Tuesday, September 25, 2007

What's coming out 10 yrs from now

I'm thinking that Intel and AMD and Nividia will still be in business. ATI is apart of AMD now.

200 Teraflops Rigs of performance with DirectX 15 support?

Nvidia G180 GPUs doing 70 Teraflops with GDDR9 memory while our PCs run DDR7!

40 Terabyte SATA 28,800 RPM Hard drives?

64 Core CPUs with 64 MB L2 Cache and 16 MB L3 Cache or 8 Core with 56 SPEs CPUs modeled after Cell Broadband Engine with 80 MB L2 Cache and licensed from IBM.

All computers will have Quad Layer BDRE drives in them.

Do you believe web browsers will finally intumpment JPEG2000 and SVG into IE8 and Firefox 10.0?

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

More ultra rare PS games to play

Think I'd be spending $160 on both of these at hi score. The exception is I can't find them legally.

After I play them in EPSXE, I'll tell you what i think.

Compression GOOOD

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

EFX2 blog went offline

Sorry about the silence for the pass month. EFX2 blog went offline approx 1 year after modblog did in 2006. I had my Valorapter is alien post, I'm getting a Core 2 Quad for Xmas instead of Geforce 9800 GTX which maybe unrealistic now, and my article how how my friends are jackasses.

Now, I got the highest grade in A+ at nice 95% and about a 94$ - 96% in microcomputer. I handed in my final assignment today, and have to do a presentation on Thursday. So that's added to a 89% in Success Strategies and a 91% in English 2 from last quarter.

I went into the Gamestop and looked at all the mediocre JRPGs for PSP and wonders why reviews are giving them bad scores. Are these games simply stuck into the past. I didn't exactly see much I wanted. I also updated my game list to current.

Here is my current videogame collection
Full Music collection (238kB)
Week ago state (H264)
Current State (H264)
My music starts from 13,862 to 18,262 or 22% of it.