Monday, September 26, 2005

Gizmondo 2 Tech Specs | Now playing Dungeon Siege 2 whch is pretty good

I found some information about Gizmondo 2. It’s a Gizmondo with different design, but the GFX tech specs are the same. Gizmondo used 64 MB of RAM and an ARM 9 CPU at 400 MHz. The Gizmondo is a waste of money and has been delayed many, many times.

• 480x272 LCD
• 550 MHz ARM 10e CPU
• 128 MB of RAM
• SD card
• TV output
• Vibration
• 3.5 Ah Lithium-Ion
• Bluetooth/802.11
• 2 analog joysticks
• USB 2.0
• 2 Mega pixel camera built in
• Windows CE 5.0
• MP3/WMA/HE-AAC audio playback, MPEG-4/H.264/WMV video playback
• Coming out Summer 2006
• Backwards compatible with Gizmondo software (14 games in all)

According to some gaming forum, this new handheld will fade out the Gizmondo before launched here at the same price as PSP. Gizmondo might have a shorter life than the Sega Nomad!

Yesterday, I went to Best Buy. Unfortunately Best Buy didn’t carry RAM that’s slow enough for his laptop. We both think the motherboard uses a maximum of 512 MB of SDRAM which Best Buy didn’t carry. I was looking at the computer games and saw a whole shelf full of them. I had Dungeon Siege 2 for the majority of the time I was in there. Despite almost buying Battle of the Bulge and Patton DVDs and decided to leave with nothing. I looked around at the selection it had and bought Dungeon Siege 2 anyways. I asked for the DVD version of this game while he tried to convince me to buy Neverwinter Nights, but no.

Randy and I came back to my house to play PS2. The GFX are good considering PS2’s limited hardware. In Winning Eleven 7, I won the first game when Randy fouling me via shootout against Randy’s team winning that game. Then in the rematch between Brazil & Argentina he fouled me the same exact way and I kicked the ball, but he blocked it than scored a goal through my keeper who was tricked.

Afterwards, we played the first 2 levels in Halo 2 on Xbox. That was fun, but we weren’t very good. I kicked his butt in Dead or Alive 3. That was fun. Now if only women around here looked that good. (being sarcastic)

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Today, I’m playing Dungeon Siege 2. So far I was a merc for the enemy until I was taking prisoner of the opposite side. The creatures I was looking at were Orc-like anthropomorphic animal. Now, I’ve had been taking captive by the green elves and they’ve put a little death collar on me so I’m instantly dead if I won’t do the green elf’s bidding. The GUI looks the exact same as Dungeon Siege over three years ago. The controls are the exactly the same so the GFX engine was the only aspect which was improved. The character models are straight out of Dungeon Siege’s lower resolution characters. The backgrounds look better than before and Dungeon Siege is a world with no loading times during the game. I’m not sure but it may look better than Neverwinter Nights. NWN was state-of-the-art in GFX in 2002, but I don’t play it anymore. It’s gets old and there are other videogames which wanna be played. (being sarcastic again)

I guess I’m a semi-hardcore gamer. I find that talking about them is more fun than playing them. With exception of me playing Dungeon Siege today and 4 hours yesterday on PS2.

New games to add to list

1. Dungeon Siege 2 (©2005 Gas Powered Games)

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