Sunday, June 15, 2003

e've returned from Boston. This is my first trip far from home since 2000 went two places. One in South Dakota to see Mt. __ and then to Michigan to go canoeing with the same school. That was all in the past. So what did I do in Boston? Dress up in a suit to go with my dad on his "Circle of Champions" meeting. Dad and I stayed at a hotel for 4 days. I brought my Xbox on the plane. I probably played Xbox 5 hours total when I was there. I played Moto GP. The hotel had a 32" television so I had a fun time playing my games on it. Dad got me Halo, which everyone knows as one of the best Xbox games available (Halo is coming out for PC in 2 months) I went to a couple open dinner / meetings. I seen the Boston Pops. They were good. Well they were so good that we couldn't even begin to make negative opinions about them. However the composer (who ever he may be) did some funny yet annoying taunts while he composed the musicians. We walked back in the rain after the last song. Boston Pops had 3 encores. You think the song ends, but it continues. Boston Pops were good, so I didn't compain about how much they've played. The wind currents keep the city from smelling like air pollution. The city had many old buildings that were remodeled into small businesses. I saw the USS Constitution (Replica of 1776 Vessel used to defeat the British during the Revolutionary War.) The replica was modernized and had electricity on the gun deck. I forget the name, but a real World War II destroyer was stationed next to the USS Constitution. I had a chance to go to the nearest GameStop to get Halo. Then on the way home I was randomly picked to be handed searched at the airport in Boston. I won't shut up, that's why I got picked or who knows.

Anyway I've updated this website in the Gamecube and Xbox sections. I've added new headers. What a waste of time, but I thought it'll look good so that's why I changed it. All headers are 1.5 KB or less. I did most of my updating right before I went to Boston. I don't really have time to add Cisco information. People go to college for that. They don't need to get it off my site. However, I'm going to update the javascript menu you see on top of this page with more links. The night before I traveled it to Boston, I went to Billards place /w friends in River Falls to play some pool. Luigi Pizza makes great stuffed Pizza too.

I seems like Sony has a death grip on Nintendo and Microsoft, but they sure not going away. Nintendo and Microsoft are seriously planning to release an Gamecube 2 and Xbox 2 in two years. I grabbed a lot of this information off When will I ever be sacifide with what I have? Am I going to support the precessors of current consoles. Why?

I've been trying to get Satellite Interent a reality in my house. It's faster then dial up. So far I'm at least talked about it. But my parents want to wait. I said I would happily sacrifice my allowance to cover costs of Internet.

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