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Commericalizing Social Activity

This paper will first briefly summarize the nature of social networking. Second, this paper will say how social networking impacted e-commerce. Third, this paper will explain how small businesses used social networking to increase their exposure. Fourth, this paper will explain how small businesses used social networking to increase their exposure. Finally, this paper will explain how it envisions that social networking will continue to enhance e-commerce in the next 2-3 years.

The nature of social networking is that it is a form of microblogging. The idea that a blog takes much more time to maintain than a microblogging website is the reason why microblogging has surpassed blogging networks in popularity by a large margin. In Microblogging (Facebook, Twitter, Thumbr), the user has a roster of friends and he/she can like businesses, activities, places, products, hobbies, people, government agencies, even outerspace on their profile page. You try to copy other people you’re friends with to improve the relationship with the users new acquaintances. You write about stuff her/she has been doing, succeeded in, or events in his/her life on the wall. The Facebook user is in a cloud where one has a blog to the post blog entries, yet one has an acquaintance roster of places, friends and family. People can like just about anything. It is a way to advertise. Twitter and Thumbr are used by celebrities for fanfare. Twitter is used by political related people and Thumbr is used by celebrities and young people. Thumbr has a lot of teenagers and young adults who prefer using this website instead of Blogspot and WordPress. Facebook is conquering Blogspot, because Blogspot is #10 on Alexa while Facebook is #2. Youtube is #3 most visited website according to Alexa. The web ranking drives Internet users decisions in 2012.(Axon, S, 2009)(Dataportability, 2012)(Solis, B, 2009)(Solis, B, 2011)(Solis, B, 2012)(baruchnewmedia, 2012)(Owyang, J.K., 2009) (Harper, M, 2010)

This paper believes that social networking has impacted ecommerce, because Nielsen says 90% of people trust recommendations from people they know. Facebook has a Open Graph protocol. Based on the Facebook users Graph data as well as their own personalization algorithms, it can narrow results of what users do with their time logged onto it. Facebook has a currency known as Facebook credits bought at Wal-mart or Target. The Facebook member can buy anything online with Facebook credits. The business would create an e-commerce site that is compatible with Facebook credits like some ecommerce sites are compatible with Paypal. Facebook is the preferred microblogging, because it is #2 on Alexa rankings in the United States behind Google+ is new complex social networking service, but few Facebook users wants to be a part of Google+. Google+ has all the features that Facebook currently has, yet few people want to move without their friends. Google+ is similar to Chinese government building cities with contractors in Western China, yet few citizens wants to migrate to new cities without their friends, employers, businesses and family. People like to purchase stuff on their smart phone off their favorite social networking site. I think of the movie Matrix when I see Facebook, because it is a virtual world (matrix) that has everything for the general population who don’t need to visit other websites. Facebook is like your second life where you live two lives. This kind of addiction has happened with The Sims released in 2000 by Maxis and Electronic Arts where gamers are addicted to creating a virtual life character who does everyday activities. The Sims is the best selling PC game in history. The Sims 2 is also one of the best selling PC games in history where people are incredibly addicted to a virtual life PC game. The point is Electronic Arts made millions in profit off The Sims franchise. The Facebook connect infrastructure to allow users to log onto websites our Facebook identity and relationships in tow, bridging the updates back to the Facebook News Feed to share with the members social graph. In terms of Twitter followers, Some businesses will be able to clearly see online sales go up with the about of Twitter followers. It can be less about monthly figures and more about the culture on social networking sites so customers revisit. Businesses say that they have solidified loyalty with Twitter or Facebook. People use social networking for meetups for a business with Facebook’s invitation application where Facebook users can say they’re going or maybe going to an event. (Axon, S, 2009)(Dataportability, 2012)(Solis, B, 2009)(Solis, B, 2011)(Solis, B, 2012)(baruchnewmedia, 2012)(Owyang, J.K., 2009) (Harper, M, 2010)

On Youtube, businesses have to advertise at the beginning of the streaming video. Youtube users have to buy views and thumbs up using an outside service like to get the attention needed in the first place to have people comment. Without, the business isn’t going anywhere fast. The business would have to advertise the Youtube channel with an Youtube logo on the business homepage. (Axon, S, 2009)(Dataportability, 2012)(Solis, B, 2009)(Solis, B, 2011)(Solis, B, 2012)(baruchnewmedia, 2012)(Owyang, J.K., 2009) (Harper, M, 2010)

People will review business scores with Yelp if they don’t have an online social networking site or not. Some of the Yelp review scores are negative. The business needs to make an online presence to combat the negative reviews on Yelp in a two way conversation. Businesses will need to hook up with and figure out how to combat with facts and hyperlinks. (Axon, S, 2009)(Dataportability, 2012)(Solis, B, 2009)(Solis, B, 2011)(Solis, B, 2012)(baruchnewmedia, 2012)(Owyang, J.K., 2009) (Harper, M, 2010)

Small businesses used social networking to increase their exposure and this paper will now explain why. This paper believes that adventures in the social realm should be to listen more than the Facebook or Google+ member talks on their wall. He/she should be scared to let go of the situation. Individuals aren’t going to be able to control the entire message. He/she should get used to this fact. People list their employer or give their own Facebook page when people type in their employment. The most obvious benefits are increased customer loyalty and engagement. If the business wants to target professionals such as LinkedIn, and Plaxo. Social networking is great for businesses, because the employee may create his/her profile on these social networking sites and include images and information about his/her business. It is very efficient and less costly to market your business. Businesses use social networking sites to recruit or at least lure new employees into their own companies. Social networking can be used to provide support to the customers, gain feedback and make additional sales. The online websites can help customers connect with experts and greatly reduce the time for problem solving. Social networking is also very important in the business sector, because good businesses make real-time connections with employees. Businesses have been using url shorteners such as, because it creates a hit-counter on how many people clicked the hyperlink. You might find that your Facebook followers like to click on coupons, and your Twitter followers like breaking news. The customer is sharing their reviews for the ecommerce site so the business is supposed to give members the option of posting reviews on their Facebook or Twitter walls or Thumbr or WordPress or Blogspot or Livejournal blogs. The sharing information should be in the thank you page, sale confirmation email or mailing list email templates. The business should tell the general population why they should use a certain brand or itself on Facebook and Twitter. Brands can make a living commercial on this behavior by engendering advocacy through direct engagement, blogger relations in the ‘magic middle’, and also via sponsored conversations. (Axon, S, 2009)(Dataportability, 2012)(Solis, B, 2009)(Solis, B, 2011)(Solis, B, 2012)(baruchnewmedia, 2012)(Owyang, J.K., 2009) (Harper, M, 2010)

There are a many virtual casinos on Facebook and Google+ with all the popular casino games like Poker, Blackjack, Solitaire, slots, and craps that can generate revenue for whomever created the application. I see some bidding applications where Facebook can emulate an Ebay type ecommerce site with payment options like Paypal, credit cards and Facebook credits. (Axon, S, 2009)(Dataportability, 2012)(Solis, B, 2009)(Solis, B, 2011)(Solis, B, 2012)(baruchnewmedia, 2012)(Owyang, J.K., 2009) (Harper, M, 2010) )

This paper envisions social networking will continue to enhance e-commerce in the next 2-3 years, because retailers use conversion marketing to increase sales while shoppers are on their Facebook and Google+ websites. The companies have taken powerful insights gleaned from an individual shopper’s clickstream paths and inferred intent, and created an althgorium to display the right content and products to Facebook and Google+ members at the right time It can drive traffic from the Facebook page to the ecommerce page. Nielsen says 90% of people trust recommendations from people they know. If Facebook credits for ecommerce takes off, the business will see a boom. Facebook users will see their friend’s likes. Right now, I can see the videogame industry profiting on this section, yet I am unsure other industries would. Many businesses today are trying to influence the members of networking communities by offering unique services. Facebook would be a great media tool for companies to market their business to all the users. Facebook is a great platform for business to interact with a wide range of people. Facebook also an efficient way to collect conduct market research based upon people’s information, ,and provide the best services for their customers. Due to the recession, most businesses are cutting down on costs by asking employees to work from home and social networks bring employees and organizations together to share and retain knowledge. There will be Go-To-Meeting type video conferencing on Facebook. Right now, you can hook a webcam onto the chat and video chat with anyone with a webcam online. There will be more games like Mafia Wars and farming applications that take facebook credits. Some of these games items take Facebook credits to buy them.(Axon, S, 2009)(Dataportability, 2012)(Solis, B, 2009)(Solis, B, 2011)(Solis, B, 2012)(baruchnewmedia, 2012)(Owyang, J.K., 2009) (Harper, M, 2010)

Once customers buy off social networks and make reviews, this will encourage more and more people into buying the product. The business could give the customer coupons to gain more trust. Businesses have to interact with their customers on social networks daily to be successful. There are other websites such as shareThis and AddThis for analytics. You can figure out where your site visitors are sharing your products, and that information is invaluable. The future is social colonization. This is supposed to be the next step in social evolution with tools like such as OpenID and Facebook connect will enable individuals/members to be able to journey from network to network. This paper believes that the portability of corresponding data, social objects, and friendships the Facebook users maintain in each network becomes very important. Facebook in the future is supposed to be automated, but businesses will still rely on the explicit expressions of Facebook users to improve the experience. Companies using Facebook should be formally catering to communities, signifying the trading of power towards connected customers. (Axon, S, 2009)(Dataportability, 2012)(Solis, B, 2009)(Solis, B, 2011)(Solis, B, 2012)(baruchnewmedia, 2012)(Owyang, J.K., 2009) (Harper, M, 2010)

Facebook is supposed to turn away from a CRM and even sCRM and evolve into a Social Relationship Management (SRM) social network. This system will view all members as equals. SRM is also acutely cognizant of and in harmony with VRM (Vendor Relationship Management). This SRM is distributing influence further than the customer landscape, distribute authority amongst stakeholders, prospects, advocates, decision makers, and peers. SRM distinguishes if Facebook user recommended a product, purchased a product, or simply recognized it publicly and this how will affect the company. The customers have a cut of the chart that also balances , experts, partners, vendors, and other authorities. is working with Facebook to enable members to bring their friends, identity, conversations, files and histories along with them without having to open a new service. This information will automatically be updated on other websites so the Facebook user doesn’t have to input the data. openID will connect Facebook users to third-part networks including PayPal and Google for serious ecommerce. This will be in harmony with Vendor Relationship Management, an opposite of CRM. A VRM is designed to empower sentiment and consumer participation so that the company can improve products on Facebook or Google+. (Axon, S, 2009)(Dataportability, 2012)(Solis, B, 2009)(Solis, B, 2011)(Solis, B, 2012)(baruchnewmedia, 2012)(Owyang, J.K., 2009) (Harper, M, 2010)

This paper first briefly summarized the nature of social networking. Second, this paper said how social networking impacted e-commerce. Third, this paper explained how small businesses used social networking to increase their exposure. Fourth, this paper explained how small businesses used social networking to increase their exposure. Finally, this paper explained how it envisions that social networking will continue to enhance e-commerce in the next 2-3 years


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Art is an manipulation of elements

Art is an manipulation of elements such as in visual clues color, form, depth and movement, while using the elements to establish a design with some aspects of similarity, proximity, continuation, and common fate in order to compose an art piece. In other words, art could be interpreted and associated with Wertheimer's conclusion “The whole is different from the sum of its parts”. The stimulation before our eyes convey no meaning until our mind makes sense of of the sensory input. (goodreads, 2012), (DukeU, 2012)(, 2012)

The molecular or atomistic sphere shape objects floating around and into what appears to be mystical divinity figure or a Greek Goddess (an iconic sign) is what attracted me to this painting for analyzing. The form uses the fusion of the spheres (circles) and independent symmetrical circles to corporate shape and lines that create the features of the face and upper torso. Accordingly to our text, circles associates with endless rhythmic pattern of time and is a brain attention getter. The variant size dot-like spheres are either fused or evenly spaced developing horizontal and diagonal lines in and around the figure framing and developing the divinity figure. Accordingly to the gestalt law of similarity, “object that look similar will automatically grouped together by the brain”. Proximity of spheres is produce through the similarity and different size orbital spheres, while the fused, equally spaced spheres produces a line and depth formation. In the lower third of the painting, not only does the roll of equal size and spaced spheres reduced the sensation of depth, it also creates an imaginary line that outlines the upper torso of the figure.

The continuation of the strategic placed lines of spheres, colored streaks, and wavy lines produces a implies a spinning movement and provides energy to the painting. Spheres high-lighted with tints of soothing blues, cream, light yellow, browns, grays, and black gives dimension while the solid color of cream centralizes the figure in the painting. Dali uses shading of colors in spheres to produce facial features, hair, breast bone and imaginary tips of clothing. The perceived smooth texture is also provided through shading of color in the spheres. The sense of roughness or deterioration are created in only three orbital spheres on the right mid-outer spheres. White color separates the shades of blue color that differentiates the sky and water and also produces a horizontal line lower in the frame of the painting. The soothing color blue used in the sky produces a perception of a calming atmosphere while allowing the eyes to spend more time focusing on the warmer colors of the divine figure. (goodreads, 2012), (DukeU, 2012)(, 2012)

If you increase the contrast and the brightness, then you can see only the outlines of the face and hair, therefore, the painting becomes more of a sketch. The colors of the spheres, sky and water in the image will disappear and the lighter spheres become barely noticeable. If I eliminate the wavy lines and streaks than I eliminate the energy / movement that was created with the wavy lines and streaks. I will go further, if I change the space between all the spheres, that would totally distort the face and the whole unity of the painting. (goodreads, 2012), (DukeU, 2012)(, 2012)

I liked Salvador Dali quote “Drawing is the honesty of the art. There is no possibility of cheating: It is either good or bad. ” Since we live in a high technical society that multicultural, studying and analyzing individual elements of a picture provides a better understanding of the meaningful whole. Once one understands the theory, it makes you more aware of a better, noticeable design in print and screen media. What we see is only a stimulus to our brain, it is the mind that thinks with words. Word and images combine produce understanding and long-term recall. The stronger clarity of form the more effective the design. Roland Barthes describes individual elements within an image through a chain of association that makes up a picture's narrative which is through codes. (pg 59) (goodreads, 2012), (DukeU, 2012)(, 2012)


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Is it propaganda or persuasion? This is a very good question since most of us are bombarded every day by mass media in saving our planet from destruction. 'Think green' is the slogan that everyone should have imprinted on our minds while we do our day-to-day activities. There are a sea of possibilities what one can do to contribute; however, should it not give an individual the freedom of choice how he/she may want to participate. The article “Is The Light Bulb Ban A Bright Idea?” will be examined in order to determine what angle the story and its images leans toward, propaganda or persuasion or both. I felt it is a story worth mentioning.

In order to determine the angle of the story, first the definition between propaganda and persuasion must be made. Propaganda accordingly from our text, media uses one-sided and often 'nonfactual information' (opinions) as facts, combined with emotional appeals to change a person's mind or desired behavior. Persuasion uses 'factual information' and emotional appeals to change and promote a attitude change along with desired behavior. In both, the stirring of emotion creates 'interest' on the subject. To impress on an individual’s mind to change, accordingly to 1922 journalist and media critic, Walter Lippmann,” Pictures have always been the surest way of conveying an idea. . .next. . .with words. . .”. In this case images along with words are use to make a lasting impression on a person. (Lester, P.M. , pg.77-80, 2012)

The title of the story “Is The Light Bulb Ban A Bright Idea” done by Popular Mechanics first intrigues the reader because it shines light on another governmental intrusion in what the public can or cannot purchase. Secondly, bold print in the first paragraph synopses how on January 1, 2012, new laws would effectively ban 100 watt incandescent light bulbs, while phasing out 40-75 watt light bulbs up-coming years, which I fact-checked. In the same bold print, it reveals Popular Mechanics investigation in the “years-long” effort building a better light bulb. Lastly, the first image in the story portrays a broken incandescent bulb revealing more interest to the reader. Is the story stirring emotions yet? You bet it is especially in which side of the isle you are standing in. The story main captive audience would be adult men and some women consumer, especially those who are attractive to Popular Mechanics, those in technology and those who run the house whole. (PopularMechanics, 2011) (, 2011)

The article updates the reader in the second paragraph with the “year-end spending bill passed in December 2011 which includes a rider that effectively puts new energy requirements for light bulbs on hold.” at least temporary. I fact-checked this with the government website and Washington Times website. The persuasive angle of the article continues to debate, tweaked with other lighting images of different bulbs, political rhetoric with technology in regards of modern lighting with data supporting their story on the pros and cons of various types of bulbs with experts and advocates on both sides. (PopularMechanics, 2011)( (thomas, 2011) (washingtontimes, 2011)

Using Aristotle three components for persuasion: ethos, logos, and pathos; this reader thought this article had more of the flavor for persuasion than propaganda. The article's author John Herrman, an assumed freelancer back by Popular Mechanics along with electrical department manager, Paul Brewer, Michael Siminovitch, director of the California Lighting Technology Center, and Nicholis Loris of the Heritage Foundation were all sources used as credible ethos. Logical pros and cons on different light bulbs, light bulb images, data and scenarios were presented in the article that was backed up by scientific data and facts acted as logos. (Lester, P.M. , pg.78, 2012)(popularmechanics, 2011)

As mentioned earlier in the paper, the article did conjure emotion in its title, the broken incandescent bulb image with shattered glass fragments occurring on impact and arousing the reader's initial thought having the incandescent bulb being banned. Testimonials from store managers and owners and tests performed by Popular Mechanics all delivered meat to emotional appeal or pathos that are used in persuasion. In this case, this article could be leaning toward the side of green energy in a positive non-judgmental way. (Lester, P.M. , pg.78, 2012)(popularmechanics, 2011)

Did I in any way feel there was propaganda filtrating this article, my answer would be no for reasons stated for persuasion, information was factual. Did the article portray that if and when the banned on incandescent bulbs does occur, it would be the end of the world? I can easily say no. I did not feel I was being duped by the article but instead as a consumer, better informed for future decisions in light bulb purchasing. Regardless of political view, one has to believe sooner or later science and technology will be changing our world as we now see it, into one better world where it does not affect our out-of pocket expense so much. (popularmechanics, 2011) (Lester, P.M., pg.79-80, 2012)


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Wednesday, February 24, 1999

my own cultural identity.

When one thinks of the culture in America, one would probably described it as a 'melting-pot' nation of immigrants. With the exception of our Native Americans, essentially, each one of us can trace our heritage back from another culture, which for me is Scottish and English from my father's side and Norwegian and German from my mother's side. Along with the heritage, the traditions emerge and are filtered down into the family life where the Judea-Christian moral and social values are connected to my own cultural identity.

Today, instead of viewing America as a unity of diverse group of people who are united under one flag, one constitution, and have a one common destination as one nation under God with liberty and justice for all, we have those, including bias liberal media, who want to chip away on our constitutional democratic republic freedom. Although there are several issues under attack from time to time, one issue will be discussed in this paper, my Judean-Christian heritage. Our media enjoys expounding on this subject while at the same time rejecting the traditional American values and ideas.

When I was in elementary, I remember saying the Pledge of Allegiance each day at the beginning of the school day. In 1954, there was an added wording “under God” to the pledge by President of the United States, Dwight D. Eisenhower. According to President Dwight Eisenhower “one nation, under God” was a“spiritual weapon” for our country in both peace and war. I would never have considered the Pledge Of Allegiance being under attack because of the words “under God”. Instead, in the past few years, the word 'God' has come under the microscope and become an issue for those chosen few and those whose own atheist belief system believes the pledge should be banned and out of the classroom in following two cases.

One such case is with Martin Rosenthal, a parent in Brookline, Mass. who would like students not to be pressure in saying the pledge and says 'that the pledge has no place in the classroom altogether”'; however, he himself has no problem reciting the pledge at a recent community event, according to the article “Parents fight Over Pledging Allegiance In Schools” by PNR. The article relates how courts can not compel a student to “recite a pledge” although the article questions if students are still pressure to conform. According to students, “no pressure is felt to pledge, but at times pressure can be felt to not to pledge”. The article also quoted Newt Gingrich on Fox News saying ' I would hope that any taxed paid school will say the Pledge of Allegiance, and frankly I'd wonder whether taxpayers ought to subsidize it if it's not going to teach people how to be patriotic and to be pro-American”'. Then the article contrast Newt's statement with a Libertarian named Silverglate, who also favors pledge in schools, but calls the situation as only a distraction. He also believes allowing the student to “wrestle with whether or not to pledge is kind of like Liberty 101. (NPR, 2012)

Another case involves an atheist Michael Newdow, who sued Congress, President Bush, and others in order to remove the words “under God” from the Pledge of Allegiance because he felt those words were unconstitutional. Mr. Newdow, a divorced father, who holds a medical and law degree, objected to having his 10 year old daughter hearing and reciting the pledge. According to article written on 06/15/2004 “Court dismisses Pledge of Allegiance Suit” by MSNBC provides a great image of schoolchildren holding their hand over their left side on their chest while they recite the Pledge of Allegiance. It reveals the Supreme court did preserved the phrase “one nation, under God” in the pledge and dismissed the case that a “California atheist could not challenge the patriotic oath”. (MS-NBC, 2012) (, 2012)

The article relates Supreme Justice William H. Rehnquist verifying that “the pledge as recited by schoolchildren does not violate the constitution” as well as Justices Sandra Day O'Connor and Justice Clarence Thomas; however the Supreme court has already noted that schoolchildren cannot be required to recite the pledge. The article also makes a point that school-sponsor prayer from classrooms, playing fields and school ceremonies are have been barred. The article also mentions that Mr. Newdow will continue to pursue his fight since he still believes “The pledge is still unconstitutional”. The article indirectly supports Mr. Newdow with “The First Amendment guarantees that the government will not “establish” religion, wording that has come to mean a general ban on overt government sponsorship of religion in public schools and elsewhere”. (NPR, 2012) (MS-NBC, 2012)(, 2012)

Although I believe in both cases mention above that these two men have the right to voice their objections, however, does the few with the help of the media, make it “politically right” for the rest of us. Regardless of what faith one has or does not have, our country was founded on faith and freedom. That in itself makes us different from other societies in which each one of us are free to follow his or her conscience.


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