Tuesday, May 01, 2001

Why I Hate My Hometown

I hate by hometown, because after high school nobody visited me monthly. Facebook started in 2004 and everybody was supposed to meet up on facebook events since 2004. I preferred to blog. There is little to do in Hudson, WI. There is no zoo, museum, Imax theater, fair grounds near Hudson, WI or St. Croix County. I require a bachelor degree to date someone from okcupid, match.com, etc to have a girlfriend to support a family. The available women on the social dating websites are ugly. I can self diagnose why I am girlfriendless. I know I don't have time for short time dating while earning my bachelor degree. Bars are for feeling sorry for yourself or drinking contests, not for dating. I spend a lot of time on okcupid so websites don't work.

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