Wednesday, September 26, 2012

openSUSE 12.2 review

I installed this in Virtual box 4.1 on my Scientific Linux 6.3 box, because I had a class that uses Virtual box.  KDE is more stable now in 4.8.4.  I have the 3.4.6 kernel so now 3.1 in openSUSE 12.1 looks a little bit outdated here.  Scientific Linux 6.3 has some kernel 3.3 features in  This operating system is more secure than Windows 7 and already in the state with PC-BSD with PF Firewall, and  ZFS / UFS encryption.  The US Government makes the obvious mistake of choosing Linux over PC-BSD and calling that securest workstation. Linus Towards sums up 386BSD kicking Linux's butt in 1993.

"If 386BSD had been available when I started on Linux, Linux would probably never had happened." Linus Torvalds

You probably want to upgrade to this openSUSE release so that you can run a fully functional BTRFS file system which tries to copy FreeBSD ZFS features.   BTRFS is past beta.   EXT4 is lacking FREEBSD features.

Right now, I am busy updating my 32-bit PCs with openSUSE 12.2.  Crossover Linux Pro 9.2.0 installs fine so i get Winamp and VLC.   File system checking is quicker.  Virtual Box is out for both openSUSE and FREEBSD.

Its nice that I can play all the Gnome games in KDE and vice versa. 

I don't know how anybody could beat me, in 2002, I was playing with Red Hat and SUSE 8.0 and than in 2005, I had Gnoppix (ubuntu 7.04) .  I beat most people to Linux.  Now that Linux is the fad and nothing special, I guess all I have are my videogames.  I even got an Android Linux, the JXD S601, now.

openSUSE 12.2 is pretty stable.

I give it 9.0 out of 10.

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