Nintendo brilliantly is making a sequel to the classic controller and it will be for Wii U games. It looks like a Dreamcast controller with two analogue sticks on top. This is better than the wand and the packaged controller, because who likes ot look at the screen, anybody? Anything closer to the Dual Shock 2 or Xbox's controller S is a great idea in my opinion.
I wonder if there is going to be a Super Mario Galaxy 3, three Legend of Zelda, Call of duty modern warfare, metroid prime 4, Grand eternal darkness 2, Sins and Punlishment 3, Radiant Silvergun 2, Chrono Cross 2, Final Fantasy Tactics, Final Fantasy XII-3, Final Fantasy VII-2, Grandia 4, Final Fantasy VIII-2, some Gran Turismo game (N64 had one), .