Friday, May 15, 2009

US Military contractor benchmarks 8-core & 16-core CPUs and gives results

Sandia National Laboratories (owned by largest defense company on Earth, Lockheed Martin) says 8 core is a slight increase from quadcore in terms of performance while 16-cores has a negative benchmarking features (software bug?) over 8-core prototypes. And I was going to service my Core 2 Quad Q6600 to December 2010 until I upgrade. Yikes, Batman. It doesn't sound right, it's probably a multithreading issue. Take the Larabee GPU for example....thing has like 25-100 SPEs and it increase performance with every SPE. It could spell disaster for the CPU business. I'll buy a 8 core Intel one and hope for the best. I don't know, this got me confused. AT least we know that this isn't true with the 32 SPE / 4 PPE Cell Broadband Engine 3 for PS4, because it's going in the new IBM Roadrunner 2 super computers for the US Government and Universities! It just goes for Intel CPUs... AMD versions, I am unsure of. With all the crap Nancy Polisi (the liar of liars) spent (8 trillion)...they got enough for those CBE3 supercomputers...

My solution is of course copy Larabee+SPE architecture for CPUs and the 16 core performs worse than 8 core thing will disappear.

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