Monday, September 15, 2003

Red Dragon Productions Lite

Good day. I did some new additions to my website. I added a Playstation 3 since Playstation is cool. Xbox is cool too, but this so happens that I'll be talking about Playstation 3 today. I added the Game Archives that'll follow up on Playstation 3. I also made Red Dragon Productions Lite which will have better bandwidth for dial up users like me. But the original isn't too long to load is it? I read information off this Playstation 3 forum site, but it sucks. Everyone there doesn't talk about anything new on Playstation 3. This doesn't mean that their won't be any new news in the future though. I went to this website for some humorous jokes and I thought it would be good enough to put on my website Click Here I've been focusing all my free time on the Game Archives section to get it as much updated as usual. I will have a hard time finding out-dated information on Playstation 2 software or hardware on the Internet. I probably will avoid that since it's not worth the work.

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