I love this controller. I love Dual Shock. I would love Dual Shock 3 for PS4, but this touch screen is a bonus.

I have seen Killzone: Shadow Fall and Destiny screenshots.  They look superb. I'd pay $500 for PS4 and Dual Shock 4 tomorrow.   Playstation 4 is TWO YEARS LATE!   I had my Radeon HD 5970 Black Edition (DirectX 11 GPU)  for over Three years.   CONSOLES ARE SUPPOSD TO HAVE 5 YEAR LIFESPANS, NOT OVER SEVEN YEAR LIFESPANS!  
I hear on other [stupid] websites, how the games don't look good enough.   PS4 is over two years late, and the graphics are clearly better than a hypothetical PS4 released in 2010.  The reality is PS4 is late to market and nobody has the same amount of income as they did in 2010. It seems the longer Sony drags out PS4, the less games people buy.   The President Bush tax cuts have ended in 2012.  Nintendo was brilliant in seeing Bush tax cuts ending and releainsg Wii U before 2013.