Sunday, December 30, 2007

OpenSuse 10.3 installed X4

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Loaded Gstreamer and Mplayer for Linux onto two of the four computers I installed today , because I had nothing to do actually. The Gnome desktop screenshot looks exactly like the screenshot I took in December 2006.

Microsoft fully supports Suse 10.x. Novell and Microsoft are friends.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Google Video/YouTube conspiracy

Adobe Flash 9 beta has H264 main profile decoding and Google Video / Youtube still don't decode H264. They read H264 and encode your video into Xvid, but that isn't good enough. In fact why would you trust a 9 year old codec vs. a 2003 one and in 1998 everybody had shit for processing power compared to 2003 so that's why it's a conspiracy.

Forced to use fileden all this time. All that talk about not needing anything better than xvid is really bogus and strange as it is stupid. Maybe I'm not a genius, but I do know people get excited for Xvid than they do x264 rips. Can't decode it? Bullshit. Google is teh most popular search engine and everybody uses it? Oh I get it! You're all still humping Dr. DivX like it's the best thing evar aren't yeah?

Good, now those Fortune 500 online companies can upgrade now that Flash does it. DirectTV and Dish Network and the US miliary done it? I don't get them people. The beta is practially stable. IE would be guarenteed crash without the beta. What changed?

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas 2007

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Being smart pays off after all. Got and enabled English MUI, enabled SLI config, installed Comodo firwall, moved Vorbis collection to it. Always forget to push power button to shut down otherwise it goes into hibernation. I'm almost as happy as I would if there was a Geforce 9 inside it. I'm just feel bad when officially the DirectX 10.1 games come out in 12 months. I could buy it when it comes out, but still....

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Crysis running on it. The heat coming out one of the fans is sort of warm so I believe i'll go easy on it for the first week.




Friday, December 21, 2007

I struck gold (till February)

See! I'm rich! I'm rich! Bill Gates only wishes he had this computer!

...Unless he has one of those Geforce 9 prototypes. He probably does. Shit!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

HDTV upgrade


MPEG4 (mirror)

Computer is still coming!

Everythings back to normal

(MPEG4 AVC) mirror
No more grandpa chair and this is more comfortable.

(MPEG4 AVC 480p)

the office in 2006 (AVC)

another room in 2007 (AVC)
another room in 2007 (AVC) mirror

Updated PC specs.

WinVista Ultimate 64-bit
Suse Linux 10.3 64-bit
Core 2 Quad Q6600
2x Geforce 8800 GTX SLI (not bothered that 2 G92 Geforce 8800 GTs perform less for a lot less money)
500 GB HDD
800 Watt power suppy
Veltech Spectrum PCI fan card
Sound Blaster X-Fi
* no 2x Bluray drive (thought of doing 1 8800 GTX and have bluray drive, but nah)
* No Geforce 9800 GTX DirectX 10.1 card, because I figure I'll buy it if I get *several* DirectX 10.1 games and it's backwards compatible with DX10 GPUs.
Paid my parents $500 for the extra GPU I don't need, and $220 of that came from unused birthday money.

I'm going to play UT3 for the first time after class tonight.

Oh and Onyx isn't dead yet.