Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Linux Mint Debian Edition XFCE 201204 impressions

(Sequel to the Debian/Ubuntu-based Gnoppix 2.12 in 2005)
Featured software
 XFCE 4.8
 Thundar File Manager 1.2.3
Firefox 11.0
Libreoffice 3.4.5
Gimp 2.6.8
VLC 2.0
linux kernel 3.2.0-2-486

 I miss that popup screen seen in Linux Mint 11 where I can download Broadcom WiFi firmware under unrecognized firmware on the taskbar. Linux Mint 13 Ubuntu is due out in May 2012. The login username for this LiveDVD is "mint". I tried Debian distros before in 2004, but Debian was secretly under the name Knoppix 3.3 instead. I know now that I have to stay with the regular Linux Mint s for this laptop. My Linux Mint 12 DVD crashes in install mode. I have to wait for Linux Mint 13. Linux Mint Debian Edition XFCE 201204 is an okay operating system, yet Linux Mint 11 is a lot superior with working WiFi drivers and just as stable. Firefox 11 didn't time out during surfing (with RJ-45) in Linux Mint Debian Edition XFCE 201204. Overall: C+

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