5. Final Fantasy VIII
Final Fantasy VIII seems to get a lot of hate for some reason and I'm not sure why. It's not my favorite or it wouldn't be number 5 but it's not the worse, not anywhere close to Final Fantasy IX. Final Fantasy VIII has some pretty cool characters in it like Squall, Seifer and Irvine and the story is very enjoyable. The Final Fantasy series takes pride in itself that it has a lot of fun side quests and this game has the best one of all, a card game called Tetra Master.
4. Final Fantasy X
Final Fantasy X reminds me of one of my favorite television shows, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Simply because their main characters are horrible, but the supporting cast is awesome. Tidus might be the most clueless moron ever in a video game. But how can you not like a game with joyful Wakka, not so joyful Lulu, the silent warrior Kimahri and Auron, possibly the baddest character ever in a video game. Like Final Fantasy VIII, Final Fantasy X also has a really awesome side game called Blitzball. .
3. Final Fantasy VII
There is a lot to like about Final Fantasy VII. First it has sentimental value because it was the first RPG I played on Playstation and the graphics were amazing at the time. FF VII also featured a hero with a huge sword, Sephiroth, the coolest villain ever, and Tifa. Finally! A female RPG character that isn't just a magic user!
2. Final Fantasy III
For a very long, long time Final Fantasy III wasn't just my favorite FF game but was my favorite game of all time. FF III had more characters than you'll normally have in a RPG and all of them got considerable amount of time to learn about the characters. The story was probably better than all the stories from FF VII to FF X.
1. Final Fantasy XII
It's simple really. Final Fantasy XII has the best story, the best graphics and the best fighting system. I was even skeptical about the fighting system when I first heard about it but I ended up loving it.