Friday, June 27, 2003

I've made some interesting changes to this website. Whether or not you like this update a lot then the text layout I had a week ago. However, I recently noticed that this javascript was making Dreamweaver act funny. So that javascript text effects off entirely and added javascript menus. I hope you like it. I've tested the web browsers and It works on Internet Explorer and Mozilla for sure. One bug I haven't got out was why before in the last version I could compressed the html with HTML compressor and now I can't. It has to do with the banner. I must of took a wrong turn somewhere. I find a way to fix it in v3.3.2 :) I don't care much right now, because it works like it's suppose too. The webpage actually loads faster second time around in the uncompressed format.

I posted a message on my message board asking if you like the website one week ago better then this version. I passed the 13,000 hits marker and this site isn't even a year old. It's my videogame reviews receiving the most hits. I even have a pic of the old version (v3.2.1 60 KB) I have the old version saved on my harddrive. Just tell me if you like this logo or the other logo. This logo is in high resolution, the other one is medium resolution!

I've taken some time to go over to the college and it's good. WHen you first beat students, their all died quiet. I mean I dont' know, the instructor who laid out all the information wasn't that bad. I bolted, but that was from immaturity. I hate em choices where you sign up for yourself. So it goes.

Bob and I had a lan party at my house. It was ingenious. We were playing Dungeon Siege and it couldn't of been better. We both started out new characters. It didn't work out that way. I kept getting false connections. I had to copy the game's contents off one harddrive so I could put it on another. Then I wouldn't get error messages. I wish I though of that earilier. So we also played Baldur's Gate Deadly Alliance for consoles.

Sunday, June 22, 2003

Blizzard Entertainment, the creator of World of Warcraft and Diablo 2, has increasingly interest me. I have been playing Diablo 2 for more then 2.5 years. I stayed off it for 5 months until I started up again. Yesterday I joined a big chat at about World of Warcraft. Gamespy has a Warcraft Portal. I've been playing Diablo 2 and on a private channel on Battlenet I've been learning actually how big World of Warcraft is going to be. At first, I thought it would be "Warcraft 4" playing like Warcraft III would with war tactics, seeking and destroying military bases. Yesterday I heard that World of Warcraft would be much like Dungeon Siege where it would be both a massive Single Player mode game and have a massive multiplayer mode covering the same amount of land like Dungeon Siege. I like Dungeon Siege and is one of my favorite PC games, so naturally I would be driven towards World of Warcraft. World of Warcraft looks state of the Art, much like Dungeon Siege did when it came out. Star Wars Galaxies is coming out this year, and is another MMORPG (massive multiplayer online role playing game) Everquest 2 is another, but I'm not much into that game. So I've been checking the previews of that game and playing online with Diablo 2 the past 2 days.

I've recently got the Action Replay for Xbox. This allowed me to continue playing Halo. I can now download online saves (which was done through the Dreamcast as well) It's kind of idiotic for me to discover that when you hold down X on the Xbox controller that you can switch guns which were laying on the ground and I couldn't figure out how to arm them. I always had a hard time believing that I had no ammo in the middle of the game. Especually the one when Pyro goes into the spaceship (the end of level 2) has his to find another way out, before this team gets killed.

I've also added a slightly different design of my webpage. (version 3.3) I thought with every new version, I can change my logo with it. I've added Blizzard Enertainment to "Greatest Game Developers of all Time Page 2". I've added links to my menu drop down so check that out too if you haven't already. I found out that a major javascript bug is keeping my site from being seen in Mozilla and Netscape. That's the error messenge you get in Internet Explorer. It's not html code that's the problem! When I uncompress my html, it shows up fine, and show up in all browsers, but when I compress the html, half the graphics won't even work in either Netscape or Mozilla! That sucks. I know that compressed html helps the page load quicker. But no one is giving me feedback, so I don't know if people like compressed html or not. The compressed html compressed the hypertext up to 20% of actual size.

Boston, Mass vacation

I went to Boston for three days as part of a business trip. I saw the cambridge side galleria to eat California Pizza Kitchen and I bought Halo: Combat Evolved from a Gamestop. I seen a Boston Pops play. I either heard the Baby Boomer Bash or Pops Light Classics when there. I stayed in a Hilton hotel. All the time there, I played Xbox including Unreal Championship, Halo, Project Gotham, and Ralisport Challenge. The stay was okay. I looked outside and saw city night life. I went to one dance club by myself and his selection sounded average compared to European counterparts.

Sunday, June 15, 2003

e've returned from Boston. This is my first trip far from home since 2000 went two places. One in South Dakota to see Mt. __ and then to Michigan to go canoeing with the same school. That was all in the past. So what did I do in Boston? Dress up in a suit to go with my dad on his "Circle of Champions" meeting. Dad and I stayed at a hotel for 4 days. I brought my Xbox on the plane. I probably played Xbox 5 hours total when I was there. I played Moto GP. The hotel had a 32" television so I had a fun time playing my games on it. Dad got me Halo, which everyone knows as one of the best Xbox games available (Halo is coming out for PC in 2 months) I went to a couple open dinner / meetings. I seen the Boston Pops. They were good. Well they were so good that we couldn't even begin to make negative opinions about them. However the composer (who ever he may be) did some funny yet annoying taunts while he composed the musicians. We walked back in the rain after the last song. Boston Pops had 3 encores. You think the song ends, but it continues. Boston Pops were good, so I didn't compain about how much they've played. The wind currents keep the city from smelling like air pollution. The city had many old buildings that were remodeled into small businesses. I saw the USS Constitution (Replica of 1776 Vessel used to defeat the British during the Revolutionary War.) The replica was modernized and had electricity on the gun deck. I forget the name, but a real World War II destroyer was stationed next to the USS Constitution. I had a chance to go to the nearest GameStop to get Halo. Then on the way home I was randomly picked to be handed searched at the airport in Boston. I won't shut up, that's why I got picked or who knows.

Anyway I've updated this website in the Gamecube and Xbox sections. I've added new headers. What a waste of time, but I thought it'll look good so that's why I changed it. All headers are 1.5 KB or less. I did most of my updating right before I went to Boston. I don't really have time to add Cisco information. People go to college for that. They don't need to get it off my site. However, I'm going to update the javascript menu you see on top of this page with more links. The night before I traveled it to Boston, I went to Billards place /w friends in River Falls to play some pool. Luigi Pizza makes great stuffed Pizza too.

I seems like Sony has a death grip on Nintendo and Microsoft, but they sure not going away. Nintendo and Microsoft are seriously planning to release an Gamecube 2 and Xbox 2 in two years. I grabbed a lot of this information off When will I ever be sacifide with what I have? Am I going to support the precessors of current consoles. Why?

I've been trying to get Satellite Interent a reality in my house. It's faster then dial up. So far I'm at least talked about it. But my parents want to wait. I said I would happily sacrifice my allowance to cover costs of Internet.

Monday, June 09, 2003

Graduation Party

I did a couple things in the last days. I've updated my first javascript menu since the one I had in 2001. Which was worthless junk and only worked in Internet Explorer. Now I have Xara Menu Maker and that makes really good menus. All I have to do is update to javascripts which I just have to load to my website. No changing javascript on my html. I went to my first session of Cisco at CVTC. This was alright. I spent 4 hours there. Congraduate me, not many adults can come out of high school and go straight into college. Hey, it's summer vacation. I did the usual. On that day I read this online tour, extremely well layed out. They have the entire class in Flash from 1999. Updated in 2000 I expected. But they had it online for 2 years. I took a test and got a 80% on the first day I took it. It had a lot of computer terms. The tests are activated for 24 hour period and then it shuts off. Most of these guys taking Cisco are retired and are taking the class to pass the time. Two of them were Airforce Computer Engineers who wanted to say up to date with cutting technolegy. Next year I'm going to WITC in New Richmond and they have the State-of-the-Art computer lab and equipment for CISCO classes. I mean some of the techneques programmers do when connecting to other computers (LAN) or to the Internet (WAN) is state of the art. WITC must of upgraded to a full T3 Digital Cable Connection.

I also had a Graducation Party. This is were all the family comes here. Bob came!!! He's my best friend and we talked about mainly how each other were doing. This was mainly a family get-together. And my friend comes in the door. Bob's a real nice guy. I known him in Boy Scouts. He changed. He has metal sticking out of his head now. He a year older then I am and been out in the world of work for about 3 years. But he's a smart kid. Pictures of him are in my gallery page. Oh and I haven't mentioned Dan, my school consoler on this website before, he came too. My cousin David and his brother Brian came too. David's got into the Navy. He has a higher GPA then me. Although I graduated 18th in my class. Somewhere between 18 and 21. I got all As and Bs in high school. I took Econonics, Algebra, Language Arts 11, My reading skills got immensely better. But I seem to have a bad memory. All my family members know me. So that's cool. See I'm usually more aggressive when I'm by myself.

Since Dad and I are going to Boston next Thursday, we had to go and see if I could get my camera fixed. Usually it has a higher resolution with flash. All my webpage pics are taken from that camera. The flash doesn't work, so I had a hard time getting good pictures. Luckly I have software on my PC that can enhance photos to a very good level. It's definally the flash on my camera though, we'll get it repaired after the trip to Boston. It's a Sony 4 megapixel camera so it's really reliable. I am waiting until 2004 to get a Sony 6.5 megapixel off the Internet where I can find them really cheap. It's already on my wish list. I'm also trying to get a 128 MB videocard (ATI Radeon 9500 FAST!!!!) off to update my other PC so I can run The SIMS faster. Then I can update both PCs for 130 dollars. Both PCs have 386 MB of DRRAM and are plenty fast. I'm looking at updating to 512 DRRAM in a few months (also on my wish list) My monthboard can support 2.3 GB Athlon CPU. I'll probably one buy the end of the year I sould be able to get one for 130 bucks. I can interchange the CPU that fits on that computer and put it on my other computer. Next thing I'll probably be doing is setting money aside for a faster motherboard so I can stick a faster CPU down the road. Then I have to make room for the Panasonic 24X DVD ROM Burner. It's going to be sweet to be able to burn my own DVDs.

Sunday, June 01, 2003

Officially out of high school :)

I am officially out of high school. I feel like a free person. I can driver where ever when ever I want with the exception of cost of gas. First thing I'm going to do is get to know my xbox more. I went out today to get registared with CISCO at CVTC.

I also added all my work on my successful first & second website of consoles from 1999 - 2002. I did a bad thing when I took this webpage offline, I was getting some good readings on my hit counter, some 10,000 hits in one and one / half years it was online. It was my last website to be listed on and was orginally on the first and second page of "Gamecube Reviews" results at Some of the viewers will find this quite interesting. This was a outline of the progress of Gamecube, Dreamcast, Playstation 2 and Xbox. I can compress my HTML to 1/4 it's size so I can easily fit it on this geocities account. To get my compression unity go to HTML Compact's homepage. To access just click on one of my links in the Red Dragon Productions (originally NDX Productions 1999 - 2001) section on the left menu on this page. These pages load very fast because their entirely text. Notice the effort I made with text effects and table borders. All my work went into them! Check them out!

Anyway I been looking up PHP forms to add to my site. This all started when I noticed my email form would not work, and I got it straight off So I tried having a separate html to show up on my email.html so that javascript of different origins won't effect the email form. It still didn't work. So then I got into php3 (a form of html script) in forms. I found a couple of websites that allow you to download their software. I want to sign up to a service like bravenet. But none of them seem to use a form of php. Php is much more dynamic then html message boards. My next version of my website may be written in php source code instead of all html and javascript. For now I can atleast make my guessbook and forums using php technolegy. I find that hosting your own message form is easily if you want to take up one megabyte of space. So instead of going through bravenet, I also signed up at ezboard. Unlike bravenet, you can talk to people and find forums easily through their database. My user name is nightwalkers101.