that way at Assurant.

It’s a conspiracy. Dean student gets me nothing! No new friends are racing towards me. That’s the conspiracy. Why the fuck would I want to go in the IT field without these things. With a job, people who are my age aren’t geeks and they hate videogames or talk about it amongst themselves even if I was talented, I wouldn't ever know. Another conspiracy.

Now with a business degree I could give up “geek” and actually have a single friend [multiple friends would be sweeter] in the mainstream culture, because my culture would be the same as theirs. That means I wouldn’t be so fucking stircrazy all the time at home. The fact I’m at home all the time by myself is a conspiracy.

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