Wednesday, July 04, 2012

US Airforce Linux Distro (like Fermi Linux)

nother good distribution is Lightweight Portable Security,
or LPS for short. This distribution is maintained by the US Air Force,
and is as far as I know the only distribution coming from the American
government (or in this case, military). It’s not uncommon for countries
to produce their own Linux distributions, as China has Red Flag Linux
and Turkey has Pardus.

This distribution is special because it takes a more minimalistic
approach. Aside from the usual hardened code, it uses a lightweight
desktop environment that resembles Windows XP, and only includes Firefox
and a few additional tools. It also has an easy to use “Encryption
Wizard” which can aid you in your quest for privacy and security.

Since this is a brainchild of the US Air Force, I would trust using
it. Like Tails, it runs only in a live environment, and disappears along
with any traces as soon as you shut down or reboot.

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