Saturday, November 29, 2003

Life is Okay

Original entry off Modblog on 11/29/2003

Here's for all you bloggers out there. I've got a load of PS2 games that I don't play. Some you may of heard this one already. I have both GTAs for the consoles. GTA 3 and VC are the best games for PS2 aren't they. I reviewed the game and I found it fun chasing criminals around in cop cars. Cool?

I am an ex-Diablo 2 player. Level headed online player who never duels. I learned that 50% of the time, you don't get your stuff back, unless you're stuff isn't worth *crap*, and that guy who you dueled just left the game. I still play the game once in a while offline, but I always felt that I was getting ripped off when I sell armor / weapons to the elite classes. Most of the high level characters don't want you sell you anything that doesn't come off the ground! So I have never had magic find abilities on my characters and have never found or bought one of those eye of jordan stones that Battlenet players always want in change of elite armor / weapons. A guy like me can go bankrupted, but Diablo 2 is just that, trading the best deal for something someone else needs. I have some characters up there in the level 80 range. It's not that difficult to achieve after a week of online play. I stopped playing Diablo 2 when I owned a PS2. Okay so I played more then Diablo 2. I have a 2.1 Ghz Athlon to play games on. Hardware requirements aren't an issue except for the modem aspect.

So I got a PS2, what did I buy for it. Well, honestly, I have nothing to do yet so I don't do anything except play console games. I want to go to the mall. I want to buy stuff I need. I want to go to movies, and play pool (billards.) I want to some day jack up the car's sound system so you can hear it a mile away. But all my friends are working or going to school. I'm into platform games so what drived me to the PS2 was that it got all the ports of anything you ever want to play. Jak and Dexter is a good game. I'm still completing the game. Jak is a mute character, while Dexter is talking away. Do you remember Gex Enter the Gecko for the N64? Gex, unfortunally was a aweful game, but it had one thing that if used properly, could of been something great. So I like the worlds in Jak. It had good graphics at the time. PS2 is getting dated know though. But it manages to have the best controller of any console. Want to talk about Final Fantasy, Diablo 2 or games in general, tag me, im me or email me. I'll get back to yeah.

My weekend was all and all pretty lazy. Not that I'm unemployed, not that at all. I'm on Thankgiving Break so being lazy is a must for anyone with 168 (24 hrs x 7days) hours on hand of nothing to do. What do you do? I stay up all night until 4am, sleep in until 10:30.

I recently owned PS2 the game of the month, Final Fantasy X-2. I am currently 1.5 hours in the game. I say Game of the Month because I know there are always better games out for the system. In fact I know the absolutely must haves. Square always trills me with their new releases except for "The Bouncer" and "Kingdom Hearts." Nothing against Square Enix, but Disney combined with Final Fantasy would be a little young for me. Monster's Inc is probably the only exception. Although I actually thought of buying Kingdom Hearts, because it was made by Squaresoft and now only cost 20 dollars. Last month I owned Final Fantasy XI for the PC never being able to play it. I was hoping that it would be yet another online adventure, but my parents won't allow me to own a credit card when I'm not earning cash to back it up. All I want to do is buy things off, Tigerdirect and pay for Final Fantasy XI. All of these need electronic money to function.