The wii u has a weird controller. Some games use the wii u controller and the wi remote . The wii u controller and wii u nunchuk combo to play with. The controller is less impressive than an iPhone. The Wii U controller is single touch unlike iPad's multi touch.. The 3rd party support is half-hearted, Gamecube had the Resident Evil 4, but very little besides. Non-Nintendo games don't sell well. The Wii is sold through simplicity. There isn't a big graphics leap over last generation. It only has a 32 GB hard drive. Nintendo is still relying on flash cards and SD cards, and that isn't enough for an avid downloader. There is no online strategy so eShop and Miiverse will be a mess.. The Wii U offers less than the competition. The Wii U cannot play mp3, aac, m4a, H263, H264 or a bluray player. unlike ps3 and xbox 360. Wii was looking for simplicity, yet the Wii U controller is aimed at complexity. The 3DS had a $80 price cut so Nintendo has lost their mojo since Gamecube. Unless Nintendo can convence 3rd parties to develop for it, Nintendo will always be a company for tots and grandmas.
All PS4 and Xbox 720 have to do is supply DirectX 11 on Bluray with thier current controllers and they sell better than Wii U. Maybe it is time for six buttons like Sega Genesis?