There is nothing of DLC that I really need. DLC is a waste of money. PC Expansion packs are more worth it like RPGs Nightwinter Nights, Neverwinter Nights 2, Diablo 2, Elder Scrolls III, Elder Scrolls IV and first person shooters like Half-life 2, These expansion packs offered more for the money and they came in a box!
Now expansion packs are changed to DLC and are on consoles. I am not buying an DLC for consoles, because I don't rebuy games with DLC conent nor do I own expansion packs for console. I dont know if PC is nichi like Sega Saturn or Dreamcast.
This DLC is moron. I do not buy the same game across two console platforms. That's moron. Who has that kind of money? I normally buy one version for PC and then one version for console without PC expansion packs.
I think i have enough pc games. Guild Wars 2 might be my last pc game for at least 24 months. I have no idea what is happening for PC. I know Nvidia and Radeon release new GPUs like clockwork and then new PC games use 5 year old game engines. I don't know if PC is dead or why there aren't many DirectX 11 games? Maybe next gen will solve the DirectX 11 void on PC???
They didn't wipe PC games off Wal-Mart or Target or Best Buy so PC is not yet Commodore Amiga.