Lets start off by saying that E3 2012 was there for the taking if Nintendo wanted it. When I parallel the word history with Nintendo, for me and many others immediately fond memories are invoked in the form of childhood experiences that drew upon new possibilities. Did Nintendo drop a price point? No. Did Nintendo explain their online strategy? No. Did Nintendo reveal a release date? No. Did Nintendo show off really any triple-A products for launch? No. Did Nintendo drop a price point? No. Nintendo has given everyone the opportunity to create something special, and really it comes down to the talented developers and their creativity to define the Wii Us future.
Most of those people dont care about release dates and price points six months in advance. They will start to worry about it when EllenDeGeneres starts giving them away like gangbusters this holiday. That is their market, and that is their direction.
. What is the world coming too?