Monday, June 09, 2003

Graduation Party

I did a couple things in the last days. I've updated my first javascript menu since the one I had in 2001. Which was worthless junk and only worked in Internet Explorer. Now I have Xara Menu Maker and that makes really good menus. All I have to do is update to javascripts which I just have to load to my website. No changing javascript on my html. I went to my first session of Cisco at CVTC. This was alright. I spent 4 hours there. Congraduate me, not many adults can come out of high school and go straight into college. Hey, it's summer vacation. I did the usual. On that day I read this online tour, extremely well layed out. They have the entire class in Flash from 1999. Updated in 2000 I expected. But they had it online for 2 years. I took a test and got a 80% on the first day I took it. It had a lot of computer terms. The tests are activated for 24 hour period and then it shuts off. Most of these guys taking Cisco are retired and are taking the class to pass the time. Two of them were Airforce Computer Engineers who wanted to say up to date with cutting technolegy. Next year I'm going to WITC in New Richmond and they have the State-of-the-Art computer lab and equipment for CISCO classes. I mean some of the techneques programmers do when connecting to other computers (LAN) or to the Internet (WAN) is state of the art. WITC must of upgraded to a full T3 Digital Cable Connection.

I also had a Graducation Party. This is were all the family comes here. Bob came!!! He's my best friend and we talked about mainly how each other were doing. This was mainly a family get-together. And my friend comes in the door. Bob's a real nice guy. I known him in Boy Scouts. He changed. He has metal sticking out of his head now. He a year older then I am and been out in the world of work for about 3 years. But he's a smart kid. Pictures of him are in my gallery page. Oh and I haven't mentioned Dan, my school consoler on this website before, he came too. My cousin David and his brother Brian came too. David's got into the Navy. He has a higher GPA then me. Although I graduated 18th in my class. Somewhere between 18 and 21. I got all As and Bs in high school. I took Econonics, Algebra, Language Arts 11, My reading skills got immensely better. But I seem to have a bad memory. All my family members know me. So that's cool. See I'm usually more aggressive when I'm by myself.

Since Dad and I are going to Boston next Thursday, we had to go and see if I could get my camera fixed. Usually it has a higher resolution with flash. All my webpage pics are taken from that camera. The flash doesn't work, so I had a hard time getting good pictures. Luckly I have software on my PC that can enhance photos to a very good level. It's definally the flash on my camera though, we'll get it repaired after the trip to Boston. It's a Sony 4 megapixel camera so it's really reliable. I am waiting until 2004 to get a Sony 6.5 megapixel off the Internet where I can find them really cheap. It's already on my wish list. I'm also trying to get a 128 MB videocard (ATI Radeon 9500 FAST!!!!) off to update my other PC so I can run The SIMS faster. Then I can update both PCs for 130 dollars. Both PCs have 386 MB of DRRAM and are plenty fast. I'm looking at updating to 512 DRRAM in a few months (also on my wish list) My monthboard can support 2.3 GB Athlon CPU. I'll probably one buy the end of the year I sould be able to get one for 130 bucks. I can interchange the CPU that fits on that computer and put it on my other computer. Next thing I'll probably be doing is setting money aside for a faster motherboard so I can stick a faster CPU down the road. Then I have to make room for the Panasonic 24X DVD ROM Burner. It's going to be sweet to be able to burn my own DVDs.

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