Wednesday, May 16, 2001

Why I Love This Sport

NFL football is my favorite sport, because the NFL propaganda machine is the most brilliant. Gridiron faster than soccer in real life so soccer is completely obviously boring.

Baseball, I remember the 1991 World Series in the Humphry Metrodome, is a great game. North America and Japan play it consistently. Baseball is popular in Australia. I remember seeing baseball every summer on Fox Sports Net.

Friday, May 11, 2001

Why I Don’t Travel

Traveling is expensive and there is Internet connections. Cisco is building video-conferences rooms all over the US to make traveling other than vacation obsolete. Vacations only last in pictures anyhow. Materialistic objects last a lot longer. I am a materialistic person. I'd pick a Honda motorcycle over three Walt Disney World trips.

Thursday, May 10, 2001

1990s Nickelodeon

It is good that some of these shows such as The Adventures of Pete & Pete, Rocko’s Modern Life came back to TV. I was scanning the Nickelodeon shows one day and the 2000s aren't any good (like Dr. Phil and Dr. Oz) I am going to rate them best to worst.

1. Adventures of Pete & Pete 9
2. Rocko's Modern Life 8.8
3. Salute Your Shorts 8.5
4. Are You Afraid of the Dark? 8.5
5. Clarissa Explains it All 8.5
6. The Ren & Stimpy Show 8.0
7. The Secret World Of Alex Mack 8.0

I watched every episode of all of these TV series. I hope Generation Z enjoys it as much as I did.

Wednesday, May 02, 2001

The Person I Admire Most

Other than God, I admire Pres. Ronald Reagan. His economic ideas worked. He allowed Vietnam and Afghanistan War bankrupt the USSR. Nuff said.

My father has a masters in teaching, but he isn't epic on the grand scale. Above average doesn't do justice for this entry.

Tuesday, May 01, 2001

Why I Hate My Hometown

I hate by hometown, because after high school nobody visited me monthly. Facebook started in 2004 and everybody was supposed to meet up on facebook events since 2004. I preferred to blog. There is little to do in Hudson, WI. There is no zoo, museum, Imax theater, fair grounds near Hudson, WI or St. Croix County. I require a bachelor degree to date someone from okcupid,, etc to have a girlfriend to support a family. The available women on the social dating websites are ugly. I can self diagnose why I am girlfriendless. I know I don't have time for short time dating while earning my bachelor degree. Bars are for feeling sorry for yourself or drinking contests, not for dating. I spend a lot of time on okcupid so websites don't work.