Sunday, June 01, 2003

Officially out of high school :)

I am officially out of high school. I feel like a free person. I can driver where ever when ever I want with the exception of cost of gas. First thing I'm going to do is get to know my xbox more. I went out today to get registared with CISCO at CVTC.

I also added all my work on my successful first & second website of consoles from 1999 - 2002. I did a bad thing when I took this webpage offline, I was getting some good readings on my hit counter, some 10,000 hits in one and one / half years it was online. It was my last website to be listed on and was orginally on the first and second page of "Gamecube Reviews" results at Some of the viewers will find this quite interesting. This was a outline of the progress of Gamecube, Dreamcast, Playstation 2 and Xbox. I can compress my HTML to 1/4 it's size so I can easily fit it on this geocities account. To get my compression unity go to HTML Compact's homepage. To access just click on one of my links in the Red Dragon Productions (originally NDX Productions 1999 - 2001) section on the left menu on this page. These pages load very fast because their entirely text. Notice the effort I made with text effects and table borders. All my work went into them! Check them out!

Anyway I been looking up PHP forms to add to my site. This all started when I noticed my email form would not work, and I got it straight off So I tried having a separate html to show up on my email.html so that javascript of different origins won't effect the email form. It still didn't work. So then I got into php3 (a form of html script) in forms. I found a couple of websites that allow you to download their software. I want to sign up to a service like bravenet. But none of them seem to use a form of php. Php is much more dynamic then html message boards. My next version of my website may be written in php source code instead of all html and javascript. For now I can atleast make my guessbook and forums using php technolegy. I find that hosting your own message form is easily if you want to take up one megabyte of space. So instead of going through bravenet, I also signed up at ezboard. Unlike bravenet, you can talk to people and find forums easily through their database. My user name is nightwalkers101.

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