Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Getting Photoshop CS4 tomorrow

I've been using Paint Shop Pro since PSP 7.0 I think back in 2003. I have used Paint shop Pro X3 for over two years, yet now I have Paint Shop Pro X4.   I know I haven't been politically correct and taken the cheap way out on Flickr, photobucket image enhancement.   I had to dumb down to using Photobrush for image enhancement, because I had 56K seven years ago.

 picture enhanced in PSP X4. still not enough for flickr crowds!

I believe I'll also have Photoshop CS4 tomorrow besides my Dreamweaver CS6 and Paint Shop Pro X4 (above). I swear that flickr traffic only looks for the Adobe Photoshop in the EXIF tag, yet  Paintshop Ppro X3/X4 looks just as good on most JPEGs. That's why I've got minus 100 views on my flickr JPEGs.

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