Monday, September 15, 2003

Red Dragon Productions Lite

Good day. I did some new additions to my website. I added a Playstation 3 since Playstation is cool. Xbox is cool too, but this so happens that I'll be talking about Playstation 3 today. I added the Game Archives that'll follow up on Playstation 3. I also made Red Dragon Productions Lite which will have better bandwidth for dial up users like me. But the original isn't too long to load is it? I read information off this Playstation 3 forum site, but it sucks. Everyone there doesn't talk about anything new on Playstation 3. This doesn't mean that their won't be any new news in the future though. I went to this website for some humorous jokes and I thought it would be good enough to put on my website Click Here I've been focusing all my free time on the Game Archives section to get it as much updated as usual. I will have a hard time finding out-dated information on Playstation 2 software or hardware on the Internet. I probably will avoid that since it's not worth the work.

Tuesday, September 02, 2003

My own Laptop

Finally I get a laptop of my own. It's a slow bitch. The computer has a Pentium 2 CPU with 128 MB of Ram, a 4 MB video card, and 6.5 GB hard drive. It had the Win98 operating system. What was good to know about Win98 was that it only took 300 MB of my hard drive. WinXP takes 3 GB. I had trouble installing a new driver for my video card to make the resolution true color. WinXP fixed that issue at the cost of space. Which sucks to know. I stuck a bunch of Gameboy Advance Roms on it. I recently got a new book on network electrical. Network Electrical demands a lot of know how of the basics of touching a circuit. First there you have to put one hand into your pocket. Next, you need to check your gear. Then you touch the open circuit with a watt meter You can use level 2 amp meters, but you can use level 3 amp meters. Level 3 meters are nice, they are made of rubber, which all of you should know that absorbs electricity. I have to read a large text book on it. If I had it my way I wouldn't want a text look, I'd take my course online. Online courses have the context on screen before you. Web page content has many pictures so I can look at the pictures. I lot of the time it makes more sense because less words are needed to explain something. For example - electrons are apart of what we use. Us electricians (I'm not a electrician, I'm going into Cisco Networking) must know the approx voltage and pressure of a gas line or electricity. A humid and enclosed workspace is extremely dangerous. I have to know what to do when I work in these kinds of conditions. That's my Network Electrical class I'm in. Ahh, the Computer and Internet concepts. The class is easy at first. I'd would hold my breath because it can get more difficult. I took this class before eight months ago. I had to learn how to ping people, move files, delete files, create files, make Batch files in command prompt before. I just might drop the class I'm in. I might not, since I can learn all those commands again. (the computer, I feel, runs my life)

Nothing is new except I am more then 3/4 way through with Final Fantasy X. Final Fantasy plays great. But the voice acting isn't quite aimed at adults, know what I mean? It's what you expect to come from a teenager's mouth. Really, it's a good game. It is over rated and I know that a lot of 10 - 16 year olds play this game. Well most of them, just don't know how to think buying the game. The story makes perfect since too me, in fact I don't get confused. Square should of not had the characters speak. Speaking can void the quality of the game. Games aren't suppose to be a movie. This game is a movie. You watch the cut scenes, then your back in control of Tidus, then you get another cut scene, then you back in control of Tidus and so on.

I don't plan on making any major updates anytime (last time I said that I came out with a new webpage template) soon. I am working on a lot of college quality reports in Written Communication (I have to technical write my progress on networks and display the results. ) I really don't know where I am in my writing. Everyone in that school can write. Everyone knows that it's not what you write that matters, it's how often and how much you write. That's my motto.

More as it develops .......