Monday, March 11, 2002

high school linux

I am literally the first person in the St. Croix Central to have a Linux class from River Falls's Chippewa Valley Technical School or any college. Classmates seems so programmer, talking about C++ is better than Perl? and Python? I was in a room with programmers. I had this spectator Dan who was in school with me, helped me get through class. Spanish sucks and I was forced with this one! College used Suse Linux 7.2. It ran the 2.4.4 kernel and had RIESER journaling file system. That means it'll pull the plug without hard drive fucking up forever. We learned some kconsole commands like ls, cp, Man. We learned how to install it. We had to use the VI editor to move words around in the terminal. The only reason to get this is because Windows XP gives screens of death, and it comes with Tetris, Klondike, Mahjong, Chess, mines, and Kbounce. XMMS plays mp3s off CDR. I played games while the teacher talked. This was the third hardest high school class ever after algebra and science.

I brought it home, and I use an external 3COM 56K modem for Battlenet in Diablo 2 where I have a kickass level 64 sorceress. I gave Suse half as much space as Windows XP.

Overall, people won't like this, because it won't play Dungeon Siege, Diablo 2, Unreal Tournament, Quake 3, Quake 2, Simcity 2000, Simcity 3000, The Sims, Alpha Centuri.

This Linux seems to be a bridge between Windows 98SE to Windows XP. I was thinking of putting JPEG on my Geocities page for guestbook comments.

Screenshots from Floppy.

Everybody took a website design and Microsoft office class and upload it to instead. I have one at