Sunday, May 03, 2009

Upgrade OS Day Episode III: Post-Linux apocalypse Linux

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It was the Fedora 11 Preview x86-64 DVD!

My parents stopped using Fedora 10 Linux, they both think it's a piece of crap, because they can't work it. And since the end of that one and only Linux class which I don't know if it came too late, we've been on 3.x forever and I was on KDE 4.1.2 which seems to come out after hell froze over. Anyway, it was a incredibility long time and Windows 7 comes out in July and should be a lot better. I believe the Linux apocalypse happened in December 2008 says after I downloaded OpenSuse 11.1, but I still had to do a class on it in 2009 thus the Fedora 10 distro. In a nutshell, Windows is so stable in 7.0 that Linux is obsolete, yet they use it for servers becos of Apache, world's most popular webserver, and Samba, world's most popular file server run on it! KDE 4.2.2 hasn't changed in any way and form from KDE 4.1.2! Linux is evolving in the Post-Linux apocalypse Earth! Windows 7 won!

fixed video driver:
rpm -ivh
rpm -ivh
yum -y update rpmfusion*
yum install kmod-nvidia xorg-x11-drv-nvidia-libs.i386 xorg-x11-drv-nvidia-libs.x86_64

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Got it off Megaupload! Beats Vuze and torrenting. I torrented Windows Vista Ultimate 2 years ago.

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